Best IPTV BOX for 2022?

  1. The Mytvonline2 app that comes with the Fomulerz10 box is hard to beat when it comes to Xtreme code and mac services. It's guide is very similar to the Tivimate app the only difference is its free. The Formuler Z10 is also an Android box so you can side load any app. Best of both worlds so to speak.

  2. Curious why people like to spend $150+ on devices like the Shield or Formula when, as far as I can tell, the regular old Fire Stick 4k works just fine for IPTV for ~$30. And Tivimate isn't free but it's like $10/yr which is practically free.

  3. Chromecast with Google TV is the best all around box you can buy for the money. It's fairly regularly on sale too. Unless there is some specific you want out of anything else, I think most people would be most happy with it. It just works well.

  4. I got a firestick and an xiaomi mi tv box s and both work fine with iptv, though the firestick needs a restart so now and then.

  5. As others have stated, if you are on a budget the firestick 4k or 4k max is good enough. If you want maximum performance especially if you want to run plex as a server or client, the Nvidia Shield is thr best out there.

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