What quote do you mutter to yourself the most throughout your day

  1. Sounds like someone needs permission to go home, watch tv and lie down and rest up so your face isn’t beet red for your family photos tonight

  2. I posted a picture of him in that suit standing in the food court with that quote under it in my Instagram stories yesterday, and a friend reached out to me to make sure that I was ok.

  3. “Slop em up!“ usually when I’m excited to do something. Like a ‘lets do this’. Additionally, “ I didn’t DO Sh!t!” I also gesture the hat roll off my arm a lot, even tho that’s not a quote.

  4. I use one of the very next lines pretty often. The way he says “Let me explain something to you” like such a prick kills me.

  5. In this recent heat wave, going outside wearing literally any amount of clothing: THERE'S TOO MUCH FUCKING SHIT ON ME!

  6. I've started muttering "big fat load of cum then" in situations where one would be expected to say "whatever" or "oh well". Vacation request denied at work? Big fat load of cum then.

  7. I live in fear that I’ll forget to mute myself and coworkers will hear under my breath “Little buff boys, with their buff little bodies”

  8. It’s so funny when he first gets yelled at about driving. He pops his head out and it looks like he’s been crying.

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