Bentley, break-check, bat

  1. Hahaha big Taj, I saw this guy in the same car a few years ago in Marks and Spencer car park, he'd taken up two parking spaces on purpose so I parked my car right next to his and waited for him to come back, think I've got a picture still!

  2. I gotta ask, with op video, can’t that asshole be charged with a crime so he is literally off the street? That asshole needs the car & his right to drive taken away from him. He took out a bat. That can be considered to be threatening the op driver’s life.

  3. You know what would be so satisfying? Park as close as possible on both sides and go out for a nice, leisurely meal at a restaurant close by and watch the rage unfold.

  4. I loved doing this when I drove a smart car because if I reversed into the spot, I could get super close and still be within the lines. Miss tossing that little car around.

  5. Whenever I see these videos I can't help but wonder what miserable lives people with such poor impulse control must lead.

  6. Would have been so satisfying to see driver “legitimately fear for his safety” plow through that Bentley to get away then contact local police and file assault charges.

  7. In the states, as soon as he opened his trunk and reached for something, a lot of people would have pinned him against his car, probably breaking his legs. Would that be illegal in the UK?

  8. I like the bit where he takes a photo of the number plate, having been caught on camera driving like an idiot and then repeatedly threatening the other driver. Good to record the victim who finally got you put away…

  9. As far as I can tell his numberplate doesn’t register on the MOT or the vehicle tax system. Maybe I’m reading it wrong but that’s another thing they won’t go well for him

  10. I recall at the time of this happening, it was being sold by a dealer on or one of those websites. He was likely the dealer.

  11. Funny enough, it’s not the testosterone that makes you crazy when you’re on a cycle, it’s the elevated estrogen. When you hit your T-levels just right, everything is right as rain.

  12. Possession of an offensive weapon in public and threatening an individual with an offensive weapon in public are both criminal offences in the UK (something like the Prevention of Crime Act I think) and both carry an maximum prison sentence of 4 years each. That’s in addition to a multitude of applicable driving offences. On the plus side he was kind enough to ensure that he got all of of his antics including his plate number on camera so the police shouldn’t have a problem tracking him down…

  13. Yeah, once he goes to his trunk, I'm absolutely driving away and possibly clipping him and his vehicle. Yeah, fuck no am I staying there

  14. Do you think these kind of people care? He can buy freedom. I think these kind of people have an execution staff to do the dirty job (like damaging cars in the night)...if it'd happen in Russia :D

  15. Pulling a weapon on a person in a vehicle, while you yourself are in front of said vehicle, is some of the dumbest shit people do.

  16. As soon as that trunk popped open, I'd be hitting the gas to get the fuck out of there and calling the cops. I have no idea what he's going to pull out of there.

  17. Carrying baseball bat in trunk and threateningwith it, that solely is sufficient for hefty penalty in most jurisdictions.

  18. Crap like that rarely scares me, especially when he doesn't even dare use it on the outside of the car, so I say just as he put it back in the trunk would be the perfect moment to honk and flip him off, imagine the shade of red he'd turn, and how much further he'd go, I'd laugh so hard while he got angrier and angrier, at some point I'd have to just drive off to save my life, but he'll always rememeber how little his anger and threats affected someone, that shit sticks with you far more than yelling back and forth or letting them see they scare you.

  19. Mate I used testosterone for a 12 week seeing stint. I felt amazing. No anger, just totally satisfied, motivated, happy. Even people I normally had conflict with, I was happy with.

  20. Testosterone does not do this lol. The steroids that make people go crazy are few and far between, and testosterone is not one. You would shit your pants if you knew how many people around you are taking test and acting completely normal- happy even

  21. It’s hard to know what precipitated this encounter, but it seems that the van driver exercised quite a bit of restraint. I’d report the Bentley‘s license plate number to the police.

  22. I gotta say, the Bentley driver's determination to fucking actual RAGE was unstoppable. I have to wonder what it was... Like I can't imagine it was something minor. But who knows, people can also be idiots.

  23. If you’re a grown ass man that keeps a bat in his boot cause this type of altercation happens to you all the time, you should really rethink your life.

  24. As soon as the bat came out I "feared for my life" so I just hit the gas and shoved his car out of the way to save myself. Or at the best least reversed a little and then took out the door trying to go around.

  25. He left the door open. Quickly reverse, then speed around the side to escape the maniac. If the door is removed in the process, OH WELL.

  26. Sandwich the dumbass at this point, just give it some gaz and make his knee marry his dumb license plate that'll teach him

  27. OP he’s probably pissed you didn’t have a bucket of baseballs in your trunk. my mans just really wanted to have some batting practice with you.

  28. Money makes men think they can take anyone in an altercation. I used to work at a strip club. I saw them proven wrong numerous times. It was nice seeing them limp back to their overly priced cars.

  29. Two rich dickheads just got put away for a handful of years due to bullshit at the local stripclub. Punched some drunk old guy and he died when he hit the sidewalk. The rich fucks pleaded not guilty despite the dozens of witnesses and security camera footage.

  30. When you are spending thousands a night on dinner you don't really consider a $250 fine for parking in a handicap stall as a penalty, it's just the parking fee for that space.

  31. Anyone know the aftermath of this video? Did the Bentley driver get into any trouble for pulling this off? Surely there’s at least 3 felonies going on

  32. Well dressed, fit, very expensive car. Seems to have it all in life but still so much rage inside. Very sad.

  33. Seriously how could you have so much rage driving a beautiful car like that?? I drive a shitbox and I’m singing and having a great time I don’t even get upset with shitty drivers.

  34. As soon a he pulled out the bat I would have just gunned it and side swiped his car. Tell the cops that the guy was threatening you with a weapon and you feared for your life. And then sued him for the damage to your car/truck

  35. If someone’s aggressively antagonizing me, has my vehicle blocked and then opened his trunk to retrieve some thing? I would feel in danger of my life and Ram that truck right into him while he was looking for his baseball bat. AITA?

  36. He’s extremely lucky this was the UK. In the US he would almost certainly be dead. Ain’t no body waiting around to find out what kind of weapon you’re pulling from your truck, they just gonna run your ass over. In the UK guns apparently aren’t common enough that the driver was okay with “wait and see”.

  37. As soon as someone gets out of a vehicle, I'm leaving. If you're so crazy that you want to physically confront someone outside of their vehicle, you're unhinged, and I'm not dealing with you. I would have driven right onto the grass and left, and then called the police.

  38. Gotta add in the typical American comment here, but you walk up to a driver with a bat with THAT demeanor, while they are listening to a song from vice city... you gonna get a face full of lead

  39. Kudos to the driver, very restrained. The second that shmuck came out of the trunk with a weapon all bets are off, including adding a puke green Bentley as an hood ornament.

  40. Can confirm this is the UK. Only other place with plates like that is Hong Kong and it definitely isn’t there! Driver likely changed the plate after he went viral. It is a vanity plate after all.

  41. Very very sad people who need to have control over people driving behind them. It's the most pathetic power trip possible, closesly followed by Reddit mods.

  42. I would've drive away and clipped his door as soon as he went for his trunk. Assuredly he would be at fault for reaching for a weapon in his car and using his car to trap someone in.

  43. That's a cocaine enthusiast if ever I saw one. Bentley, early 50's, skipping leg day and plucked eyebrows. What a bitch.

  44. Americans love the ‘do this in the US and you’d get shot’ line… even though this sub is saturated with videos of all kinds of road rage incidents in the US, and nobody’s getting shot, rammed or run over in any of them.

  45. Went to the sporting goods store, picked out a bat, stood in line, paid, put it in Bentley. All just to look hard when inevitably getting road rage. But also not doing anything. Just flexing. But he sure showed him who is boss.

  46. The moment he popped the trunk and pulled out a weapon, I would have hit the gas in self defense and crunched him between the two vehicles. People really need to stop playing stupid games.

  47. Why are there so many instances lately of people who don't know the difference between "brakes" and "breaks"?

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