You must ask my permission to bring your "token yt friend"

  1. Dude saaame. I was so confused. Like is Youtube friend a thing? Does people have a token Youtube friend? Are you expected to have a friend who does Youtube?

  2. It’s only white shenanigans if it’s from the Shenanigan region of Ireland. Otherwise it’s just sparkling white high-jinks.

  3. Yeah see, I'm more of a "white hijinks" sort of chap. Hell, I've even been labeled as "white tomfoolery", which was too far and hurt my feelings.

  4. Yeah in her defense every time I end as the only white person in the room I inevitably start walking around the room saying "this is mine now, I own this, this too" it just seems to be in my blood

  5. Oh my fuck! Is that what "token yt" means? I don't have any sound (currently in the ER) and I was so confused as to why a token Youtube is so controversial. Why did I even think it meant "token Youtube"?

  6. These kinds of subreddits are always hard for me because I want to downvote the posts so badly but the whole point is that they're bad so they deserve upvotes lol

  7. If you post any shitty opinion in the world on social media, some asshole out there will agree with you and make you feel validated.

  8. I just went. It says "1305 comments" but most have been hidden/deleted along with most replies to those comments. She's policing those things like crazy.

  9. I’m offended that she doesn’t like my white shenanigans like involuntarily saying “ope” when I have to get around someone at the grocery store

  10. Thing is, she’d never in a million years say this shit to you in real life. People get fucking wild when they never leave their social media echo chambers lol.

  11. Outwardy and unashamedly racist, while at the same time thinking they're a paradigm of social justice and moral righteousness?

  12. Don’t worry, if you are employed, responsible, mentally healthy, and productive, you will never encounter this person or people like them in a million years. Unless you accidentally run over their foot with the shopping cart or some such.

  13. I hate these types of people because they justify their racism by basically saying only white people can be racist. Take everything she said, word for word, and change "white" to "black" or "Asian" or whatever, and if any of those are racist, they're ALL racist.

  14. Who wants to be friends with such a miserable fuck anyway? You have to have a racial congress with your fellow morons every time someone brings a white person? What if they're mixed? Do you need a full assembly or can you get away with a quorum?

  15. Perhaps some kind of grading system based on the number of white grandparents. Three or more makes you white. I'm imagining that we could make diagrams with little circles in family trees and distribute them to help educate people on how to identify a white person. It's not the final solution, but it's a good start.

  16. Some people get off on being angry and her thing is anger towards white people. She probably had a dopamine rush making this video

  17. Yeah, if my friend takes me to hang out with this person I can guarantee that I will not be next time. If they act like this then there is no way they will not do some other racist shit or or just be annoying about something else.

  18. Exactly. I still keep in touch with a lot of my college fraternity and most of us are from Queens, NY (probably the most ethnically diverse place on the planet). Whenever we all get together it's a like a rainbow coalition. Jews, Indians, Blacks, Chinese, Arabs, Whites, etc. Nobody has ever given a fuck where the guy next to him was from.

  19. That’s what o don’t get about these dummies. They’re whole life revolves around race, pronouns, or whatever other cause of the week… it must be absolutely exhausting

  20. On the other hand, this is probably the first time in a loooong time I heard someone say an actual controversial opinion after telling they're about to say one.

  21. No. I was born in poverty and then quickly moved to foster care because of my druggy birth mother. This gives me power because I was born a white male and have been able to breeze through life on easy mode bouncing from foster home to foster home and back to my bio mom all over the place like a bouncy ball in my childhood. If I don't appreciate my power in society I'm the problem.

  22. An overwhelming amount of allyship is performative, especially in social media. It’s likely this person has been burned one too many times. They are generalizing and creating an unnecessarily adversarial situation, but the underlying harm that has been done to them could be very real.

  23. You see, all white people are demons sent to hurt and inconvenience minorities. Our very existence is a burden that POC have to put up with until they can retreat into places that are exclusiv