Am I the only one absolutely terrified at the thought of death and ceasing to exist? Never to think another thought again? To experience anything again? To learn anymore? To never see my loved ones ever again? It’s petrifying

  1. Thank you for your help. I really hope as I gain a few years I will be less afraid of this because I’ve been stressing over it for weeks but this last 12 hours it’s been all I can think about

  2. Welcome to the club. It's like there was nothing and then one day a book pops up out of nowhere and can read by some vague entity (you).

  3. Although I cannot say I feel any better 😅 that was a fantastic read and has given me things to think about

  4. I've always believed in God and used to be terrified of dying. I got thing's straightened out with my spiritual life and I have a lot of peace. To state it from a less objective perspective, when I committed my life to Jesus he completely changed my life, and saved me from a lot of anxiety and fear as well. And through the many years since then, including some real tragic times, I can say I've learned that God is always good.

  5. I think your analogy to sleep has been the most helpful thing I have read thus far. I have not considered that before and how welcoming it is when the time comes. If death is the same, maybe it won’t be so badge

  6. I've done a lot of reading about all the documented cases (hundreds of thousands) of children who can recall a rediculous level of detail about a past life. There are multiple books written by psychiatrists who have spent their life conducting these interviews and verifying claimed memories. While I know there is no way to prove any of this, it is interesting to think that there may be some crazy stuff happening beyond death. But I think I'm more of less fine with oblivion as well. I've almost died a couple times, and the part when you lose consciousness has always been extremely peaceful to me, honestly the most peaceful thing I've ever experienced.

  7. That’s comforting to hear. And I’ve never heard of those studies, where should I look to do some reading on them?

  8. Oh and, no, you aren't the only one, most people feel that way to some degree or another. Even people who think there is an afterlife or something else, may feel that way.

  9. Looking forward to it, youll probably only get to experience it once and itll answer some questions. Plus research nde's and reincarnation, consciousness dosnt seem like its localised. People report seeing and hearing things in completely different rooms than thier body is in.

  10. I will have to look at that. I suppose my fear is that I don’t want to find out what the answers are, they very likely could not be the ones I’m hoping for. Ie: there’s nothing after

  11. I used to be terrified with the idea of dying as a kid. Getting over that fear was one of the few things I sincerely wished for. Then I developed a chronic illness, and that really changed my perspective.

  12. I'm kinda dealing with the opposite of that. Ceasing to exist sounds like a luxury. I suppose dying isn't exactly the same as ceasing to exist so for the sake of my loved ones yea the thought of dying sucks. But this may be coming from depression so take that as you will.

  13. Try realizing that your soul doesn’t die. It is only the meat suit with some brain wiring that contains and houses you that dies. But YOU, you don’t die. The soul lives on.

  14. "am I the only one afraid of this thing literally almost every human who has ever lived has been afraid of at one point or another?" jfc.

  15. I'm not scared of it. But it does fill me with a weird feeling like, I wish I could know for sure if that's actually the case or if reincarnation is real, or what is going on. I'm more scared of there being something akin to hell, a way of continuing on after the death of one's body where you would enter an existence of suffering.

  16. You are programmed to live. You don't want to die, and that's okay. Anything but accepting this fear is disingenuous.

  17. not really personally I believe in reincarnation as sort of a hope, but even if the more likely scenario is correct that theres nothing after death I'm not too worried. Non experience means I wont be there to experience it

  18. Agreed, I think I’m mainly afraid of the inevitability of when I lose someone close to me sometime and know the likelihood is I will never see them again

  19. I oscillate between not caring one bit and all-consuming dread over this. If charted, my fear looks like a tan curve plotted over time.

  20. Marcus Aurelius put it to peace for me. Since death is a apart of nature, who am I to deny nature? It is natural to die.

  21. No, most people experience those feelings at some point. Your little human brain can’t comprehend death and as a result is scared, you won’t feel anything at all, but we can’t process that. It’s petrifying, but not actually. Just tell yourself your mind is playing tricks on you, because it is

  22. It’s natural to be afraid of death. Evolution has put that fear into us as a survival mechanism. Afterlife was a concept we invented to cope with that fear. I don’t believe in any afterlife, but I try not to think about death. In modern society we’re much less at risk of death compared to ancient peoples, so that’s reassuring.

  23. I agree with that, I think the fact that I believe the same about the afterlife as you do is what scares me, knowing the probability is there is nothing left

  24. Yes I am now. Recently I had an operation to remove a benign brain tumour. Most of it was removed and it was successful. But the whole process has made me terrified of death. In particular, the night after I going these crazy hallucinations after being on anaesthetic for so long. I hallucinated that I was dying and my family had all come to see me in hospital to say good bye (they were not even there). But as I started to ‘die’ I went into these strange dimensions. As if my body had gone but my brain/spirit remained permanently awake into some other place and actually never went out. It was quite a terrifying experience and now it’s made me dread it when it happens. It’s really made me question death and what happens afterwards.

  25. That is terrible, and I hope for both our sakes that is not what it is like. May I ask, if you did actually “die” at any point during the procedure if that isn’t too far?

  26. I'm not worried about it. It sucks to think about, but since we won't be able to be bothered by it when it happens, there's nothing to worry about.

  27. hell YEAH. but there's really nothing I can do about it except come to terms that it'll happen, whether I'd like it to or not.

  28. Once you REALLY understand the meaning of "Ceasing to Exist", you understand that any concerns that come along with death, are only concerns for those who are still alive, since you "Aren't" anymore, just like you "Weren't" before you were Born.

  29. Think about how you won't think then. That's it, you won't be, you are only scared now because you... Are. Later, you won't. That pretty much did it for me.

  30. I look at it as no one knows what is actually going to happen when they die. So anytime worried about it is worrying about something that you don’t know and that’s inevitable.

  31. Idk. My opinion is there is a fixed point in time in the future where I'm gonna die. So until i reach that point I won't die, so I just continue on with life. I mean I almost do remember everyday that I'm gonna die one day.

  32. yes, i'm the same. i hate how short my percieved existance is, and i cannot accept it. my mind desires unlimited time, im not satisfied with anything less. My entire life i've been like this. My mind is configured in a way that favors no consideration of age or time at all. Hard to get motivated when i feel like im gonna die in 2 weeks even though im early twenties.

  33. This world is a piece of shit filled with horrible people who outweigh the good people power-wise. Why would you want to not die and say sayonara to this place. I mean, get money, have sex, get faded along the way, look at some sunsets, make connections with people but I personally can’t wait to exit this cesspool of humanity. Even love brings the greatest pain imaginable when it ends or goes sideways. This certainly isn’t the best roll of the dice we could have gotten in the multiverse, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. Basically, chill. It’s just chaos. Take solace in the fact that although you can’t stop genocide, the threat of a nuclear holocaust, or daily horrific murders, tragedies, hunger and heartbreak, you can at least largely engineer your life to be what you want it to be. Well, at least in many countries. I personally welcome death. I’m just worried about HOW I will die. The worst would be to wither away old, lose your mind, your memory and get mistreated by nursing home people or be a burden to family on my way out. This is why I enjoy high risk activities like sky diving, etc. :) If I make it to old age and start going downhill I plan to test drive a lambo and drive it straight off a cliff to end in a cool fiery explosion. :) I didn’t ask to be brought into this piece of shit place and I can’t wait to leave. What keeps me going in the meantime is morbid curiosity of what is around the next corner. Because it’s hilarious and comical usually, even the bad stuff you have to just appreciate the absurdity. But whatever your outlook, like someone else said, definitely don’t waste your time worrying about death or you will miss life. Maybe take some magic mushrooms.

  34. I suppose I don’t see it that way, I see the world most positively then you. And ironically, LSD is what made me afraid of this 😂

  35. I am an intp/Infp at 55% feeling and 45% thinking. But I am religious. If nothingness is the case after death. You won’t feel or worry about anything. As if it was before you were alive.

  36. You were dead before being born and now you are alive. I think we reincarnate, although I wish we just stayed dead forever. Existence sucks. Wouldn’t you rather there be nothingness, then there would be no pain or sadness or insanity, just like sleeping.

  37. I think I disagree with that statement. If you never had life, by definition you weren’t dead. I don’t know

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