yall love adult cartoon, don't lie.

  1. Your like my mom I truly don't understand people like you it confuses me so much tbf I'm the type to only watch cartoons

  2. I can understand your perspective. I've noticed im willing to only watch cartoons because of nostalgia and mostly that they're 20-25 min long. Good shows (referring to genre other than horror and comedy) like game of thrones, breaking bad, I get upset that I spent 40-60 min watching TV.

  3. first two seasons are pretty great, and season 1 is weird af. it's pretty up and down from then on tbh. new season started off with a banger episode tho

  4. I mean South Park I understand even though it's probably my favorite but simpsons is not that bad it has its witty moments and its probably one of the most heartfelt adult animations

  5. I would definitely recommend to all intps to watch Xavier Renegade Angel. It has amazing wordplay and you need high IQ to understand it's jokes. From the same studio that made Rick and Morty but Xavier is 100 times better.

  6. Used to but then South Park got too woke. Used to like them cause they played the devils advocate but now it seems most of their stuff aligns with mainstream narratives

  7. My all time favourite animated shows with multiple viewings over the time would be: Gravity Falls, Infinity Train, Over the Garden Wall, Moral Orel, Super Jail, Frisky Dingo, Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Archer, F is for Family, Venture Bros, Invincible, Mid Night Gospel, Inside Job, Final Space, Rick and Morty, The Critic, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, Sealab 2021

  8. Nope - have no interest in them at all. Tried a few, and never took a liking to any of them, even the one featuring my home state.

  9. I've always enjoyed south park. I love how they take the piss out of absolutely fucking everyone and everything without regards to cancel culture. It's beautiful.

  10. I've enjoyed the Futurama clips I've seen, but not enough to watch the show. Didn't like South Park: Not a fan of edgy and gross-out humor that is as subtle as a brick to the head. Also why I didn't like Family Guy and its off-shoots (although admittedly, the scene in which Peter has to give a fake name and ends up with "pea" "tear" and then sees a griffin fly by had me in stitches). Also why I'm not a fan of Simpsons, though that one isn't as bad and has its moments. Never saw the other two you listed. Never seen the Bojack show everyone seems to love; it sounds too depressing.

  11. "witty dark humor" is often very annoying to me. it is usually not as clever as it presents itself to be. the creators of these shows always seem to think that they are pushing the envelope in some way even though their stories, characters, and "crazy" sexual/violent situations are nothing mind-blowing. the only adult cartoon i had ever been very into was south park which can do well for itself at times. the creators are definitely a bit pretentious in their own way, but i was still able to enjoy much of the show.

  12. I thought you meant porn and I was like nah but yeah I enjoy adult cartoons. I like kid cartoons even more til this day though. I get teased for it but who cares

  13. Futurama 👍 South Park 👎 archer 👎 Rick and Morty 👍. I enjoy witty dark humour, South Park is just about as far from witty as you can get, archer is just weird.

  14. yes, have watched all futurama and family guy, 75% ish of southpark, all but the last season of archer, ironically i dont care for rick and morty, only watched around 1 season of simpsons, but overall yes i very much like adult cartoons

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