Male Karen think he own the road

  1. He was trying to get into the zoo. Cops were on scene of the accident and had the left lane and turn lane into the zoo blocked. Turned out he was under the influence and that lead to his shitty decision making.

  2. He was charged with driving under the influence, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that had something to do with his decision making.

  3. Great response. A better one would have been "what are you sorry for" to try to get him to voluntarily self incriminate. But in the heat of the moment, NO! was more than justified.

  4. One of the charges he got from this arrest was a DUI, which I’m guessing he was running on a 5 day meth binge with no sleep. In the full video he kept repeating things like I’m doing this because I love you and other random shit. Def gone.

  5. I don't see the felony sticking if he pleads guilty. While there is a risk of injuring someone by driving through a barricade like that, I think it'll be the bone the DA throws him to make this case go away quickly. He's got a host of other punishments coming regardless, including loss of license, probably $10-15k for the attorney, and insurance rates that just jumped by at least $1,500 a year when he does get licensed.

  6. Man those charges are crazy light compared to what I'm used to seeing from similar situations. Usually when a driver speeds away in that manner from an officer on foot there's usually some charges for attempting to run down the officer(s). In some cities and neighborhoods that results in an emergency lead injection.

  7. The cop didn't even give any warning for the taser either. Didn't warn the guy, nor the other cop what he was doing. Dude wasn't posing any physical threat or anything. Zero reason to use a taser on that guy other than a cop with a bruised ego, he easily could've been seriously hurt from that fall onto concrete.

  8. Joseph Solinger, 36, of Pataskala, is charged with failure to comply, inducing panic, misconduct at an emergency, driving while under the influence, reckless operation, rules for marked lanes, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, and obeying traffic control device, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.


  10. He was more likely high than drunk. DUI encompasses intoxication from any substance. High on what, is what I’m curious about.

  11. I'm confused, why did the cop try to pull him over in the first place? It looks like he wanted to turn in the turn lane but the cop cars were in the way, so he moved back to the main lanes.

  12. He used the left turn lane to skip the line of cars as far as I can tell, his ultimate goal was turning right there not left as that's what he eventually does when he speeds off.

  13. I actually thought the cop was the "male Karen" at first. It looked like the Jeep driver just switched out of a blocked lane and the cop runs up screaming about how he's trying to kill somebody.

  14. I too am so confused. I get the guy ended up being crazy, but honestly it looks like the police office was on a power trip. That the guy was driving under the influence doesn't excuse the cop for being so irate. Unless I'm missing something.

  15. He was trying to make a left turn where the officers were blocking traffic. Then he resisted the officer and started arguing with him. So the officer asked for his id. Then he ran and wouldnt comply.

  16. Anyone else assume the guy filming was the Male Karen at first and spend the first part of the video confused and wondering why the cops were taking orders from some rando? No? Just me? 😔...ok

  17. I read the title, then see a video of a random guy running around on the highway stopping cars and asking for their license and I think “what the hell is going on.”

  18. The female officer was like “stay here” to the other officer at the beginning like he wasn’t shit 😂😂

  19. based on how fast he shot his taser after getting out of the car, and how she had her hand on her gun, so to be prepared, but ultimately deemed it unnecessary to use lethal force, i'd hazard to guess that she was a senior officer, and might be thinking that he's the trigger happy/escalating type.

  20. Man I would really love to know the motivation here. Did he think they were just like mall cops that couldn’t do anything? He’s very lucid for psychosis but I suppose he could be intoxicated to a lesser but still problematic extent. Or maybe he just really thought he would pull it off?

  21. White man gets tazer. After almost hitting two policeman. And no shots fired when he almost ran over the second officer. This is either a good example of how police should handle these situations or a bad comparison to how the handle these situations differently according to race.

  22. I love how the tazer went off and then the cop yells "get on the ground!" While he was falling. Laughed so hard I spit out my drink.

  23. Those are the people trained to protect you. I personally find it infuriating rather than funny, however I definitely understand the irony of it.

  24. Saw the whole video on the Police Activity YouTube channel because the thumbnail was dude mid tase almost floating above the ground.

  25. Startling footage shows an Ohio man telling cops who tased him that he loves them after authorities say he nearly mowed one of them down.

  26. lmaooo, cop was 100% done with his shit before that tazer deployment, didn't even shout a command. And before I get angry replies, I'm not judging. Dude had sped off twice already, I'd have tazered his ass too

  27. I can see the text from the wife now, “honey where are you? You’re like 20 min late! This crazy guy ran from the cops and got arrested in front of the zoo. What a dumbass. I think he was drunk that’s what everyone is saying. Are you almost here? Why aren’t you answering my calls?

  28. He's an idiot who thinks he doesn't have to follow the rules because it interferes with his FREEDOMS! I am sick of these obnoxious, greedy, whining jerks. They all belong in jail with trump. Yuck!

  29. I love how the cop just runs up an tazes the guy. He's like "I don't have the time or energy to deal with this fuck face."

  30. My understanding was that he tried to make a left turn just before he comes into the camera view but there were officers where he was trying to turn so he he ends up where the officer we are following stops him (the first time).

  31. Dude seems to be high on Extasy , wife and kids where at the zoo and he was on his couch when the extasy start to kicked in. He remembered his wife telling him about communication and the guilt/empathy of the X was too strong he had to go and communicate with them as soon as possible and nothing else was of importance in that moment.

  32. The arrogance of people today is out of control 😒 It seems to be exacerbated when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle as well. This shit has to stop 😔

  33. Oh hey my hometown. People thought there was an active shooter situation when they saw the cops pull their taser. I read another cop had his gun actually pulled as well. Either way, it induced a panic within the zoo to the point people were hiding in bathrooms and panicking.

  34. These officers gave him way more opportunities to comply than most. Dude is a complete idiot, we gotta start ranking these idiots or something.

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