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  1. For those who don't know, after defeating all the final monster, there were shadows of some monsters creating havoc in the town. The only way to end them was that the three heroes of our story give up their gekiryuken in the temple where powers of gekiryukens and monsters exist. They gave up their powers and gekiryukens to the temple and their gekiryukens went into another dimension forever, far from our three heroes. The show ends with our three heroes going away from the temple. (I am feeling a little emotional while writing this, thank you op for reminding me of this masterpiece. Also I don't remember any names, so I used none)

  2. Mods iss post ko nhin hatahey saalon, meri ye same post toh delete krdi thi, memes toh bnane nhin dete ulta humein hi chutiya bnate ho

  3. Arre Bhai thanks 10 saal se isko hi to dhund rha tha, subh tution ki wajah se kabhi dhang se nhi dekh paya ab dekhunga gransazers

  4. Yaar rula diya tune to, pehle tv pe aata tha phir last episode ke baad khatam ho gaya, YouTube pe tha but shayad copyright ki wajah se hat gaya, ab khi milta hi nhi

  5. Bro is this that show that had 2 brother the younger one which was blue and the main character, the red was the older brother i loved this so much as a kid i could not remeber the name

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