I need some good maps

  1. I've had to go into the US Fish and Wildlife Services to purchase the maps you're talking about. I bet you can call tomorrow and purchase over the phone +1 208-378-5243 1387 S Vinnell Way, Boise, ID 83709

  2. I recognize this isn't a place to get paper maps, but in your planning if you want an interactive map with public land and trails/roads/non-motorized routes, this is an excellent resource.

  3. You have received a lot of advice already. But Ill add my two cents. The best for showing land ownership that is free is the Idaho fish and game hunt planner on their website. The not free option that is great is Onx maps good app and great ownership info. I know this are "hunting" oriented but I still used them heavily before I got into hunting. Printing maps REI is pretty good for that. Also Topofusion is pretty neat for visualization of terrain maps which is free. Ill keep an eye open for good physical maps for you. Is there a specfic area you are going?

  4. Stop at ranger stations. They’ll have maps for the area . They have one that has campgrounds and lists amenities, you can get one that has the FS roads. Pack in and pack out. Be sure that your firewood was harvested within 50 miles of your camp.

  5. when you get here you can grab paper maps from any check in point for a park as well as most gas stations- where in north idaho are you camping because depending on that a lot of camping places may be closed or still have a lot of snow

  6. If you don't get any before you come up, just go to any Forest Service station and you can get maps there. I belive they cost money, but aren't too bad. Where are you going in North Idaho btw? I know the forest service lands pretty well outside of Coeur d'Alene, especially around Fernan Saddle.

  7. They’re free at BLM offices and Forest Service offices/ ranger stations. There’s usually several of those around so I would look up where they are near where you’re going.

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