Terrorists keep Isha Foundation Logo as DP to Mask Identity

  1. The Cutlallahs do Taqqiya all the way as a pious deed as taught to them. there is a say "Stay away from evil" all we can do the max is to stay away.... remember the christmas in srilanka when the psycho patted a child before blowing up the mass. if one can't understand it then....

  2. Isn't this just like how Kasab wore thread on wrist to portray himself as Hindu? And Left Wing (incl. Congress politicians) started saying that RSS was behind the attack?

  3. Using the image of Shiva as DP to make it seem like you belong to one particular community with the intention of starting a dispute is real sick! What do these people even eat! Who feeds them this kinda shit!?

  4. I saw elsewhere how he was using fake IDs to use different names in hostels. Seems like he was using all kinds of methods to hide his identity. It seems worse carrying items to make an organization look bad, but then again no one would think much about it if it had been a bag from a commercial company. People might make assumptions if it was for a university or something.

  5. Bombs have taken enough of terrorist sheeet. Now they are revolting back, two back to back events in one month in side by side states.

  6. OMG what's with all the recent blasts ? The one saving grace that I can always fall upon while defending modi in front of others was that he is a capable person in subjugating terorists and never lett bomb blasts be a big issue after he came into power. But with all the recent news i donno what to think of. If I'm to think he don't know anything about it then he falls from a capable position if I think he wilfully is becoming loose on rules then he becomes evil. Someone please help.

  7. What seems to be the issue with OpIndia? It seems to be one of the few online media houses out there which empathizes with Indian culture against foreign and anti-India forces...

  8. So basically if he had carried a Reebok or Adidas bag, you'd blame these companies instead of the actually culprit...!? Splendid! 🙏🏻

  9. I remember when the episode came out, really only the Sadhguru haters felt that it reflected poorly. The majority of people considered it a fantastic podcast.

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