Kantara has been released on Amazon Prime in 4 languages (Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil) (with English subtitles). When will it be released in Hindi?

  1. Yesss waiting for this too, I find it a bit hard to keep up with subtitles. It’s been on my watch list for a while but couldn’t catch it in theatres

  2. Because of a court order. Varaha roopam was copied from the original song Navarasam, so the composer of the original song filed a case and court has ordered the song to be changed.

  3. I'm a north Indian and Hindi speaker but I prefer watching every movie in original language it is made in. Dubbing kills the acting.

  4. Watch Rishab Shetty interview. They never imagined this great success. Its was just local movie for general public. Every such movie has these elements. Movie has some those rare moments of details and something made by heart. The Kola dance sequence just hits right to audience.

  5. Dude the whole point of the movie is about Siva changing his character and finding the true purpose so his nastiness can be justified because he also eats the same animal that his entire village worships

  6. Different platform may be. I watched in Hindi in theater. When I watched some sequences on Prime with original audio + subs. It's different and I think I missed those details in Hindi.

  7. Wanted to check if the controversial song got removed from the Amazon prime version, anyone know?

  8. Then why did they make a Hindi dub and released it in theatres? Also, doesn't reading subtitles prevent you from looking at the actor's performance? (especially if dialogues are fast)

  9. Why bro? You don't know Tamil? What kind of Indian are you if you don't know Tamil? WHAT BRO? ALWAYS HINDI HINDI.

  10. Make your own movies😂 Haven't y'all been making fun of South Indian movies for a long time now. Rishabh Shetty isn't a big fan of North Indians, he's also explicitly said that he won't sell rights for a Hindi remake for Copywood to ruin it.

  11. I’m from the south and i’ve only seen the opposite happening. Can we just agree that bad apples are everywhere?

  12. Dude stop this I'm from Telangana and it's good to see that finally instead of cricket movies are also bringing unity and will become pop culture for generations to come you have to acknowledge that Bahubali franchise, KGF franchise, pushpa,kantara, kartikeya 2, major,PS-1 etc got national attention because of people from across the states watching them we might have our differences but at the end of the day we're same people the kids of Bharat Mata

  13. Chill man.. What shetty said was right because this is about tradition and has to be created from heart. Remake of this movie is not possible by anyone.

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