One of my classmates decided to adopt me as a pet and now she wants to help me overcome my social anxiety

  1. Until you get that “You think I only call you when I need something?!” conversation. Fml. This is why I don’t answer lol

  2. I remember having a couple of these back in high school. They actually turned out to be really good friends. Eventually.

  3. Be a pet, that's hot. Alternatively if you really dislike the attention, tell them plainly and clearly that you are uncomfortable with this.

  4. prove yourself to be untameable - repeatedly use their shoes for toileting tends to do the trick after a while. also biting the humans in the household...

  5. Tbh whenever we get help, it’s great. For some reason INTPs have the highest suicide rate amongst the personalities, when I figured that out I was like “Well then I guess that makes some sense”

  6. I’ve always regretted the avoiding adoption, but not regretted being true to arbitrary avoidance. The grass is greener on the path not taken.

  7. Do you get treats? If not just embarrass her in public by humping someone's leg, she'll decide it's not worth it.

  8. Maybe she just wants to be your friend, I don't think you'd need her to fight your "social anxiety", because if it's not a problem for you, I don't see why it has to be her problem, there's nothing wrong with being introverted. So if she wants a friendship that would be okay, but she wouldn’t help otherwise.

  9. You know, this is one of the reasons INTPs are often less successful than their abilities and intellect would allow.

  10. If you never asked for her help, then dont get it. And if she is being obnoxious, then tell her, Because if its bothering you, and making you uncomfortable then just dont hang out with her. Likewise, tell her that you are not comfortable with phone calls, and if she does not respect that, then ghost her, or just let her know.

  11. Enjoy yourself. As an extrovert myself with several introvert friends. I forwarded ur post to them. Their advice * she needs to accept her fate*

  12. Wait what this pet stuff about? I actually have that sentiment of thought towards people at times like it’s not that really see them as a friend or lover just as like a baby or pet that I adore and cherish

  13. Show up to her house naked wearing only a collar and leash and then start tearing her clothes off. No matter how it goes, you win. If it goes well, make her your pet halfway thru. Flip that script!

  14. Set boundaries! Tell them straight to their face that you’re not interested/never asked for their assistance and that they’re being a nuisance.

  15. I think you should that petting you would only increase your anxiety more......and if she won't leave u for yourself u could make her the pet instead by telling her that the thing that would help you get rid of your anxiety.

  16. Im not very good at understanding some situations, and this is one of them. Whats wrong with someone wanting to be your friend and wanting to help you? Is this common phrasing for INTPs, calling someone a pet owner?

  17. Pet owner is another phrasing for Extovert adopting Introverts. The problem is when this happens that they want you to become an extrovert which is their version of healthy. I know this is a very basic phrasing and doesnt fit all cases but it can be pretty annyoing.

  18. Piss them off. Roll your eyes when they speak,glare at them,preferably scowl a bit. Not enough that you'd get called out for it. Mutter under your breath when they speak. Keep convos dry,give barely one or two sentence responses. Chuckle when they make a mistake but DONT help them. Say no whenever they invite u to anything. Leave as soon as school is over,always refuse to any 'hang out' invitations. Just dont open up to them.

  19. Those kind of people are so annoying. Come out of no where and suddenly sign you up for shit you didn’t wanna sign up for. I’d say be straight up and state your boundaries or you will keep getting getting your boundaries disrespected.

  20. Ah yes. You have found yourself an ENFP! Stop responding or ghost them. That's how I deal with them.

  21. Well, you’ve made a friend. Now you’ll have someone pushing you into a better place so there’s that

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