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  1. I am not spreading hate about religion and not assuming or misinformation abouot something i just share data shared by "islamic council", you can check by your self

  2. Actually there has been some numbers of terrorism done by Christian over the years but the main difference is, for the majority of cases, religion was not the basis of their actions.

  3. I mean why would an Alabama-dweller or even a California-dweller have any reason to tweet about Islam? Sure, there have been instances where US has faced terrorist attacks but law enforcement has made sure that they don’t disrupt daily lives.

  4. Maybe 99% muslims are terrorists. But it doesn't make them bad people and we should stop generalising. We all have good friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues who are Muslims with the heart of gold. I hope people woukd stop judging based on religion, caste and community

  5. Ya Kashmiri pandits also had such gold hearted friends and suddenly one day they decided to give them a peaceful gift that will turn there life forever. What a awesome community. ❤️

  6. may be their are some anti muslim tweets but it doesn't make india bad country, or hindu terrorist. and i hope same next time you also don't judge people on religion

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