Guy just wanted to work out

  1. Honestly I wouldn't react at all if I were him, because at a glance most people would think that the person making the scene is the problem. It wouldn't take long to convince them otherwise but it is much easier to just say, "if you think you're in the right, feel free to go get a manager", then ignore her.

  2. if go with something more along the lines of “bitch, i didn’t pay for a membership to work out in your fucking tiktok studio. fuck off.”

  3. I'd just say no and refuse to answer any further questions. It's about them feeling unable to do anything rather than you telling them they can't.

  4. Eh, kill em with kindness. I prefer to never get nasty with folks irl, makes it harder for them to take fault with you. Plus, onlookers are much less likely to take their side if you remain perfectly polite and reasonable while remaining adamant about your position.

  5. That chick is blatantly extremely narcissistic. crafting a scene in full. I mean it when I suggest that you should follow her on Instagram. She also has a connection to the

  6. The worst part about these people is that they think many followers = better person, while in reality she is just a skin bag filled with chemicals just like every living being

  7. I help produce for a YouTube channel. A few weeks ago we needed to film in a gym. So I contacted the gym owner and asked how much it would cost to film there. The gym owner gave me a price, I got a location clearance and release. He told me show up between 1 and 2pm when the gym is closed for cleaning, and we did. I got my shot, we left.

  8. Haha I own a small gym and a rap band wanted to film in it last year. They contacted us we said yes and agreed on a schedule. That's what polite and professional people do.

  9. Wait a second are you saying you didn’t point your camera at random gym goers? You didn’t get pissed off at people who walked near you? And you didn’t confront anyone who wanted to use the machines you planned on using? I didn’t know that was even possible.

  10. I make a bunch of shitty sketch videos with no budget at all. The other way to film on location is to just do it, and draw as little attention to yourself as possible, and get out before they kick you out.

  11. Bingo. Anything else is guerilla filmmaking and you just have to take with grace whatever the environment throws at you.

  12. Wait, wait, wait… so you’re telling me that there is an appropriate and professional way for these to be done? Le shock! /s Seriously, though, these idiots would be shocked that anyone went through that trouble lol.

  13. She’s an influencer not a YouTuber. She probably films in the gym very often. That’s not a sustainable way to film gym content

  14. I’ve filmed in a few gyms before. We did it during normal hours and just waited for people to be finished with whatever they’re doing. It really wasn’t hard to let them take priority over us.

  15. Right, Im almost certain there are rules against recording in these places to avoid creeps and to promote privacy so this cant be allowed. If shes a professional she would have done it the professional way as you suggest.

  16. This and if this clown keeps on yapping you call staff they can deal with this. Not worth wasting energy on those degenerate people

  17. You can see his brain melt when she says "why are you being so defensive?" Just the sheer lack of self awareness in this one literally boggled his mind.

  18. I go to a small gym that recently asked people to put their phone on this charging station (it's pretty sick, it's like a 4 foot long wireless charging pad). Everyone falls in line, but it's an MMA and fitness gym. Kinda grungy, old building, smells like a locker room at all times. It's not something some wanna-be 10 is going to film in. It's nice, everyone is all business in there, but the hours such major ass.

  19. Filming yourself to check your form can be really helpful. Disrupting others while filming in the gym should be prohibited.

  20. It's honestly the reason I stopped going. I don't want to be in anyone's stupid post. And there were ALWAYS at least a couple people filming. Some also narrating some dumb shit.

  21. I film myself when doing compound exercises and things that I need to check my form on, and I never post them. I think this should be allowed.

  22. Gyms need to crack down on this. I don’t get it that some gyms will kick you out for grunting even if it’s a barely audible one but they allow this shit to happen

  23. Planet Fitness can't have you actually getting strong else it shows you actually use the gym and that goes against their business model

  24. Funny enough, when I’m at the gym I go to I’ve been a surprised no one was filming, the one day I saw “no filming” was on a gym rules poster, glad people seem to be respecting it

  25. I'm confused, they kick you for grunting because the weights are heavy or am I misunderstanding what a grunt is? Why would they do that?

  26. They don’t really need to people like recording themselves for various reasons there’s nothing wrong with it. Just don’t get aggressive with someone if they don’t politely get out of the video if it’s possible . Just wait for them to finish before recording. No different when ur waiting for someone to finish a set so you can use the machine

  27. This is from a tiktok account called ‘its gone viral’. They act out various confrontations and try to pass them off as real interactions. Usually you can tell because of the distinctive subtitle font and terrible Hollyoaks style acting. Once you view the video as a sceptic it can’t be more obvious.

  28. This is why I switched to a 24 hour gym years back and only go between 2 and 3 AM. The only people there are actually there to exercise. This crap has ruined going to any gym during normal hours.

  29. This is why a requirement for my next house is a garage with enough extra space for a power rack and rower.

  30. My gym is 24 hours and the idiot managers brought in a speaker for members to connect their phones and listen to music out loud. Teenagers come in at night and play music loud enough to go through noise cancelling ear phones.

  31. Guess it’s the southern hospitality of the south but I’ve never seen this and I normally go between 7-9am or 3-6pm. Anyone who is filming is normally over in a corner or just doesn’t care if you’re in their “shot”

  32. If I was a fitness influencer, this would be the time I would do most of my filming. I’d bring extra shirts and try to film a multiple weeks worth of footage so I didn’t have to get in anyone’s way when I show up at the busier hours.

  33. Same ish. I started only going between 3-5am once I noticed that's when there were only ever maximum 4 really old guys reading newspapers quietly on treadmills lol.

  34. She'd get the same response I give everyone else who spouts more than 10 words in my direction at the gym. "Sorry mate. I prefer keeping to myself when I'm here." And then slipping my headphones back in.

  35. New hobby: join a large gym with multiple locations and start working out Infront of 'influencers'...I'd also do it with a shit eating grin and ignore them while making full eye contact

  36. People need to start smashing influencers phones. I decree a law making it legal to smash the phones of people filming Tik Tok dances in public, gym workouts that inconvenience those around them, and generally anything that requires more than one take in public.

  37. Omfg if I owned a gym that shit would be outlawed. Big signs. It would be like Average Joe's. Take that influencing shit to Globogym

  38. If I can't see the offenders face then I assume it's ragebait. If you can see their face then the actor could end up being identified and face "consequences" from the public.

  39. This really needs to be higher up. This is obviously staged. The cameraman was able to get the whole interactions, but very careful to not record from the neck up.

  40. Cant believe I had to scroll so long for this. Idk if redditors are just socially inept or what jfc nobody speaks like that. Its so obvious that it almost feels like satire

  41. I’d put my headphones on and continue. I absolutely hate when people take photos or videos at the gym. Gyms would be a lot nicer if recording or photography wasn’t allowed

  42. Say, I saw you videoing, can I get your info so I can follow you? When you have it say, “You cannot use my likeness without a sign release agreement.”

  43. Guy got the patience of a saint to not tell her to simply fuck off and do her" content" shit for her simp army somewhere else

  44. Probably isn't real life. Guess I would ignore her but she's I'm my reality with her Fake shiiit 😤

  45. Why are so many gyms allowing this? I should be able to use the membership I pay for without having to dodge people filming without notice so I don’t appear in the background of their videos without my permission

  46. Man, these entitled idiots really assume everyone they fuck with is on a healthy mental capacity. Imagine she demands this to some rando nutcase and he wings that heavy ass weight into her face

  47. Even if I could hardly stand and I was on the very last rep of my final set to failure and someone came up and demanded I move off the bench… sorry mam but I’m going to be on this bench for the foreseeable future.

  48. Ignorant lady. Honestly , just makes me soooooo mad. Especially when she says : why are you being so defensive…. Just looking for an argument to swing it.

  49. Looks fake to me. The equipment is too shit for it to be a commercial gym and the floor is cement? Looks more like an apartment gym with a set up "Karen" to go viral.

  50. Was at the gym with my dad today and we were literally talking about how obnoxious influencers at the gym are. Well, not the ones who actually work out and enjoy sharing it with people but the ones who just go to the gym to be an annoying twat, dress like a hoe then yell at people for looking or the ones who hog all the space and equipment just to pose or pretend to be doing something with it for views. Those people can f right off.

  51. I make it my job to pose for photos with "influencers" at gyms since I am a pretty overweight, not particularly attractive person, and I just awkwardly stare into their cameras as I slowly exercise. Either they are cool and don't care, or by mucking up their dull content, I'm doing the world a favor.

  52. I wish he’d ignored her and kept working out. That’s actually the best way to piss them off - they crave attention and hate when they don’t get it. It’s a sickness. I was once walking through Magic Kingdom with my kids (toddlers at the time) and we stopped on a bench to sit and enjoy a drink in the shade. Two young women came up to us and asked us to move because we were in their photos (they were far away but I guess they could see our heads). Rather than get into it, I waved them off and continued to sit with my kids. They started causing a scene, until an employee came over and asked them to leave. Sure, I could’ve moved, but why? I had two exhausted toddlers, a stroller full of stuff, there were no other benches, and we weren’t in anyone’s way.

  53. Stuff like this reminds me of how great it is to work out at home and not have to deal with people's bullshit

  54. Social media "influencer" have topped the world as being the most non-significant. Without the internet they would be nobody and most of them don't have a life anyways. Who lives their lives faking everything daily and try to figure out how to top the next post and at the end. No one gives a shit about you anyways.

  55. i firmly believe people shouldn’t be allowed to film in public gyms. it’s just inconvenient all around and extremely annoying.

  56. These people just need to be ignored. If I was him I'd just carry on with my shit so she gets bored of her own yapping and fucks off. Influencers are all braindead, no point arguing with them.

  57. it looked like he was in the middle of a set, absolutely wild she would do that to him while he’s in the middle of a set. I would’ve lost it

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