Buddy crashes a Porsche on a test drive first corner out of the dealership

  1. Also, maybe have the tech look at the brakes before you guys put it back on the lot, they felt spongeee to me...

  2. What happens in a situation like this? Is the guy fully liable for the damages? Does the dealers insurance cover test drives?

  3. Undoubtedly would have had to photo copy his ID and add it to their insurance temporarily. Just my guess but I had to do that with BMW when I test drove a M3

  4. Work at a dealership that this happened at. My coworker wrecked a 2006 Z06 Corvette 29k miles that had nos and other fun things. Long story short he totaled it on the 2nd turn out of the dealership. 30k+ car and coworker paid the $1,000 deductible and moved on. Insurance at dealerships are designed just for these situations if they arise. I also saw a car detailer slide into 8 different cars in the winter after an ice storm. They did not make him pay it because he was a hard worker and it was no fault of his. So every situation is different and so is every insurance policy.

  5. Actually, unless he signed a document taking responsibility for the drive of the car(rare in a situation where the dealer is trying to convince you to buy a car) the dealership is fully responsible for the damages to the car. If he did sign something then it would be treated like a rental car that had an accident and covered by the drivers insurance.

  6. Wow, so many wrong answers to your question. Insurance Litigation Adjuster here and handled Garage and Dealer Floorpan policies for over 6 years.

  7. A friend of mine works in a dealership, one of his co workers totaled 200k car and nothing happened. He just wasn’t allowed to drive the cars any longer.

  8. Generally, because there are lots of variables like state laws and stuff, the driver’s insurance will be primary. Auto dealers carry what’s called Auto Dealer Physical Damage insurance. The dealer will just file the claim with their insurance company and the company will subrogate against the driver for as much as they can get. The dealer will be made whole, less deductibles, regardless of the driver’s insurance situation.

  9. A friend of mine crashed an RX-8 into 3 other cars in the dealership. It was all covered by the dealership insurance

  10. Driver's insurance will cover it and then the driver will wind up paying for it over the course of the next 7 years or whatever with hiked up rates.

  11. I worked at 3 different dealerships over 5 years and this happened twice on a test drive and once with a valet driving a service customer's car. All three times, the dealership ate the cost. The worst one was a 55-60k bmw that was t-boned pulling out of the lot. My understanding was that it was more economical for the dealership to eat that cost than make a claim. Apparently making a claim almost guaranteed that the insurer would drop the dealership and the rates would be much higher with anyone else who might insure them

  12. I love the fact that you've received so many different responses that are wildly inaccurate and all different from each other but each and every one stated so confidently lol.

  13. Dealerships have insurance for these very reasons. Though at mine I've never had this situation on test drives; just have had customers wreck our brand new <1000 mile loaners.

  14. Whatever msrp on that car is pretty much it. Can't imagine this not being totalled. I'm mad impressed that the tree made it out with less damage.

  15. He won't pay anything. This is what dealership insurance policy's are for, they may threaten to sue him for reimbursement but its unlikely to ever happen.

  16. The amount of people with Porsches and no actual assets is quite high. His decision making skills seem suspect at best, so I'm gonna say this guy probably can't foot the bill.

  17. Yeah, but he wrecked that car like a pro. Look at how dead center that tree is on his grill. Perfect placement. Well done test drive car wrecker. A real man of genius.

  18. I had a client with this situation. The dealership's insurance paid the dealership and then the insurance company sued the driver(subrogation claim) . If the driver had his own policy it will likely cover him assuming he has enough coverage for a Porsche.

  19. He's definitely confused. You're supposed to wrap the gift and put it under the tree, not wrap the gift around the tree.

  20. Pretty obvious the tree moved right in front of him and left him no time for evasive maneuvers.

  21. I worked at Lexus as a salesman and this old Jewish couple crashed our limited edition ES350 and told me it was my fault for letting her test drive. It ended up costing half the car's value to fix it and then we had to auction it because Lexus would not let us sell it and finance it through Toyota Financial.

  22. Dude’s got is old people skills down: when you lose control of a car just floor it and hold on until something stops you.

  23. Dealership pays. But if they don’t insure test drivers, they cannot drive it on a public road. They have a salesman drive it to an open area where they can do only minimum damage.

  24. Agreed, this guy either disabled all the traction controls or is just a flat out idiot. Porsche ESC is pretty damn good.

  25. A used 718 Cayman goes for at least ~50K used and that's on the cheap end. They start at 60K new but that is poverty spec which absolutely no dealer has on their lots. Porsche nickels and dimes your with options. If this is a GTS this is easily 100K or so and that is before accounting for how much more cars are going for right now. Even a base Cayman model which some options would be approaching 70K or more.

  26. I used to work at a Mercedes dealership, we got a S Class AMG, the first week it was left at a football club hoping to attract some buyers. The first day back and its only real day 'on the forecourt' two lads took it out and that ended up around a tree.

  27. I just never understand this. Maybe I will once I drive a car with that much power... I hope I'll be smart enough to realise it has that much power and not send it into a tree.

  28. I own one of these, its really not that powerful or hard to control. The rear tires are huge and, because the weight is biased towards the rear, it has a TON of grip on the rear tires. The flip side is, if you do manage to fuck up badly it can spin. But seeing as this guy went into the tree head on and not sideways... I have no clue.

  29. Based on the lack of leaves I'm going to guess sub-50 degrees and Pilot Sport Cup tires. I learned a lesson about that combination in my Mustang, but not as big a lesson as this guy.

  30. I dont think this would have come on the cup tires. The porsche spec tire for this, in Michelin, is the Pilot Sport 4S.

  31. “Buddy” doesn’t need a Porsche apparently lol “Where’d you get your license? A box of cracker jacks?” Sorry my age is showing 🤣 hope everyone’s ok though

  32. I work for acura. Right now we don't even come on the test drive because of covid regulations. We take license, insurance, and make you sign a form that says you are liable when you take our vehicle out. Your insurance has to payout, assuming the dealership did everything properly. Thats how it is in california.

  33. I guess some new cars really do lose half their value when you drive them off the lot. 😂😂😂

  34. Ah Porsche. The most brand most synonymous with big wallets and no imagination or clue. Maybe after apple of course. 😜

  35. You're right in more ways that one. It also happened in the greater Toronto area, aka GTA.

  36. If it was a tree from Grandtheft auto then buddy would’ve went through the windshield, went flying through the air and smashing into a passing car.

  37. That's definitely what I noticed first. Must have hopped the curb and slid back through the grass to meet the tree.

  38. My sister used to work at a Chrysler / Dodge dealership and the number of people that wrecked Challengers, Chargers, and Vipers on test drives or after driving it off the lot for the first time after buying it was crazy.

  39. There’s a very old saying “Don’t ban high performance cars, ban low performance drivers”

  40. So what exactly are we looking at in terms of repercussions? When I test drove a car that was similar to the one I own now, this exact situation went through my head.

  41. Porsche dealerships insurance will pay for this, and then they will sue the driver (subrogation claim). The driver will then have their insurance company involved, they’ll pay Porsche for all damages, and then the drivers insurance cost will skyrocket to absurd levels.

  42. I don’t test drive often but when I do test drive, I only test drive at places that don’t ask for my DL and insurance info.

  43. The amount of fundamental misunderstanding of the commercial insurance policies that dealerships carry is insane in this thread lmao. The drive _MIGHT_ pay deductibles, but probably not.

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