Idiot turns left without looking

  1. I see incidents like this all the time. I personally do my best to avoid accidents by accepting that even though I might have the right of way, people are distracted self-entitled asshats and that right of way doesn't mean they won't cause an accident if I'm not bringing my situational awareness to the game.

  2. Absolutely this. Another way to think about it - speed differential. You may have open road and may even be going the speed limit - but if vehicles in the lane next to you are going more than 10 mph slower, your chances for an accident increase significantly. Maybe a car from the slowed lane pulls out suddenly, leaving you no time to stop. Maybe the exact thing in the video happens, or a kid runs between the stopped cars. When you see this, you need to reduce speed or move over, both of which were options for OP.

  3. I'm not sure an act so neglectful should be called an accident, as if it was unforeseeable and just bad luck. This is more like deliberate disregard for the foreseeable risk.

  4. This. You have to be aware that people are going to do things like this, and quite frankly sometimes you need to turn and it's very hard to see. Dude driving could've slowed down or been looking for this instead of full throttle.

  5. maybe I never have the volume turned up loud enough, but I rarely hear the breaks in these videos. I think you've identified the problem, a lot of these people are hung up on what the rules are instead of what reality is.

  6. Also, I slow down when I see situations like this because there is a lane of 10+ cars with two completely open lanes beside them. Only a matter of time before someone gets sick of waiting in a line and whips into the next lane without looking. I’ve almost been hit so many times like this, I just slow down and get ready for any fool about to ruin my day.

  7. Assume everyone else on the road is an idiot and most the times you'll be OK. See that guy up there he is going to do the stupidest thing you can thing of, be prepared to act accordingly.

  8. Exactly, and a car right before him darted through the same spot. Once I see that, I slow down and move as much to the right as I safely can so they can see me easier and I have more time and space to react if someone jumps out. Anyone who gets into an accident like this and thinks they couldn’t do anything to prevent it is going to get into a lot of accidents that aren’t their fault but are more preventable than they think.

  9. Almost every post in this sub can be describe as this. Like if things start looking sus you just slow down and be extra vigilant. I swear everyone here just slams the gas when they are coming into an intersection.

  10. When I was a teen my father closed down his shop Christmas Eve. Driving at night he slams on the brakes. I asked what happened and he said didn’t you see the deer? A second later (we are stopped) thump in his driver side door. Another deer. It died. We weren’t even moving.

  11. Drivers who refuse to avoid an accident because they're "in the right" are as much of an idiot as the guy who caused the accident.

  12. I like how your comment just before this post is about how you refuse to watch for other motorists. Seems like you have an amazing chance to learn a valuable lesson here.

  13. He probably didnt. Probably will get some insurance money and 100% this idiot will do it again until one of his claims will go against him or insurance companies decline his coverage.

  14. Seriously, at any point did the driver think, "hmm all these cars are stopped or slowing for something, I'd better ease off the speed and scan the road carefully." Not once, even after seeing the first car and yelling oh shit, the car still continues at full speed

  15. How do you not slow down when a car crosses the traffic in front of you, sure you aren't likely to hit him, but if he has any kind of issue you might be way closer than you should like.

  16. I love how half the posts that end up getting big on this sub is just the driver/op also being one of those idiots

  17. I feel like this what this sub is turning into for the most part. A lot of the highly up voted posts are when OP instead/also messed up

  18. They should assign 10% of fault to the driver in the left lane who left that gap open and waived everyone in because he is such a friendly and courteous driver!

  19. It’s also bad and dangerous design on top of it, making anyone who does a left turn really quickly an idiot here. It’s a perfect case of ‘a matter of time until it goes wrong.’

  20. I mean.. you can clearly see the line of ppl stopped and the cars passing through. Any person with some common sense would know to slow down. At any point someone could switch lanes or do exactly what you see here. This is just a case of 2 idiots meeting.

  21. With or without that turning opportunity, I would not have kept that speed with a row of backed-up cars that could just swing right at any given moment.

  22. Yep, I would always slow down in this situation especially after seeing that first car turn in without seeing where he came from. A lot of people have cars that are totaled even though they didn't do anything wrong.

  23. Definitely the left turners fault, but the driver could have avoided this accident by noticing their surroundings. Traffic backed in the left lane, another vehicle turning left prior to the one that caused the accident..

  24. He actually did 'notice' his surroundings. He even says "oh shit" when the first car turned - i.e. predicting this outcome. But he didn't do anything about it.

  25. Anytime I have to drive by/through a line of cars like this (one or two sided), I call it "running the gauntlet." There is always that chance a car will try and change lanes, or cross it.

  26. Yeah, I see this all the time when I'm driving. I even look both ways after the light turns green for me because I see so many people ignoring traffic laws.

  27. Maybe not legally but in terms of common sense it’s definitely OPs fault. There are several cars waiting in left lane so it’s pretty clear that something is happening up front. We even see a car going before the one OP hit.

  28. Agreed. A prime example of a person that insist on "the right of way" even though common sense tells you to be cautious.

  29. Yup that is why I laugh when people are like “I’ve been in 5 accidents and totaled 3 cars…. But none of them were my fault”

  30. The driver with the dash cam was way too cavalier approaching that section of road. The first car did it, so one should ASSUME another car is going to try to go through, he should approach that area very slowly and cautiously.

  31. Why did you not even attempt to slow down upon seeing the first car? There’s plenty of dead dudes in the morgue who had the right of way.

  32. I feel like if he hit the brakes as soon as he saw the car coming he would’ve been fine but he hesitated hoping the other guy would brake first.

  33. Graveyards are full of people who had the right of way. Legally, the OP was totally in the right- but you could have easily avoided this incident by being aware of your surroundings and not going too fast past a stopped lane of traffic knowing full well that people are also dumb and make turns without due care.

  34. OP is a 100% idiot, he saw it coming and did nothing to prevent the accident... had he lift his foot from the pedal he would have had plenty of time to react and let the car pass.

  35. Before I even got my license, my dad taught me to respect and be cautious where you can't see whats in front of you and NEVER assume that anyone else driving on the road is a good driver.

  36. Yeah and you should probably never pass cars that quickly either. I think 10-15 MPH difference is a good rule, because at any time one might turn into your lane without looking and that can easily be lethal

  37. No idea about the local laws but where I live passing traffic queues with a speed difference of more then 50km/h ( 31 mph) counts as speeding. Meeting OP would be over the speedlimit by 13 mph.

  38. Op should have slowed down. OP isnt at fault here, but should have been cautious. They already saw the white car somewhat pull out in front and reacted to it, but for some reason didnt slow down.

  39. Miss titled.. should be "idiot drives too fast next to a line of stopped cars and can't see jack till it's too late".

  40. Your aim should be to avoid accidents, not be legally exculpated. If you don't see how that could have been achieved here, you should not be driving.

  41. I'm from Florida where the decision to slow down started way back there with the other cars who were fully stopped. But I guess you had the right of way. Enjoy your smashed car and trophy for being right.

  42. One of the dumbest things that I regularly see people do is speed past a line of stopped cars/traffic. You're legally in the clear, but you're still an idiot driver.

  43. There are 2 idiots, the one turning left and ignoring the priority ,and the one that didn't slow down ...

  44. driver bears some responsibility here. if you are passing stop cars like like this you should proceed with the utmost caution/slow down a bit. this qualifies as defensive driving I think.

  45. This is 90 in Jacksonville. See this happen all the time. Cammer also like barely brakes? This is such a weird collision. Everyone is right to blame you a little as at the end of the day this accident is avoidable. Its not about "whose fault" is it, its about avoiding accidents and getting home safely. The other guy's insurance will pay of course, but cammer should do a better job of being aware and paying attention to surroundings.

  46. There's always the option of insurance companies splitting the fault. Happened to a coworker of mine. He was crossing a 4 lane road (2 each way) and got hit by a car that was not paying attention and going over the speed limit excessively. Insurance companies battled it out and it was decided that he was 40% at fault.

  47. Cmon bruh use defensive driving. You see a line of cars with a car turning left through it… slow down and assume someone is following them.

  48. Bro you’re a fucking idiot, you’re not the one at fault but thinking you’re innocent here shows how fucking dumb you are

  49. Slow fucking down when approaching to such an intersection. Otherwise you're not too different from the one who is turning left.

  50. Exactly op = idiot as well for not slow down. It doesn’t make him a safe driver as aswell. If he drive like that I don’t know how long he going last .

  51. Definitely your fault pal.. slow down when there’s a whole lane of cars at a full stop. They can’t see you coming that fast and it didn’t even look like u tapped the brakes just slammed the horn.

  52. Gotta love all these self own videos being posted lately like we're not all going to call out the OP for having the reaction time of a sloth.

  53. Everyone here arguing who the bigger idiot is, the turning driver or OP, but the biggest idiots are the traffic engineers and anyone else who signed off that crash liability. This is a massive traffic conflict and zero evidence of an intersection on the left side of a 45mph hwy. No signage, absolutely nothing.

  54. I mean I usually slow way down when lanes next to me are slow or stopped for this very reason. Seems pretty obvious. You need to have an instinct for what is safe, not just what is legal.

  55. Might wanna slow down time... One lesson I've learned, you could have moved to the right hand lane. Gives you more time to react, you can see more, the offender might have been able to see you sooner.

  56. When you see something that doesn't make sense, please apply your brakes. Always err on the side of slowing down. I drive for a living, and it took me years to get to where I am today, but the things I've seen like this are endless. You have to learn to recognize blindspots created by other cars, and always slow way down when you cannot see what is happening/about to happen.

  57. Definitely should have slowed down next to the row of stopped cars. Should have definitely slowed down after seeing the first car turn

  58. OP is an idiot. Stop driving like this or you’re gonna end up on the hospital. The first car that turned left was close enough already that you should have slowed down.

  59. I’m sorry but this is partially your fault. It looks like you made no attempt to even slow down, especially when you likely knew this could happen from the oncoming lane.

  60. Sorry OP.. youre guilty as much as the other idiot... You should have slowed down when you saw the left line turning blocking your view and even more so when you saw the gray car turn in front of you and you said "oh".... you never took your foot off of the gas pedal.

  61. doesn't matter who's right or wrong, now both cars are fucked up and both of you have to deal with insurance shenanigans and cancel whatever y'all were rushing to all because of 'lemme just zoom through this intersection blind because I have the right of way'

  62. Completely avoidable. Slow it down when you see so many cars standing still. Move to the right most lane to give yourself some space. BRAKE as soon as you see that first car crossing the street. Yes, the car crossing the street caused it, but the cammer enabled the crash

  63. Terrible driving on the part of the person recording. How about getting off the gas when you see a moron making a stupid move? Nah? Just power through? Awful driving

  64. Honestly, if I saw that first car crossing the street like that my first reaction would be to slow down cause maybe there’s multiple cars passing through. Should those cars have looked for oncoming traffic? Yes. Should OP maybe have used some logic to slow down? Probably.

  65. Yea let me just pass a bunch of stopped cars at 45 miles per hour. Should give me plenty of time to react if any of those cars happened to start moving.

  66. This frustrates me….yes he should have looked before turning left BUT….also be a cautious driver. You see people stopped on the left hand-side, in addition, people turning left and you’re still going at the same speed. Like dude….realize what’s going on and this could have been avoided…

  67. Idiot is the one driving .... Absolutely 100% predictable that this was going to happen .... line of stopped traffic, already one car made the turn, but this fool just keeps steaming along at full speed. Recommend they don't ever ride a motorbike.

  68. both drivers are idiots and deserve this! One for turning blindly left and the other for not making the assumption someone would pull out in front like that. I ride a motorcycle and am always very cautious of idiots like these

  69. Idiot speeds past stationary cars onto an intersection with zero visibility after just complaining about a car coming out of nowhere crossing that same intersection.

  70. Why are they driving so fast in the middle lane when so many people are stopped in the left lane. You know that they are stopped for a reason. Should have anticipated someone turning into your lane from the other direction.

  71. YTA. Why maintain high speed after seeing the first car turn? I would have been coasting with my foot hovering the brake... good luck out there

  72. Op can prevent this if he slow down a little. And should have look on left side lane. Also on 0:03 when you saw a a car pop out , you should have know another car might come out and should slow down.

  73. I love the video evidence of the driver's being completely irresponsible. This is absolutely 100% unavoidable on the driver's part.

  74. More like a classic avoidable accident. You saw one pull out, so why would you not slow down knowing that there’s a blind turn coming up. More so, there was more then enough time to slow down and stop once you actually see the second car. Didn’t even look like you started slowing down at all.

  75. You see the line of cars on the left are stopped, you should've already figured in your brain to slow down. Then a car crossed up ahead, should definitely slow down but nope

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