Wal-Mart Main Character

  1. I’ve seen people actually recording videos like this in public and I can tell you no video captures how fucking weird and awkward it actually is.

  2. Only one I've ever encountered IRL was an Instagram fitfluencer at my gym, he and his buddies took a little section in the middle of the gym and decided to do calisthenics there for like 2 hours (because apparently the park outside wasn't good enough even tho it's the same equipment lol)

  3. That’s why “I’m being sexy in a Walmart“ doesn’t seem like a winning video to me… like ok that’s a fuckin Walmart why would you do this there? Even among people who do this kind of shit I bet they’re asking.

  4. My friend brought his dog into Walmart and had it in the cart. management came up and told him the dog could not be in the cart. my friend said If I take him out he’s going to pee probably. management insisted to take the dog out of the cart. friend takes dog out of cart and it lays the fattest poop right in front of the dude I fucking pissed myself

  5. These floors are surprising clean. Even more so now that they have the robot floor cleaners that run constantly.

  6. Funniest thing is that no one around her even looked, except for the staff who looked like they were gonna kick her out.

  7. This completely sucks for the workers. I’ve been working at walmart as a vendor for about 7 years and most of the associates are decently nice people that’s just want to do their job with as little hassle as possible. And nobody has time for this dumb shit.

  8. Im so decensored to this shite - overly filtered assholes badly dancing - i didnt cringe until i saw she still had the tag on her swimsuit. Draw the line there.

  9. I’ve been traumatized form my dog throwing up ( he was super sick once) so when she Got down like that I had a mini small panic attack

  10. I think it's funny how white girls think that just being "attractive" means you can dance. This person probably falls off the stripper pole, accidentally, at least five times every night.

  11. Apart from the higher cut on those tacky bathers and the tiktok attention whoring, this looks so 2003 to me. The low cut bodice, platinum blonde Paris Hilton hair, way too much fake tan.

  12. Ugh, This was so hard to watch. How do people think this is fine and NOT embarrassing?! Like, do they not understand that the rest of us think they look stupid, not cool?

  13. Im not American. Do all grocery stores in the US look this “sterile”? Im sure theyre not all that clean but they look like hospitals and dental clinics with all these tall drop ceilings, fluorescent lighting and squeaky white floor

  14. for the most part, yeah. non franchise stores tend to feel nicer and less clinical but the unpleasant CFL lighting is pretty universal here for non residential.

  15. My mom used to say “they need to be at least 5 times hotter to have that kind of personality” about people (I grew up in LA, so it’s kind of a relevant sentiment). While my mom is not a good or cool person, I agree with that more often than I’d like.

  16. Got a few bats in the attic, that’s for sure..I wouldn’t be caught dead doing this shit; I actually want my parents to be proud of me.

  17. I was like "at least some guys are seeing ass at Walmart" before I realized there was no ass to be seen 😔

  18. She’s literally “presenting“. It’s a very common mating ritual of female mammals. They just literally present their genitals to the males. She chose the males who shop at Walmart. She’s not too bright.

  19. There’s so many of these Barbie looking girls… they’re everywhere. Eventually it stops being hot and it gets boring

  20. Oh god. I’m in my early forties and when I see things like this it makes me feel super old. I just don’t get it.

  21. How awful. I can’t believe a Walmart would allow such activity. I will never shop at that Walmart, but there are so many of them though. Which one? which one is it so that I can avoid such libidinous behavior?

  22. this video is so awkward. cute bathing suit but...dancing sexy in a walmart in birkenstocks? either she needed to be in regular clothes or she needed to do this at the beach. whoever directed this tiktok needs to be fired

  23. Fuck, this is just sad. But she also probably make three times as much as I do for doing seven times less.

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