Uk drivers queuing to turn left on a roundabout unaware of the right lane being able to turn left

  1. In all fairness, when you first exit there is no indication that the right lane can be used for turning left. And so following the convention of "use the left lane to turn left" you'd naturally use that lane. Plus coming off of a motorway it's entirely possible people aren't familiar with that particular exit and so simply don't know the option is available until they are almost at the roundabout where the lane marking arrows start.

  2. Ah so this why there's such a lack of Brits in tech. Too busy writing synchronous, sequential code to compete with 1990s dial-up modems. They in a whole another league.

  3. This is how I feel when I'm the only one pulling up in the right lane of my 2-lane McDonald's when I pick up my coffee in the morning.

  4. the app is even better— it’s like that every single time so you never wait in line, you also don’t have to talk to anyone, and you get some free food.

  5. My McDonald's the second lane splits off from the first so cars don't block the parking lot by forming two lines. Lots of people think they're clever and cut the line by forming a second line when they're supposed to queue in the first and wrap around the building. Not saying this is you but you might want to check.

  6. Because I can’t do it. I don’t know why, I just cannot do it. I pull up, there’s 3 people on the left and nobody to the right, my brain feverishly says “go right” and my hands go left and my brain breaths a sigh of relief.

  7. This isn't really about zipper merging. On UK roundabouts, you need to be in the left lane to take the first exit from a roundabout, UNLESS (as is the case here), that exit has two lanes.

  8. I swear UK roundabouts are just lucky dip regarding which lane you can and can't be in. The amount of times I've been caught out or missed the road markings due to standstill traffic...

  9. That's exactly what I thought, if you are unfamiliar with this exit (as many do not have 2 lanes like this) the last thing you want to do is drive all the way in the wrong lane and have to switch lanes.

  10. One of my biggest gripes with uk driving is how badly road merging/ directions are communicated.

  11. Mind you, I would have taken the right lane with a view to turn right and go around the roundabout and probably would have missed the left arrow whilst basking in my personal glory at outwitting the stationary drivers.

  12. You can always go up on the right lane and do a 360 around the roundabout then the queue has to give way. Dick move but not illegal.

  13. More likely they’d assume that it’s a lane closed situation and block anyone from passing. Then you’d also get the ones that put their tires one foot over the line so clearly there’s still plenty of room to go around but also the guy in front of you is too timid to do that so you get ensnared anyway.

  14. You would think this, especially in Massachusetts where drivers are known as Massholes and do exactly what you are describing all the time.

  15. I mean you get this in the UK all of the time too. I live in London and so many pricks do the same thing.

  16. In America (Midwest specifically), you'd have a pickup truck in the right lane going the same speed as the left lane in order to block "assholes" like this guy trying to "cut everyone off"... Routinely causing accidents.

  17. Even if it wasn’t left turn I’d have gone in the right lane then all the way round the roundabout. Then again I do own a BMW so am obviously a twat…

  18. UK driver here. On my commute there's a very steep hill with two lanes after a road junction leading to a merge and traffic lights. It's common for lines to form on the hill just like this video so the road authority put big signs up saying "use both lanes" going up the hill changing to "merge in turn". Guess what, people queueing on the left frequently straddle the lanes to block cars coming up the right or refuse to let you merge at the top. It's beyond infuriating as the queue sometimes blocks the junction at the bottom it gets so long.

  19. I wouldn’t call it idiotic, more like uninformed. Also it only takes a few to start queueing before people join in because it must be “right”.

  20. I don't, and have never used Tiktok, but somehow I still have to put up with these videos with shitty songs and voices, literally adds nothing to the video. Why the fuck does anyone use that shitty app?

  21. That’s a new roundabout with no signs to let you know that you can use both lanes. It’s safe to assume that only the right lane goes to the right as this is usually the case unless otherwise stated. As a lorry driver I get it wrong if I’m in an area where I’ve never been, get in the right lane to turn right only to find once you’re on top of the roundabout that the middle or left lane can also be used to turn right.

  22. not really, for the vast majority of roundabouts you can only turn left in the left lane. The arrows aren't visible until close to the end, where sunk cost fallacy/the risk of a car barreling down the other lane (like the driver in the video) says to stay where you are.

  23. We're there signs that indicated that that lane also could turn left? Because the straight arrow pointed at the right lane, only to see later that the left lane has a another lane next to it which turns left.

  24. Drives me mad when people do this. Yet there are people in that queue that think you did something wrong and that you "jumped the line"... Engineers worked so hard to try to make our roads efficient, and idiots in cars always find a way to screw it up.

  25. The reason why roads are backed up like this all the time is because people have no idea how to properly merge. If everyone sat in both those lanes and merged properly then there wouldn’t be backups. It is like this in every major city and it hurts my damn brain. The big issue is people hate letting others in front of them so merging turns into a huge headache and issue.

  26. How do you expect them to know that there are two lanes on the exit, when there are no road markings saying so until more than halfway along the queue?

  27. It’s designed like that for a reason - if you look at the roundabout sign you can see that the right and straight turns aren’t important roads (as shown by their thickness) and so the amount go through traffic is expected to be minimal

  28. If people sat in both lanes then the line of traffic wouldn’t be as long so others could still turn right pretty easily. If not they might have to wait for a couple cars to move up but that is about it. In the end of the video there is a long stretch of road before the merge that would allow a lot of cars to sit there.

  29. The right hand lane has arrows showing that you can turn left from that lane, so the markings are there but people just dont pay attention to them

  30. Even if you're not sure if you can turn left, surely it'll still be quicker to take the right lane, go right round the roundabout and then exit where you actually need to leave? I know it's poor etiquette but still a hell of a lot quicker.

  31. Quicker for you maybe. You're holding up traffic at every junction on the roundabout that has to give way to you, including the queue that you're jumping. Don't be that guy.

  32. Doesn't really make them idiots, just unaware of the layout of the roundabout before they get to it. At least, those people that haven't yet gone past one of the lane turn markings.

  33. Oh the idiots are the stopped cars - I was like “how is this guy an idiot he seems to be the only one smart enough to know that- oh. Never mind”

  34. This is actually the proper way to go about it. Merging late, theoretically, prevents traffic jams if everyone leaves space. But we’ll ignore logic for this post

  35. I used to commute to work and the exit from the motorway was backed up like this with everyone queuing to turn left. There was only one lane for turning left though so I turned right instead, did a lap of the roundabout and exited at the front of the queue. Did it every day for a year and never queued once 🤣

  36. People get so mad about this but it’s literally what the lane is there for. Zipper merge and traffic will flow faster than everyone lining up

  37. This is one of those tricks where if one person does it then it works but if everyone does it then you're all back to square 1

  38. The “thanks for leaving me a spot” is code for “thanks for leaving a gap in front of your car, I’m going to occupy that gap now so can you please slow down to create another gap between my rear bumper and your front bumper rather than just continuing as you were”

  39. The right lane is also for people going straight. In this particular case, if all the left turners took up both lanes (which would still have the same congestion due to the bottle neck at the merge) it would actually make the problem far worse if the traffic still backed up past the roundabout. The people going straight would now be stuck in the queue adding volume to the overall congestion, and access to the other roads off the roundabout are now unnecessarily blocked.

  40. This is the crowd that doesn’t understand the zipper method of merging and want everyone to wait in one line while 3 miles of lane goes empty and get mad at you for using it.

  41. Trouble is usually the arrows indicating the land direction are way up the slip road, meaning only regular users are aware of being able to use the right lane.

  42. If I was already in one of the queues, I'd be too scared to leave my position for something that seems closed, but isn't. That's this

  43. I found that "zipper" merging is not really ingrained in the driving culture in the UK, people in the left lane would sometimes get angry and block people merging from the right as if they had jumped the queue. I honestly didn't know zipper-merging was the correct way until I moved to Germany. Here it is the complete opposite, people will get mad if you don't respect zipper merging.

  44. It's silly but I can kinda understand how this happens. The left lane is the default for like 99.9% of roundabouts and if you're unfamiliar, haven't noticed the signs or just following a GPS then then I totally get how people will just form a line. Anyone would assume normally the right lane would be for... well turning right or going straight on.

  45. Even if right hand lane only goes right, it’s still quicker. Go right, all the way round and take the exit as intended.

  46. I'm not sure who the idiot is here. I live near one of these types of merges, where it goes from 2 lanes to 1. Anytime we start rolling again there's someone who wants to move ahead 3 car and merge back, causing everything to grind to a halt behing him.

  47. A right lane turning left is very uncommon. This slip road needs a "get in lane" sign to clearly show the right lane goes left and straight.

  48. This reminds me of the time I came up to a huge line of cars waiting to merge into the left lane cause of construction. I was the only one that just went into the left lane in drove ahead.

  49. I did this a couple days ago. I was exiting one highway to enter another, and there are two lanes that turn left just like this video. Except one car apparently got mad that I was doing this and cutting everyone else and tried to cut me off while flipping me off when I passed him. Some people are willing to get into accidents just cause they’re angry. Scary world nowadays

  50. Even if you couldn't turn left I'd stay in the right and go all the way around the roundabout. Lot quicker then waiting in that fkn queue

  51. Even if you couldnt turn left from that lane its faster to go round the roundabout and turn off.

  52. Driving for a living has shown me the extent of just how myopic the average driver is. There needs to be something more than just a theory and practical test.

  53. Sometimes after work, the only sense of peace and quiet I get is being alone in the car, so occasionally I’ll wait in the slow lane instead of hurrying home

  54. That’s the difference between coffee and tea right there. But really they should just have a sign much further up.

  55. I think you’re mistaken they know the road merges to single lane shortly after the roundabout and are queuing. They are very courteous and orderly.

  56. you merge into one lane after that. thats why they stay in the same lane. so they dont have to merge again after 30 meters.

  57. These are not idiots in cars, people typically join the main lane for traffic flow in case there is a merge in turn further down the road which can be difficult and also seen as rude and butting in. OP is proud he saved 2 mins of time queuing, but has probably spent multiple hours sat on Tiktok rewatching his clip go viral.........

  58. Which there is a zipper merge... There would be a worse blockup if it was split 50/50 as the zipper merge would force drivers to both wait for one side or the other and not be in a rush...

  59. There’s a reason why we build the second lane. Use it and be cool about merging (Highway Department Staff here).

  60. Yep, The main reason is to compensate for the poor design that forces multiple lanes of traffic to merge into one. Zipper merging does keep traffic from backing up on the main road but does absolutely nothing to increase traffic flow at the bottleneck….In most cases it actually slows traffic down because people do not know how to merge properly. The few people that use the alternate lane might save a few minutes if they can manage to merge into traffic safely.

  61. Same issue when I-71 becomes I-75 heading north just south of Cincinnati. Two lanes go left, the right lane doesn't end until you actually get fully in I-75. But everyone gets in the left lane as quickly as possible backing it up.

  62. Bit harsh, it is pretty rare to have double left turn like this. And there is no signage until you are right up the slip road. If this is not local traffic I wouldn't call them lemmings for queuing like this.

  63. Yall talking about dumbass lemmings that can't merge, but my point is there's only one lane after the merge. You can either block both of the lanes on the roundabout for no added throughput, or have one long left lane that still allows merges from the other roundabout directions, and doesn't block other roundabout movements.

  64. Yo I’m with you! Finally the only other person here that understands volume. Merging lanes completely fall apart when both lanes are at capacity. If both of these lanes are used to turn left in heavy congestion, the traffic will back up from the merge point right back into the roundabout. This would cause the entire roundabout to fall apart and people going straight or right would be also stuck, adding even more volume to jam. God I hope none of these people are plumbers or electricians…

  65. Tbf I think it’s more likely the case that 95% of roundabouts don’t allow you to turn left in the right lane so people assumed they can’t here

  66. Unfortunately you would have had to learn to zipper merge at one point…. This is the hardest thing to learn; 2nd to Molecular Biomes of Euphoric Anatomy.

  67. Eh... I mean since the lanes are merging like 100 meters after the roundabout if everyone was doing the same, you would have to queue to merge.

  68. This isn't idiots in cars. This is people not knowing the layout of the road, and literally having no way to know until they move further up the queue.

  69. The theory test in this country is so minimal considering how comprehensive the road designs are. The large sign detailing the roundabout has a thick approach line and a thick exit line; this denotes that it's dual entry, dual exit for that particular exit. Thick approach, thin exit? Make sure you get in lane.

  70. Man that’s British politeness and queuing etiquette for you. In Paris there’s be 5 lanes turning left, even if theres only one 😂

  71. Forgive me if i am wrong, but, even if the right lane didn't also go through to the left turn... it's a roundabout, couldn't you enter, go around once, then exit? don't people on the roundabout have right of way to people entering?

  72. The roundabout with the right lane also able to exit left is quite uncommon. It would normally be for right only

  73. People on Tiktok were defending the idiots making a traffic jam and saying they'd block the driver. People are stupid.

  74. They know there is a lane reduction/merge directly after the roundabout. You’re the idiot in this situation. If more that 10 people did the same as you there wild be increased gridlock.

  75. Yeah, let’s have a queue in both lanes that would block part of the roundabout and as more cars try to enter on the left exit from the roundabout, potentially blocking other exits. Or even better, blocking the way for people wanting to take other exits.

  76. So you jumped the queue. If 50% of drivers also did this there would be a much greater delay where the two lanes filter into one, slowing everyone down. Queuing is for the greater good. EDIT: also the additional queue in the right hand lane will tail back to the junction exit, so those turning right will be also stuck in the queue. The total number of vehicles needing to queue will increase.

  77. That’s the way the roads are designed, it’s not jumping the queue at all. It’s moronic to leave an entire lane completely open with this mentality. I’ll always use the second lane and laugh an anyone who gets irate. Lanes are meant to merge like a zipper. If everyone understood basic driving etiquette the roads would function as intended.

  78. Because the road to the left is blocked.. if you use both lanes here you will block the traffic for everyone who uses the roundabout. Dense post tbh

  79. I was totally impressed by this until you left it to the very last moment to merge in when you had plenty of chance after joining the HEX road.

  80. I don’t know about your country but here in Belgium you have to drive all the way to the end and then merge. It’s way faster than some people merging in the middle of the merging lane.

  81. Oh for fucks sake they're queuing for the fucking merge. Does no one know how to fucking scissor merge? It's like they've never seen seen two lesbians hang out and do friend stuff.

  82. I like driving, but the unnecessary traffic jams caused by human drivers is the primary reason I support the autonomous cars idea. So much wasted time relying on the avg joe to perform basic tasks

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