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  1. There’s a reason that these videos only happen in countries outside of maybe Germany, Sweden, Finland, A few other country’s. it’s because in America (north and south) probably Africa too, and all Asian countries they don’t teach people how to drive.

  2. According to the news (you can go to the site watermarked in the video), the young woman driving the smaller vehicle was the most severely injured, with "severe blows" to her chest and hips, but everyone is in stable condition.

  3. Guy I went to school with got into a fight with his parents and ran out to hang out with some girls that he was friends with. He did not have his driver’s license, but the girls who were older, decided to cheer him up by letting him drive the car. He pulled a U turn on a blind hill and was T-boned by a truck. One of the girls was the only person in the car wearing their seatbelt. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe spinal damage. One of the girl’s spent a few days in a coma and lost all memories from up to 2 weeks before the accident, including her senior prom. The girl who had her seatbelt was in the back seat and broke her jaw.

  4. We might not all agree what the legal punishment should be. But I think we can all agree people like this should have their license to drive permanently removed! The Bus and Taxi/Uber for you from now on.

  5. I know. I would have never have seen that coming without the red circle covering half the screen. Maybe the actually driver needed so they would have known the look RIGHT THERE

  6. At the distance the truck was when she initiated the turn, she would've easily saw it with her mirrors, if she actually used them

  7. "imma just go ahead and turn. I mean.. what are the odds there's be more than one car on this road at any one time? Probably next to zero.. alright, let's do thism.. yolooooooo!!"

  8. Similar thing happened in my area last year. Guy did a u turn on a busy road and killed the girl that ran into him.

  9. Yeah someone I knew died doing a similar manuever...I believe that one was more of a rural highway. I'm pretty sure I've second guessed and triple checked ever since if I'm about to try something similar.

  10. I was in a similar wreck where a girl traveling in the lane next to me (but a bit farther ahead) pulled off onto the shoulder like she was stopping, and then all of a sudden whips back across traffic right in front of me to cross the divided highway, all because she missed her turn. I T-boned her going about 50 and hit the rear driver’s side door. She’s lucky she was driving a new Volvo and I saw to brake, otherwise I guarantee she’d be dead. Amazingly though, neither of us walked away with a scratch.

  11. What especially sucks about this is that truck driver is most likely in the middle their work day, in a type of vehicle that leaves no imagination between your body and the spot of impact if in a head on collision. Chances are it is someone who spends all day making decent choices and driving relatively safely to get some dumb shit from point A to point B for a paycheck and then this asshole shows up and ruins that.

  12. Like, do these people just not look in their mirrors? I’m always so confused on how this could happen

  13. We keep underestimating how stupid some people can be when it comes to driving. These are the clues that tell me there’s a great need for autonomous cars on the road…

  14. All this could have been avoided if people took driving a bit more serious. I mean what a dumb ass. All you have to do is look. Check your blind spots. It’s really not that hard.

  15. Wow this triggers a flashback. One of my closest moments I came to dying is when I had to swerve to avoid someone trying to cross horizontally across 8 lanes in Atlanta to make their exit.

  16. I took another look at the video and you can see at the last millisecond that the driver pulls away just a fraction before impact instead of steering full 360 into the truck. I think this saved her.

  17. We had a very similar collision last year, other drivers fault and we also ended up in a ditch. Bruh i hate careless drivers

  18. If that car is left hand drive...they're dead...without a doubt, I hope for their sake it was in a country with right hand drive.

  19. 2 month ago i was in a similar accident, same position as the truck but in a car. The car is totaled and im still limping to this day.

  20. As someone who drives for a living I see this kind of thing all the time. I’m of the mind that we need to be more strict with enforcing traffic laws and some people need to flat out have their license taken away until they can show they are not a danger to themselves or others.

  21. "But I have God-given, GOD GIVEN, right to pull out when and if I want. People really need to watch where I'm going."

  22. Red truck was like "there might be injured or dead people... but I'm late for my daughter's recital. Get outta my way".

  23. Dude is just a new person who got into driving and he doesn't know anything about driving right there, I can see that and he should stop driving like that now.

  24. Every highway drivers needs atleast a mandatory 1600 rating in bullet chess so they can make quick decisions without disrupting the traffic

  25. I’ve seen this accident accident literally in front of my eyes. A dude on a mid sidesuv did the whole spin in a spot full speed and got hit from a 40 mph newer Tahoe. Dude had no awareness that day.

  26. Obviously this is absolutely not the box truck driver's fault, but the video is a good example of target fixation. In racing, we coach beginner drivers to aim directly for where a car is spinning or where it was. Box truck swerved towards the open space, which was then occupied by the Rav 4, also. A swerve to the right might have prevented the accident.

  27. Governments have been handing out licenses like hot cakes, for decades. There should be mandatory defensive driving courses, that cover really simple and obvious things like checking both ways before you u-turn. This person shouldn't be on the road, and they should have never been on the road for the X years they were driving before this, because they've probably driven like this their whole life. They just finally had their poor driving career catch up with them. Hopefully the trucker is ok. I don't care much for the idiot though tbh. I ride a motorbike and I am constantly dodging disgusting driving practises like this. I'd be dead or disabled after this, so I couldn't care about this driver.

  28. I will never understand this maneuver, and I will never understand why I see so many clips of people doing it.

  29. Same type of person in a 5-foot wide car who waits to turn right because there is “only” 12 feet between the car and curb, “don’t wanna cut it too close, let’s play it safe, I have zero spatial awareness but driving is a right not a privilege, so fuck off.”

  30. This is exactly how I totaled my first car. Fucker didn’t even bother to look, they just went for it. RIP 00 Camry, you served me well

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