🅱llen ke bacche in school

  1. My crush just accepted my request , but i already know she has a boyfriend . Got friendzoned again🥲. This guy got a kiss while most of us are dreaming of hugs😭

  2. Guy who leaked this video was both jealous and a nerd , i mean common most of us haven’t even felt a touch of a girl let this guy enjoy his time -_-

  3. Chutiye saale vid kyun banate hai, mere dost ne meri Gf ki bna li, bsdi wale ko 500 dene pde. All my friends are toxic

  4. Gora hone sa nahi hota , mana entana chutyo ko girlfriend ka sath dekha ha , sale chapri tha par fir bhi girls vo he lag gaye . But worry not let them have fun still 25 then life will play with them

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