Britishers Un-Invading India after an Old Man Refuses to Eat

  1. When i was a kid i used to hear some discussion in my family that how Gandhi and the people who used to work with him weren't really good compared to how the world sees him. How Nehru was nothing but a rich brat. Well, I've been kind of guy who goes with flow and listen everything so i would just listen alot and not care (i was about 8-9 y/o). When taught in school that he was father of the nation so i will just memorize it for the sake of exam. But as i grew up i connected dots about his wrongdoings i realised that yes he's not some someone to deserve the title of "father of nation".

  2. How is anti-hinduism comparable to pedophilia? Gandhi believed in secularism, and was himself once a hindu. Being anti-hindu or anti-[insert religion] doesn't make one a bad person, but the rest do.

  3. But it's not a meme page so lemme make some sense I'm not taking any sides and don't believe Gandhi as my idol but logically thinking, Gandhi was pretty popular back then and ye baat pure bharat m faili hui thi like champaran m bhi usne help kari thi Acha naam kamane k baad uske kaafi followers ban gye the So, if he won't eat and it leads to his death then his followers will start protest violently, i mean this was some big threat to the Britishers right 👀 Any other reasons ? I mean logically hi (Correct me if I'm wrong)

  4. You should ask how did he became famous? A lawyer coming from a failed trip of Africa suddenly becomes a star in INC, how?

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