Is it an INTP thing to dislike being a leader as well as being a follower

  1. INTPs do not by nature follow, but they can lead. They only do so reluctantly, and when no one else will lead. But they can do so quite well, to the annoyance of people once they decide to stop.

  2. Yes. Personally I’ve always said my prefered position is right hand, thinking of solutions and ameliorations, but communicating them to the actual leader that will get people on board with it

  3. I find I only lead when I believe there's noone who would do better in the position than me. I'm quite laid back but I also like things to be done correctly. That being said my leadership style is quite hands off; set up everyone's roles, handle the tasks I'd do best personally and keep an eye on things.

  4. This right here. People say I'm a natural leader, if we pick a leader as a group they pick me. If no one else will be the leader I do it. But I don't naturally "want" to do it, and because of this professionally I never get put in leadership positions

  5. Thats my case, but I have to say that I totally hate the burden and work of being a leader as much as I despise the concept of 'leadership'.

  6. My honest answer would have been the same. I hate being a follower, but I hate the responsibility of leadership. I'd much rather be an visionary creator or founder and leave the leadership thing to others as long as I can trust them to stay true to my vision – which is never.

  7. Depends on the situation. I’d rather follow if the leader is competent and going in a reasonable direction, but I’d rather lead than endure terrible leadership—after a certain threshold. (Ignoring minor incompetency would be a reasonable price to pay to not have to bother in many cases).

  8. I agree. For me to be either, there are conditions that need to be met. I need to be able to respect the leader if I am to follow them.

  9. The question assumes a level of group loyalty, which makes my skin crawl. Think of pep rallies, you are either leading the rally to get everyone excited, or you are obligated to be led to being excited. I hated pep rallies.

  10. I've been involved in a number of cults in my life, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader.

  11. Yes, we by nature do not lead or follow but advise. We are the shadow to the one who is in charge, the thinker to the person who puts the vision in place to be heard about by others in a progressive way.

  12. I loathe incompetence in leaders. I begin to question how they got to said position then I question the entire system of the organization.

  13. Yes, at least for me. I have problems with both. I’d rather work autonomously - not having to follow someone else’s lead or be responsible for someone else’s work. In most jobs you have to be one or the other, or often both. I’m now both. But my boss is very hands off and the person I manage is very capable so it’s not so bad.

  14. That's funny, because I once read an astrology birthday book that said I was not cut out to be a leader, but not content with being a follower. It's always been true but I was also always like "jeez harsh". I didn't know this was also an INTP thing. I hate both.

  15. I relate to this. I don’t mind leading, but leadership style is like “do this task, but don’t expect me over your shoulder to micromanage you. I just expect you to be competent and get your shit done and show me an end result”. And I hate being managed. Just assume I’m competent and will get a result for you. I’d much rather be that person a layer beneath leadership with say so. The last municipal election I had a lot of fun mixing shit up from behind the scenes. I managed to have a pretty firm hand in bouncing our incumbent mayor and it brought me great joy affecting power without actually needing to tie my name to the whole thing 😂

  16. I don't like leading. But I will not follow a bad leader and have no qualms explaining exactly what I think could be improved in any given situation. I would not do well in the military, as following stupid orders would be difficult.

  17. It's hard to say. As much as I'd like to just let things be and keep my head down, I also would like to take charge and fix the issues I see. I don't particularly dislike either option.

  18. Yup hate being a leader or a follower when it comes to groups. I just don’t like being part of a group, I never have. This has not served me well and I should get better at it.

  19. Yeah same. I don't want the responsibility of a leader but I also don't want to follow the orders of others. I just wanna do my own thing

  20. Pretty much, yeah. I don't like the hassle of leadership or being responsible for what other people choose to do, and also don't particularly like having no autonomy and being told what to do all the time.

  21. Hmm, maybe it is. I definitely prefer to be a person standing next to a leader just quietly telling them my ideas and letting them be the loud one. Which is, yeah, kinda neither.

  22. I like to consider myself, in terms of chain of command, a Tactician to a King. Being the leader is doable but I'd much rather give unbiased advice to the person in charge and then work in my own space without having to worry if my team is pulling their weight, which sucks because I'm in a leadership position in my office so I have no choice but to be the leader to those who fall under me but I still have a Commander who I can be a tactician to.

  23. I think we intuitively understand that this whole planet is a big science experiment and if we all followed one person/set of ideas it would leave us vulnerable to a single point of failure in a way. Who knows if we are personally doing things in the best way. I think we just have that general uncertainty that can hold us back but may also save us.

  24. Yeah, I definitely prefer doing my own thing. Followers are needy and dependent, which makes me feel claustrophobic. Leaders have their own set of ideas which have a tendency to conflict with mine, then they get cranky when I ask questions. And I live by my own rule of question everything.

  25. I’m an INTP and I can totally relate. I only lead when no one else wants to but I hate “following”. Tbh if much rather do a project by myself than with someone else.

  26. I've never cared to lead, but I'm power adept at it. I'd even say I'm good at it and I'll do so if it's absolutely necessary. That said, I hate following. I'm pretty bad at that. My preferred position is having someone else take on those roles while I advise a "teachable" leader or something.

  27. I'm the same way. Too proud to follow anyone. Too lazy and drained to lead anyone. But I will say if I truly respect a person and their leadership skills I will follow them. And if I really feel that no one is competent enough to be a leader I'll step up. In general I prefer just doing my own thing though.

  28. INTP is only a personality TYPE not someone’s entire personality, really depends on the person. Me personally, I’d lead if need be but I DETEST just the idea of someone trying to lead me or tell me what to do.

  29. I’ve always been a “leader,” not because I want to, but because I get so aggravated with other “leaders,” being inefficient, inept, etc.

  30. Leader or follower? King or Peasant? I'd rather be a dragon. Left to my own devices, occasionally challenged by knights.

  31. You realize you are asking to not be a part of anything. If you are older than 17, you need psychological help.

  32. I would rather become a follower to a really good leader who makes me work with someone that complete my slacking than being a leader. Other than that I don't wanna do both. I just wanna be alone because normally I hate working on the same task with anyone because I tend to work really fast and very little . And being a leader for me is just so much effort and social interaction I wasnt so bad at it for 3 months then I quitted

  33. I believe it it is. But actually if I had to choose one or the other, I'd choose to follow because leading is a much bigger commitment and comes along with much more stress.

  34. Well if forced to answer I’d have chosen follower, simply because the responsibility of leadership would never appeal to me and nobody ever said I’d have to be a good or diligent follower, if ya know what I mean.

  35. I actually like being a leader. Like, I am too perfeccionist and I think things will turn out for better if I am on control.

  36. I hate following, but I dont mind leading unless i need to work too much. I would still rather not though. Maybe that has something to do with my temperament

  37. When I worked retail the only motivation I had to join management was to not be “managed”. I think, for INTPs in general, the priority seems to be on not becoming a follower; but we will (reluctantly) take on the role of leader as needed.

  38. I'm in the same boat. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to lead, cause that's more responsibilities and having to be more accountable for what other people do. But I'm also the type of person who doesn't want to follow, because I'd rather do my own thing.

  39. I'm 45. Before I started my own business, some of my best work was being the #2 guy behind a strong CEO. I used to equate it to the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain making everything happen. I still feel that's my best use, but running my own company still pays better and most of the CEOs I worked for believed they made most of the magic happen themselves, which is kind of the relationship you need to maintain to make it work.

  40. I can, as an INTP lead for a short amount of time (effectively). After about a week of leading, my team (or followers) start drifting away. It seems that when I lead, there is no fear I will fire them.

  41. I definitely relate to this. I think I've sometimes used those exact words, that I don't like to do either. But if some situation is a complete mess, I might take it on me to lead, just out of frustration.

  42. I don't like to lead bc that means that I have to deal with people that maybe I won't like, or won't think or act as they should. I don't like following either bc maybe I won't agree completely to the leaders ideas or methods. If you ask me I rather ve a consultant, like you can ask my opinion but I won't fully involve in your activities.

  43. Damn!!! I've been in a similar position and my answer was exactly the same. Once I was asked by my teacher why I didn't run for the school's head-boy position and I replied casually by saying that I don't like to follow and neither do I like to lead and the guy beside me said, "one day you're gonna be an atheist/agnostic". Truer words have never been spoken.

  44. I want to help leader, but not follow him. Like leading without human factor. Best is leading machines aka programming

  45. I have thought about this exact thing multiple times, which I don't think is an issue for people who intrinsically lean towards one or the other. I definitely agree. I don't really get how someone would choose to either give up their autonomy and critical thinking skills to follow someone or believe they have the competence, confidence and communication skills to be a good leader. Like let me just be on the side and do my own thing and chime in whenever I feel like you're being idiots.

  46. I hate being a follower when I notice problems in leadership. A lot of people "make it up as you go" and confuse confidence with ignorance. In cases like these I'll take lead, otherwise too much effort.

  47. I’ve found to be the same, and my preference is “running things in the background” so to speak. So while I won’t be the public speaker, I do well as the guy helping the speaker prep their speech, and making sure they have the tools they need to speak well, that sort of thing.

  48. I lead in a way that tends towards more and more autonomy from my followers. Almost as if I’m slowly phasing myself out until a replacement is found or the system is automated. Some types need a real leader, a peoples champion, that inspires and commands, and I’m not that good at that kind of thing atleast in my own. I can follow an ENTJ that keeps me in the background.

  49. I don't want the responsibility of leading, but don't trust most people's reasoning enough to follow them. I'd prefer to be the one supplying the leader with viable options.

  50. As a partner dancer, I'd rather follow because that's what I learned to do from the beginning, due to females learning to follow by default. It's also a bit easier if you're not good at counting music yourself.

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