Wasn’t fast or furious enough

  1. Part of that is the fact that teslas are heavy as fuck and have a really low center of gravity because the battery sits low in the floor. So unless you’re in a semi you’re going to pit maneuver yourself

  2. This makes my blood boil I would give one of my nuttz to own an r34 and then you have idiots that do this shit "haha watch me dumb and rich wreck your dream car lolol" fuck off

  3. This is why you don’t give fucking morons any rear wheel drive cars apart from bmws because they’re cheap and very abundant it hurts to see an r34 go even if it was only a gtt

  4. I mean, we're only upset because it's an iconic car. Just like the iconic Supra, it's not fast out of factory and only has a following because of the movies.

  5. In the future we will be able to watch all the idiots we want when everyone gets front/side/back cameras like Teslas

  6. An R34 and it looks like they were going for a sweep of 3. Just cruising straight then hard right... Aquaplane in an AWD? Didn't look like it. Maybe they had a stroke.

  7. When someone over exceeds their abilities and learns the hard way their limitations. Unfortunately others had to suffer their ignorance.

  8. What I find interesting is how the tires were pointed to the left when they were going right... did something break? Did it have enough power to loose control going that fast? Are the tires that bad?

  9. I think he was trying to zoom up along side the Tesla and misjudged the other car. Only failure was the one behind the steering wheel.

  10. They are only 20-30k, and thats with them being inflated right now. Skyline market is crashing in Japan unless its a GT-R.

  11. he jumped on the throttle to fast and spun the back out... you can see the attempt to countersteer as he clips the first car

  12. Like damn that’s some extremely terrible driving with plenty of time to just let it go for shooting the gap with plenty of time to slow down with the flow.

  13. Possibly it's not from North America, eh? If you look beyond the lanes of the highway, you see grass and whatnot, not the opposite side if the highway, meaning these cars might be in a right hand drive country.

  14. Inconsiderate Drivers block the whole Freeway.. That Far left Lane is a Passing Lane Not a this is how fast I want to go Lane.. Those are the People who cause accidents the ones that Take the Passing Lane and purposely Drive Slow.. If they would Keep that Lane Open to Pass there would be no Accidents..

  15. I doin 100 on the highway so If you do the speed limit I'll most likely cut you off and cause a vicious accident. BTW get the fuck outta my way.

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