how many times have you been told you’re smart but lazy?

  1. I was told this by my mom a few times growing up, and then later on in college my friends / roommates also made similar observations. I've also noticed that while I've always done reasonably well at academics (and have a decent job rn) - it's always been more the fear of failure that's driven me than any real ambition or drive.

  2. Almost ever i take an 80/20 approach getting 80% of the possible outcome with 20% of the efforts. As i like analyzing things i use up to 10% effort to find a strategies to get near 90/10 sometimes it does not work out for me and i end up with a 70/30 split. Some call that lazy some efficent. And the laziest trick is don't do things others don't expect or get happy if you do them.

  3. My friends always laughed at me (and me too) when I told them I didn't work a lot at home so I explained that If I had the choice between working for half an hour and getting a 14/20 or working for 6 hours and getting a 15.5/20 for the exam tomorrow, well I would have a free afternoon. And then they were like "oh ok".

  4. About 17483 times (you were too lazy to read that). When in school it was, he has potential but doesn't apply himself. I never did homework, aced the tests.

  5. Every teacher I ever had said I was "not living up to my potential" which I'm sure was supposed to be a compliment: I have a lot of potential. It was, in fact, super dismissive of the fact that my "potential" included limitations that aren't laziness. I am not lazy. I just can't do as much as some other people. It took me a long time to be ok with that.

  6. I work damn hard. I credit this to being a farm kid and having to work harder than all my friends since day one.

  7. He just doesn't apply himself.... Yeah but I think I'm reasonably successful. We don't all have to reach maximum productivity to be happy. I rather keep that energy for my own enjoyment. I'm only lazy in their view, and I don't care much about their views.

  8. I seem lazy cause I’m still but still freaking out in my head and figuring things out. Looks like I’m doing nothing, but when I improve something, it improves it in perpetuity.

  9. Just a thought: Once people notice you're a bit smarter than average, they underestimate just how hard it is to actually do something. So when you perform just a bit better than average, you're underachieving in their eyes...

  10. All the fucking time. Every parent teacher meeting since i was 4 years old i've heard it said about me. Just let me chill in peace!

  11. I know a ton of surface level knowledge about quite a lot of things, but its all a facade, I just get hyper focused on stuff until I hit that wall where I have to actually study things to get to the deeper levels of understanding that subject.

  12. A lot. I have high intelligence plus ADHD. It's not that I'm not applying myself, or that I'm lazy... After I've learned all I can from something, it just gets boring.

  13. Growing up, lots. Thought it was a compliment and maybe it is. But compliments don’t get you far irl, working does. So if you combine those smarts with hard work, you have an unstoppable combination.

  14. a lot as a kid. now, in high school, people just assume i am dumb. which i might be. being a "smart kid" can only go so far i guess.

  15. I don’t get called lazy. They just think I’m not working then boom! There it is, more work than they ever thought I could deliver. It could be just ADHD though.

  16. Yes, a lot of times throughout my life as well. Not always in that way, but with the same meaning. The thing is though, I don’t want a career or job in the thing I’m currently being “smart” at. I like to learn, just about anything really. But I think knowledge should be free and that’s probably why I don’t make it into a job or career. If I did, I would always be second guessing myself or wondering if I provided the right and/or enough knowledge to person I’m helping.

  17. Almost everyone I know has told me once at least... but I don't feel like I'm smart especially looking back at stupid things I've done n might done.. I dunno

  18. Countless times throughout my schooling—by teachers, never my family (who told me I was too smart for Cs and should work harder). As an adult, I worked hard at any job I had, but in school? No.

  19. Always. I have always been confronted by my teachers because I often miss deadlines. I love studying and learning but I really hate projects and reports. I feel like it is wasting my time when I could use it for sleep and games.

  20. "introspeck is quite intelligent, if he'd just apply himself he'd do very well! He's just not living up to his potential." -- almost every note sent home by my teachers.

  21. for me, im told that unless i care enough about it(or think its important), i won't do it, or when i do end up doing, I won't put that much energy into it.

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