Girl recording at the gym gets offended when someone stares in her general direction.

  1. Seriously. Even if he was staring at her, why the fuck is she bothered by it when she’s making a video for people to stare at her?

  2. You can tell by the caption she wrote with the photo that she was desperate to feel like she made some defining achievement for women globally too because she freaked out at the first person to look in her general direction in a public space. It was like she literally waited for the excuse which would explain why it took 20 min to remove her shirt and actually consider exercising.

  3. I’m not one for second hand embarrassment watching these kind of videos, but the way she was so aggressive and confrontational is so hard to watch. Then the end where he confronts her back and she genuinely has no point or argument so she just awkwardly looks at him and shakes her head.🤮

  4. "I'm allowed to have an opinion" If your opinion is so shit you can only defend it in the abstract maybe you should reconsider it

  5. This was 100% how it went down, and you know for a fact she cut the edit where they actually mix words lol. That camera was rolling until she came over to turn it off, if she was in the right there would absolutely have been a part 2 with the actual confrontation rather than just this edited shit show where she tried SO hard to seem like the victim who fought back.

  6. I'll be honest, if I saw someone recording themselves taking 15 minutes to take off a shirt while I was resting between sets I'd probably look too to figure out what the fuck is wrong with them

  7. The other guy was the one looking, and the trainer just looked at what the guy was staring at. Who cares if someone looks, as long as no one is bothering her, talking to her or doing anything inappropriate. She’s like one of those people at the gym that have to use every machine you use, and will keep asking you how long until your done 🤦‍♂️ I’ve honestly left early due to these bully morons.

  8. No….. I want to watch everyone’s boring ass work out video. I also sit at home all day and rewatch all the hours of concert videos that everyone is so preoccupied taking instead of actually watching the concert.

  9. The craziest part to me is how she and many others FLIP. The fuck out when someone remotely gets close or throws a brief glance in their vicinity . YET also record themselves for people to watch online randomly whenever . Who they have no clue really is.

  10. It's actually quite rude. I don't want to be in someone else's workout stream. You want to stream a work out? Do it at home. If I saw people doing this in my gym I would quickly ask for it to be banned as an activity. I have a right to privacy from being streamed at the gym imo, or I will change gyms. If you don't agree, think about how you would feel if the gym set up a camera to stream the whole gym to whoever the fuck wanted to watch.

  11. It shouldn’t be allowed. I like the dude on tiktok that calls these people out. I get that people use it to check form but more often then not, they’re teasing someone in the background or getting mad at people walking near them.

  12. he looks in her general direction for a few seconds while she got a whole ass camera setup and she acts like that’s harassment

  13. But tell me why it's not harassment that she started looking at them before he glanced in her general direction. If she wasn't looking first then how would she know he was looking? Lol.

  14. Also takes 20 seconds to take her shirt off lol 😂 like she better be stretching cause if she can’t even move like a regular person she is lifting too much weight without stretching the muscles out.

  15. He’s not a paying customer. If he wants to look at her, he has to like and subscribe; anyone who looks for free must be a pervert.

  16. Lets appreciate the fact that she slowed the vid down and then it was only 2 secs, so maybe like a glance irl, before shes got an issue, and whys it pervy? Cant someone appreciate the look of someone, or even just look at someone without it being pervy. 21st century at its finest

  17. Seems she wanted someone to react in my opinion. Who wouldn’t look in her general direction when someone undresses in the middle of a gym? How would she react if a guy takes his T-shirt off?

  18. Not only that, an employee sees a person out the corner of his eye starting to take clothing off, he's going to see what's up. "Just making sure you're not tryin to film for your onlyfans, we don't usually get people taking off layers mid workout."

  19. Also it's rude to demand an answer from someone several times without even looking at them. If she was really concerned she would have turned to have eyes on him and put her shirt back down. She was looking for a fight.

  20. Had something similar happen to me on the train a couple weeks ago. Standing there minding my business, zoned the fuck out staring out the window on the way to work and this weird girl walks up, stops right in front of me and starts doing some random fucking dance 2 feet away from me. I literally glanced my eyes at her for half a second wondering what the fuck she was doing as suddenly there's all this wild movement in my peripheral vision and she goes off on a very similar rant:

  21. She actually got trespassed and had her membership revoked. Everyone was roasting her so much on tiktok she had to make her whole account private lmaoo

  22. It's not unfiltered attention she wants, it's control over that attention. I wonder if she has figured that out herself or if she was surprised by her own reaction.

  23. Even better; doesn't want attention, takes her shirt off in the middle of the gym. Doesn't want attention, posts videos online for views.

  24. also spends the entire time of the video removing clothes and then adjusting the rest of her clothes. like do girls really need to adjust every hem of their shorts and bras?

  25. “COULD YOU JUST PLEASE NOTICE ME SO I CAN PRETEND TO BE A VICTIM! God damn, I’ve pretending to take my shirt of for a full minute over here!”

  26. Nothing in that video even convinced me he looked at her. He turned around and she jumped down his throat. Unless there was something going on before she started filming I don't know what her problem was.

  27. I'll take the downvotes on this, but I think this mentality is typical with these fitness chicks in terms of being extremely sensitive to and getting pissed with the least bit of unwanted attention.

  28. She's probably the type that thinks all of her exes were crazy after a breakup when she is literally the common denominator in those relationships so it's probably HER that's the crazy one.

  29. I've had something similar happen. Some woman thought I was staring at her while she was on the step mill but I was actually just watching Wheel of Fortune on the TV above her. I'm a woman myself so I was super confused why.

  30. I had something similar happen, was in China at a club I went to often, busy place, always a bunch of people outside. So I'm leaving China after 2 years and wanted a pic of the club to remember the good times i had there.

  31. This happened to my husband and I at a restaurant. He was watching sports on the TV he was facing. It happened to be over the table of a lady eating alone. She started to make faces at him and he didn't notice until she started slapping the table and making other loud noises then finally she yelled at him to stop staring at her.

  32. That happened to me last week on the stairs. I was just watching jeopardy and this group of girls was under the TV thinking I was staring at them. They were shocked to find out that there's a TV above their heads.

  33. There are tvs at my gym that make it look like you're staring at the cardio equipment. Like chill tf out Theresa im just watching because I have money on the game, like I don't want to watch the Padres either but here we are.

  34. To sorta flip things around, I was recently taking a photo of my friend from across the street and a woman crossing the street said, "I don't want my picture taken" and I said, "I don't want a picture of you, I'm photographing my friend, that girl, across the street". The woman walks past me and then comes back, "I don't see a girl." I pointed to the girl and waved and my friend waved back. Then the woman got on her bus.

  35. Lol, I tend to get suckrd into and hyper focus on TVs and have had this happen a couple times. One watching an MMA fight where the TV was above a guys head, I guess I was making threatening gestures along with the fight as the guy came over to see if we needed to step outside before realizing that I was still looking/acting the same way even with him not there. The second was me hopping up shouting "did you see that", in response to an amazing play on Sports Center, apparently right as 3 beautiful and scantily clad women walked in the bar in the general direction of the TV I was watching. My wife, a therapist who feels the whole hyperfocus is part of my particular brand of ADHD, knew what happened but the rest of the group I was with had their jaws hit the table before she explained that I literally focus so hard on TV that I had no idea there was anyone else in the room much less the hot women.

  36. I was doing this lift routine one day and each set kinda puts me out of breath, so I usually walk a quick lap or two around the gym to just kind of recover. I guess some gal thought I was walking by her in particular on purpose and grabbed her boyfriend and just kinda…violently mauled his face with her face while he was in the middle of working out?

  37. She's trying to generate content and views. The minimal amount of clothes is one thing but sprinkle some controversy in there to really get the views.

  38. The internet is social poison, it's slowly erroding humanity by focusing mostly on the negative within our world.

  39. It does look like he said "oh damn" but more likely in reference to her psycho camera setup than anything she's got going on.

  40. These people spend their whole lives trying to get people to notice and look at them (e.g. social media) then act upset when it's not someone they specifically want to use to further their social status. If a famous person looked at her or even a woman looked, she wouldn't have said shit. But because it was a guy she feels justified in shaming him. Fuck this bitch. How about you derobe in private if you don't want people to watch you make a spectacle of taking a shirt off.

  41. How would someone owning the gym change the dynamic in the event they were perversely eyeing her? Kinda strange to lean on “you don’t own the gym.”

  42. I don’t know if this is just my experience and where I’m from, but at a gym I use to frequent there were always the same 2-3 girls that you could tell spent A LOT of timing putting together an outfit….even doing their hair and makeup like mascara, foundation, ect….they would spend A LOT of time resting in between sets….in fact they would be at the same squat station for like 15 minutes….they would spend way more time resting than doing any actual sets or lifting…when resting they would look around constantly almost as if to see if anybody was checking them out….it was….bizarre….it almost seemed like the gym was more like going out to a nightclub than working out to them or something.

  43. That’s normal gym experience where I’m at too. There’s one specifically that stands out in my mind because I go every day and I saw her in my peripheral every day for months. Didn’t see her actually use any equipment for the first month or so. Would sit at it, do stuff on her phone, and walk around for an hour or two. None of my business, but it seemed like she was waiting for guys to talk to her.

  44. oh god i work out at a planet fitness because i'm broke and we have these type of girls too! like girl there are three squat racks why are you bringing dumbells in here?! how many sets of glute bridges can one person do?! and the squat form😭😭😭

  45. What always trips me out is when the idiot who thinks they are in the right uploads and post this shit, then they catch the backlash. It’s like that

  46. So, I'm genuinely confused. I thought recording other patrons at the gym was not allowed? Right? Aren't there usually signs about pictures and video recording? When did it become a thing?

  47. Why are some people like this? I don’t even know how to talk to this type of people. It concerns me how they perceive things to the extreme.

  48. This happens, and it happens to both sexes. Even if they were looking, who cares? They saw an attractive woman at the gym wearing well-fitted gym clothes. They didn’t gawk. They didn’t catcall. They didn’t try to sneak a creepy picture.

  49. "I work out religiously, wear tight fitting and revealing gym gear, remove my clothes in slow motion, and post all of my workouts online. Why are you looking at me?!"

  50. Also note how she took forever taking off that damn shirt while surveying the whole gym with her eyes.

  51. She was trespassed (kicked out) and her membership revoked. The trainer posted a response on TikTok. Search the username in the video.

  52. Honestly it's shit like this that makes me scared to go to a better public gym. I'm afraid some girls gonna accuse me of sexual harassment just for looking in her general direction

  53. Don't be. Most people are decent. If there is the odd crazy stand your ground politely and if it escalates ask for the manager to get security tapes as gyms are normally well covered.

  54. Update: She was trespassed and her membership was revoked. (Not the mention usual of everyone started blasting her on TikTok so she made her account private after deleting all negative comments.)

  55. Thanks! I was curious what the tiktok comments were saying about her. Thank god it wasn't praise.

  56. Imagine thinking anybody who glances at you for two seconds is checking you out when you're this unattractive inside and out.

  57. Holy. If anyone just gets that annoyed via some 2 second stare then I think they need more then a gym to help out with themselves. Everybody will stare at you no matter what in there. Sometimes a few individuals are freaking impressed by you no what what type of body. Heck, they could be jealous from your type of body that they want to achieve. Be happy sometimes about it but call out if one person is staring at you forever ago or when you began that day.

  58. The delusion some people have about their bodies (specifically at the gym) amazes me daily. Like I'm all for feeling good in your own skin, but recognize you're not a fitness model / bodybuilder at the same time. Gyms have always been full of weirdos though.

  59. Back in my early 20s, I got a lot of attention from men at the gym. But it was NOT because I was seeking it. I wore shorts down to my knees and tank tops, but never anything less because I didn’t feel like being harassed. I didn’t make eye contact and kept my head down. Most of the time I was able to just mind my business, but sometimes they would try to tell me I needed to smile or “look less angry.” I was too shy back then to tell them to leave me alone, but I don’t think I’d have that problem now. This girl is ridiculous.

  60. Yeah see that's unacceptable. I never got the whole smile thing. Lol I am a guy and never told one woman that in the gym. Hell I leave everyone in the gym alone except for really funny things or if asked specifically for help.

  61. Obviously, if she put the video of her taking her shirt off onto the internet she doesn’t really care about being looked at, she wants attention

  62. So, she’s so incredibly horrified at someone looking at her… that she posted herself all over the internet? HOW DARE they LOOK. What blasphemous creatures raised these MONSTERS?! TO THE GALLOWS WITH THEM!

  63. It's good that women stand up for themselves and push back against harassment, but these guys were not doing anything.

  64. Isn’t it illegal to film someone in a private place (like a gym)? Public spaces are fair ground but isn’t this technically illegal?

  65. Ain’t no way man’s just looked straight ahead and she got offended like okay if you don’t want male attention at the gym wear baggy pants and a tank top like damn she definitely just wanted a reason to pop off on a dude for no reason

  66. So I’m standing here in public and slowly taking my shirt off in front of the camera for the world to see, but this FREAK looked at me from a different perspective!, Who do he think he is?! It’s only through the lens on my camera that is allowed

  67. Even if he was looking at her, in public place you have to expectation of privacy, which means everyone can stare at what they want to. But oh no, i forgot that according to some people just staring can be a sexual harassment but only if it's men staring at women.

  68. I thought he was looking at her camera set-up. No one needs to train at the gym on camera. If you look good on camera you probably aren’t working hard enough.

  69. She's gone private and definitely was doing this for "clout." People are roasting her lol. She also slows it waaaaay down when he looks over. In real time he couldn't have been looking in her general direction for more than a second before she starts "calling him out." She makes it sound like he was staring at her for minutes. Like come on. The best part to me is she's making this workout video, where 90% of the people watching are only there to check her out. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

  70. Meanwhile you got a camera recording people in the gym... maybe some people dont wanna be recoreded while they are working out sweating

  71. I am filming myself and others in a way that will get me noticed in order to trap others into noticing me so I can record them noticing me.

  72. Ladies you don't have to put up with perverts at the gym. If someone is making you uncomfortable talk to management to have them removed. If management doesn't do anything it's time to find a new gym.

  73. The trainer turns around because the client notices that he is in her video (or the client is checking her out). That trainer has soon women with more ass, more attractive features, and way more in shape than her so I'm sure he wasn't phased.

  74. it takes me at least 90 minutes to bang out my workout. i nod & wave at a members i know. i just workout. who tf records their sets?

  75. Subtitles are not accurate. The trainer did not say "oh damn" towards her. The girl was in the wrong and is full of her herself.

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