If one character from season 1 or two could come back for season 3 in a sketch who would you want it to be?

  1. I don’t even need him post hat. I need Brian + the office workers we see that aren’t on trial. Or the next thing he stands up for. I would have said Karl Havoc but I’m afraid he’s not around anymore.

  2. This is comedy gold for me. I was shocked to not see him in the list for favorite sketch. I thought he was good enough to win without the oral but I guess this subs’ taste is pretty meat and potatoes.

  3. Realistically speaking, it might be tough, because of his quote. If they bring him back, Netflix is gonna have to pay him another two mil. Even if he does a bad job.

  4. I would also like to see more interactions between Mike and Doug (Dan Flashes) cause it seems like they have a history

  5. I want Bozo to do another dub. I thought the first one was really funny but my coworkers didn't get it.

  6. His Instagram is so pure and wholesome and then in the comments he's telling guys to shut up because they probably love their mothers-in-law

  7. Frankly, I don't think the vibe of ITYSL fits with characters returning. All of the cameo actors were great, they can come back but not as the same character.

  8. For most of it sure, but there are definitely a few characters that could return. If they never had the hotdog vacuum sketch it would have been a great callback for season 3. I'd love to see the guy from CornCob TV move on to a new business now that his channel has been shut down.

  9. This would be great if the third season was just season 1 characters interacting with season 2 characters!!

  10. I want to see a behind the scenes documentary of the Mob Movie failing and Tim having to carry boxes of little plastic meatballs into his garbage.

  11. Hot Dog car guy should return in a stretch foot long hotdog limo but basically do the same thing except this time he does get his bare back butt and balls spanked

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