Congress leader Asif Mohammad Khan from Delhi's Shaheen Bagh area disrespected and assaulted the Sub-inspector of Delhi Police. Case has been registered against Asif Mohammad Khan.

  1. While Congress and Rahul Gandhi are pretending to walk miles for a "Bharat Jodo Yatra", his leaders seem to be dividing India by endorsing the idea of Muslim ghettos where non-Muslims are liable to be attacked and abused.

  2. Khair bachche to har jagah chutiye rahte. Chaos me maza aata hai unhe. Mai hairaan hu dekhke ki adults bhi kitne brainwashed.

  3. Bruh ☠️☠️, matlab movies mein shi dikhate the, bc bilkul hi izzat nhi di vardi wale ko ye neta(aam) log

  4. Galti unki nai humari or hinduo ki hai, koi ek joot nai hai, log Aaj b kejriwal jese logo ko support karte hai, Delhi me dange hue do baar, poora saboot hai ki kisne support kia but fir b hum vote usi ko denge. Wait Karo, census ka na tumhare teetar ud jaaye.

  5. Two things: 1. What's with the anti-Bihar sentiment? 2. How does the public and more openly a National political party member openly support our toxic, hostile neighbour without repercussions?

  6. Asif khan zindabad. Pakistan to nahi bola. Bhai baat to galat hai lekin ab itna bhi chutiap nahi ki pakistan boldo. Both kaise likhdia😂

  7. Book a case on everyone, cancel passports ration cards govt schemes. Let them come to the station apologize or spend time in jail. Then let them go.

  8. We do not have any shred of respect for police in our country. Jab lawyers in delhi mei police ko kuta tha everyone was happy

  9. America me hota to ye asif Khan ki saans atka deti police. Bolti I can't breathe. India hai isliye sirf arrest hua.

  10. I used to reside in the neighbourhood of Jasola which is adjacent to Shaheen bagh, growing up I was wrapped in the ideology of secularism but then I remember during my board exams, when CAA protest happened, they were shouting anti-India chants openly and serving biryani to protesters, I had seen it with my own eyes and ears, never trust a white cap.

  11. Were they chanting pakistan zindabad in background ? Why case bc shoot him down right there in front of all....maderchod kha rha india me or gungan pakistan ki....

  12. Kids parents are setting a good example oh whom not to be. How were they allowed tthis close is something to be investigated

  13. Isi gali se chutad pe dande maarte hue le ke jaao bakchod India h yahan pe public servent hi public kr baap bne hue hai.... Or koi muslim hai agar idhr to bta ki ye muslim area kya hota hai?

  14. Police is worst than politicians, If he is saying that they beat up someone while calling him binari, then the probability is that the alleged beaten up person faced hell in behind walls of a police station

  15. Iska toh before and after shot mangta h apne ko....before toh dekh liya, jb iska after shot ayega jb ye gaal pkd kr ro rha hoga, tb maza ayega

  16. Betichod ladka itna harami hai mai rehta toh wahi par gaand mar deta saale ko democracy ki spelling aati nahi hai aur chale hai netagiri karnr

  17. You can arrest one or ten but we all know there is no solution to this menace. Its a matter of time before you wont be able to arrest them. Another kashmir, bengal etc. Indian state and police can only beat hindus whem they ask for equal rights. Shit country filled with beta cucks who just can forward modiji propaganda on whatsapp

  18. he is not doing this because he is a congressi but because he is a mulla surrounded with brainless mullas in a mulla dominated area. anyways delhi police has made them cuck themselves, go suck their dicks

  19. Galti inki nahi .. Hindus k h .. joh itna sehen lete h !! Phele Afganistan gya , fir Sindh .. fir aadha Punjab and Bengal ab Kerala , Kashmir and West Bengal .. aise he dheere dheere simat jayenge !!

  20. I think the best decision would be , inn sab ko Pakistan bhej diya jaaye aur bole ki ye naare udher lagao idher nahi. Maana muslim area hai lekin Bharat mein rehta hai na . Pakistan pasan hai tou chale jaa

  21. Kya allow nahi hai? Speech dena? You cant disrespect a police officer no doubt. But kya allow nahi hai? He should be behind bars for the way he disrespected but kya allow nahi hai?

  22. In every country cops are corrupt so people overjoy when they get treated like this but leaders like this old man is the sole reason why india is going way behind in terms of good that comes with progress I mean look at the place it's filled with nalas poor road clogged infrastructure but still people will cheer and wag their tail lick this old man bung hole all for some few bucks and false hopes.

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