Ajit Doval - The Second Principle of Strength (Shakti ka Doosra Siddhant) [HI]. What are your thoughts?

  1. Isn't this just a law of natural order, at the root its just survival of the fittest, so what he said is correct. Weak have no rights, except to cry and be fodder.

  2. I don't know...i just read preface of geeta yesterday where it was written 'virtues of good men will always be seen as weakness by those that lack them' Yes might is right...but sometimes ppl underestimate the power of truth and justice. Its conflicting though as history shows victory of might against right!

  3. Truly said. History is written by the victors. And I'm not talking about centuries ago. Even the credit of our independence entirely goes to Gandhi (popular narrative), while I'm sure Netaji has played an equally if not more vitally important role.

  4. Netaji has surely played a very vital role. Basically violence isn't always immoral. A war against evil is must, both in our inner and outer world. Peace doesn't comes without strength atleast in current situation.

  5. This comment needs to go up further in the discussion thread. Every strong leader or civilisation distinctly stands for a certain set of values. Those values can be immoral or moral, but ultimately works a core set of values and a vision driving your passion and inspiring people, you can’t be strong in any sense. History doesn’t remember people who did not stand for anything.

  6. If you are taking about 'The Kashmir Files', I would recommend you watch the following videos where Ajitji has talked about Jews and has also mentioned Kashmir.

  7. Taliban thinks the same history is written by winners they pick up the gun and fought for first Russia then America beat me both..they run the show now...doval is right

  8. Actually Taliban derives their morals from Islam. And they think that they are doing the most moral acts and are even ready to become suicide bomber. Actually this is the crazy power of perception in humanity. But each perception is value on it's own. Some are destructive and some are constructive. But I believe power with high morals is the best combo. And with time we have seen some such leaders. Actually humans aren't still courageous enough to withstand difference of opinions sometimes and aren't even brave enough to be compassionate and not remain selfish (Jihadists teachings are clear example of lose morals and lower intellect). Hardest battles lies within, rarely are we powerful enough to win them so we look outward and try to destroy a few weak lives considering oneself as powerful. But that's laughable for anyone with little virtue. Cause in the end what are you left with but your own insecurities that never can't be win by destroying the world. But yeah strength is required both inner amd outer to actually meaningfully conquer and be the real creative force of universe. Infact no development can happen without being moral and virtuous. Now for Taliban part, west is still more powerful and happy as well as prosperous compared to Taliban government. Such kind of stupid ideology can't do much in modern times of technological advancements. Look how they are economically starving now only depending on drug selling. Taliban can't sustain much in the era of global economy.

  9. Partly agreed. It's about time, mugirls were cowards of the highest order, but they have been glorified in our books because the authorities today are mughal sympathisers. Mohommad was a filthy scum, and a coward( man literally attacked a defenseless tribe when they were feeding their cattles), yet he is glorified by muslims, because right now, muslims have control over higher authorities.

  10. Agreeed 100% with him. History is always written and sided by the Victors. The losing side do not have the say in this... Aur issi mei hum apni heritage khi baithte h... We seriously need to analyse ki what we were taught in schools as a part of our "History" isn't actually the truth... Its just a side of story written by Victors to glorify themselves... Be it the Turks who invaded, the Mughals who ruled or the Britishers who colonized us... None of them wanted good of India.. we need to stop glorifying that shit.... Or we'll still be losers in the face of history, by not learning from our heritage!

  11. This is why India never got it's freedom from gandhiji, a narrative which the British left to keep us like cowards and provide the other cheek when some one slaps us

  12. Shakti and Nyay both are required. Shakti cannot sustain longer without Nyay (That's why major empires fall as the power balance completely disrupts and inequality leads to violent uprisings) . Similarly Nyay has no value without Shakti as it can't survive without Shakti. So a powerful India with high moral values are required. Great speech by a Great Son of India.

  13. I’m glad that a smart and pragmatic man like this dude is the NSA. I fully agree with this. There’s no use of having a just, dharmic and great culture if you can’t defend it. We’ve made that mistake once but we’ll never repeat it again.

  14. This is soo true. You must have monopoly over violence if you want to rule the world. You may dislike it, but the world doesn't work based on your likes and dislikes. We lost our monopoly that's why we lost to Islamic invaders and Britishers. And now losing to China and USA. Do you think China or Pakistan would dare look into our eyes if we had monopoly over violence, absolutely not.

  15. I'm reminded of a stated by our late President Dr APJ Kalam "strength respects strength". Unless we grow out strength we'll never be respected. America is hated but respected still....

  16. Well said Ajit Doval, however we must also remember that history didn't forgive those immoral Mughal and Turk invaders...

  17. I agree with his point but legacy and history are stupid aspirations to go after. Why crush someone else in your present life, just so that you could say you were victorious? You won't be even there to see your victory once you're dead. Strong and weak are abstract concepts too. Strong in what sense, eh? How many people killed? How many territories captured?

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