So whose fault is this?

  1. lol this is certainly one side of the coin but what about the other? india lags far behind many developed as well as developing countries in public sector employment. moreover the other intelligent guy cursing kejriwal (i hate kejru and i am an apolitical person) for freebies might not have heard jp nadda promising freebies (cycle, scootys, free lpg connection, 3000 per annum to farmers etc) in himachal pradesh.

  2. India is far ahead in govt employment. The sheer number of govt job people get in india dwarves any other country in the world. But for the population as big as our, it will never be enough. The problem is that people dont have faith in private sector and we dont have any law that can regulate private sector to ensure people get required benefit without exploitation.

  3. Abe yaar tumse koi puche tumne 12 wi konse subject se ki yaaa tumne graduation kisse ki , toh bc failure tk ko pta hota , criticise things that are happening wrong with you , don't be so blatantly biased

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