[School Bags] Diesel Bags. These bags got very popular during early 2010s.

  1. It was cult like Apsara eraser, Frontier box. We wanted this bag to show off we are stud, rugged wannable bikers.

  2. Sabse bekar Bags lagte the ye mujhe tbh, ek ye aur vo M sign wala ek bag aata tha, ye dono bags literally har kisi ke paas hote the

  3. Same exam ke waqt baas Pad (exam pad), aurr pouch ya box dallo plastic bag mai aur likho exam, bc aata toh vaise bhi kuch nahi tha. Exam ke baad Ghar aake pheek do kahi bhi.

  4. I had one too. I used it from 6th to 10th grade and my parents got me a new bag after scoring good marks in 10th. It was fun time

  5. Damn !! Bro i own this same bag same same colour dittttooo .Iam using daily. This is 2010 s bag. i don't know really i bought it about 2 months ago 2022 🤣one of the funnny moments my life

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