thetatvaindia: West Bengal man shoves up an entire deodorant up in his butt, leaves it for 3 weeks & then goes to doctor after pain. The 27-year-old man landed in emergency with an 8-inch bottle.

  1. What was the purpose of such innovation. Was it for pleasure or he thought that he could smell better if he stores this bottle in his stomach permanently.

  2. Kuch bhi? BJP lost in Bengal, just because BJP had no CM face, all the goons and illicts of TMC had joined BJP which the commoners didn't want. Commoners wanted a new option with a strong CM face as Mamata Banerjee

  3. The news agency is called Jam press? It was in there for 3 weeks but can't shit for 1 week, how did he shit for the 1st 2 weeks?

  4. why does the doctor look so proud of it, holding it like a trophy. guy on the right has the ideal reaction to this.

  5. Because thats what doctors do after relieving a patient. They are just proud of their effort and atlast helping the patient have a proper shit this time which he held for 3 weeks. Quite surprising tho

  6. About 3 weeks ago we had a man show up at our emergency with a shower head shoved deep his ass, he told he accidentally "slipped" and fell. People be crazy.

  7. Kum se kum dhakkan toh nikal lena🙁 i am just afraid ki dhakkan khul jata aur uske upar ka woh spray plug bhi nikal jata toh kitna complicated case hota gand puzzle ban jati

  8. Florida man ki competition hai India me. Just need to take notes. A lot of news come about Bangalore Techie too..

  9. the right one has the expression of "bruh!!" The middle one's like "dekh bhai kya nikala maine aaj kisi ke.... se." and the gentlewoman in the left is like "ha ye sacchi me hua."

  10. Being a rectal surgeon is hard innit. Shoving your fist up random asses to take out whatever unholy thing that was plunged inside plus the strong s t e n c h of weeks old shit

  11. 30years of life spent studying, 10 years of working without sleep and family time; all that sacrifice and this is the photo that you'll be known for

  12. apne bohot saare dost yahaan foren mein FD mein kaam krte he. Not one Friday night goes by that they're not called to assist & transport by city EMTs for yahaa ke Nawaabi launde

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