teens steal a car on police surveillance, get into a chase, then lose control at 125 mph absolutely obliterating a cricket wireless sign - St. Petersburg, Florida.

  1. We used something like this 10 years ago on our university Airsoft paintball team, would place markers over people's heads if you pointed your phone camera at them wasn't very good and we all thought getting phones out in a paintball game was a bad idea.

  2. You know those movies where they capture cell phone conversations from the air, then use the cell phone to track a suspect or terrorist? That stuff is absolutely real and a lot better than most movies show. And used illegally inside our own country according to cases already adjudicated by SCOTUS.

  3. TV News choppers have been capable of the same thing for 5-7 years, if they choose to invest in it. A couple LA stations use it to overlay street names, and it even generates as estimated speed for the target vehicle based off the chopper’s GPS and the pant/tilt of the camera tracking the car.

  4. Front Passenger Dead, Driver in critical condition but has stayed alive for four days and might make it, rear passenger is expected to survive but is still in the hospital as of October 4th.

  5. Yeah normally teens bounce out real quick in these crashes car jacking situations. The fact no one moved out of the car to flee was pretty telling they were fucked up.

  6. And even if the driver does make it, he's definitely going to prison for a while. 3 counts of wreckless endangerment, manslaughter at the very least, if not a murder charge, for the one guy. Then vehicular assault for the injured person, if not attempted vehicular manslaughter.

  7. FOX News 13 “After three teens allegedly stole an unlocked Maserati and crashed it into a Pinellas County business, the sheriff's office has released dash camera, helicopter and surveillance video of what led up to the crash.”

  8. My bicycle and hubcaps off my car got stolen during the middle of Irma when I lived in Tampa. It’s one of the times where thieves take the most advantage.

  9. It’s very common to see increased looting and break ins while a city is recovering from a natural disaster. I personally experienced it during Harvey. People are fucking sick.

  10. and drive 130 down a city street. there was zero good decisions in this story. insurance probably won’t even cover the car due to owner negligence

  11. Apparently it's because this is an actual police chopper and not a news one like usual chases are filmed on. Someone posted an article and apparently the helo was already on scene investigating a burglary and they have footage of these kids opening the car and getting in. Wild.

  12. This was my thought too. Unfortunately the driver has no one to blame but himself for the accident.

  13. Bruh killed his friend by driving like this I hope he feels guilty for the rest of his life dumb fucking idiot

  14. Its always surprising how much stupid shit people, especially young people, get up to with vehicles. Me included, I did some dumb moves when younger, but nothing this serious..

  15. a lot of time, the criminals do this because they have done more than just broke the speed limit,,,, might not be worth going to hell like this, but they chose their path. sad but not that sad

  16. The article said they recovered a gun and a ski mask from the car that wasn't the owners, so maybe this prevented something worse later that night.

  17. Driver 15 years old and the other passengers were aged 15 and 16 . No one in the car even had a drivers license . They also had a gun with them .

  18. Blows my mind that these teenagers are going crazy at that age. I couldn't imagine myself doing this in 10th grade.

  19. The vehicle hit the sign with the roof. The roof of most automobiles are notoriously weak to impacts, usually designed to handle rollovers, not a 70mph impact into a steel pole.

  20. Sports cars are an exception, they generally need beefy structure through that for torsional rigidity compared to standard commuters. Probably the only reason two of them are still alive. Ish in the driver's case.

  21. Since it is a Maserati, there is a very good chance that it has paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The driver probably accidentally shifted and lost control because of it.

  22. Holy shit. This happened just a few blocks from where I live. It's been all over my local news

  23. I went to meadowlawn. Kinda weird being able to recognize everything considering the circumstances.

  24. uh oh spaghettio - Im just glad no-one got hurt... apart from the guys in the stolen car. I imagine that really hurt.

  25. Exhibit A for why teens still have half baked brains. Prefrontal cortex still not isn't off the ground. Terrible risk vs. reward assessment.

  26. I know yall are focused on the car but holy shit the police have advanced tech. It's flir and tracks streets and address on the fucking move omg that's cool and scary

  27. Satisfying ending. Gene pool is cleaned up just a little bit and the owner is certainly going to be reimbursed by insurance. win-win-win

  28. yea idk the owner may have some trouble with that one lol. leaving your keys in your unlocked car may fall under owner negligence

  29. Somehow the police will be blamed and a lawsuit will be filed, guaranteed. Everyone remember, all 3 are good kids. Time to take out the magic 8 ball and see what excuse comes up ……“ they were physically abused “

  30. Did anyone else notice that when the cars starts to run, the exhaust pipes on the rear light up and look like rocket packs firing?

  31. Wow, I just wish google maps or Apple Maps in car is that good at labeling streets. It really helps labeling ALL streets near by, as well as an streets.

  32. This FLIR unit is insanely high detail. You can even see the hotspots in the road where the vehicles have been driving.

  33. They also obliterated their insides and outsides and souls they contained…but that’s small fries compared to a Cricket Wireless Sign.

  34. I felt compelled to acknowledge how quickly the cops ran to the vehicle. There’s been many clips posted here of cops actually hitting other people and moving slower than these guys. They didn’t mess around. They could tell that lives were at risk and acted accordingly. We need to commend those who deserve it and these cops do.

  35. Somebody’s gonna be real mad about their car. Thing seemed pretty fast, and these dumb ass kids took it and recked it.

  36. speed plus possibly uneven roads and potholes. little things can make you lose control at that speed. those roads weren’t meant for someone to be going triple the limit down them

  37. Kinda cool to see as they step on it the car exhaust and tires start heating up so much that at the end they were leaving heat tracks.

  38. Read the article someone linked. It wasn’t a bait car. The teens were just seen taking the car that an idiot left unlocked.

  39. When criminals are dead or disabled for further criminal activity with no one else hurt, it's happy end. In other cases, they would be able to kill someone else.

  40. Thankful that no other people going about their way were killed. This is not normal teenage behavior. These teens are walking around not caring about their own safety much less the safety of others. They should be charged and jailed....period. You can't wait till a kid is a teenager to teach them how to care and be a decent human being. It starts in the home. So many parents have washed their hands of the responsibility of raising their kids right. Maybe they will change, maybe they won't but the fact of the matter is that one teenager paid for his stupidity with his life and the other two should be held accountable as well. This is not a new story and will continue to play out with different names and faces until families go back to basics with their kids.

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