Injustice 2 Final Tier List

  1. Enchantress' trait is not one of the worst in the game. If the enchantress knows how to execute setups, it becomes almost impossible to block; especially in the corner.

  2. This is a very questionabke tier list for me. I'm not sure if this is for competitive high level players, or more casual. There are so many character within the list that are either too high up or too low. For example, Wonder Woman is a mid tier at best. No way is she S tier. Her shield attavks are easy to deal with, she has average buttons, and no real way of an opening an opponent up. Her lack of a decent trait also lowers her ranking.

  3. I would personally put Scarecrow in The s tier considering the fact he can literally go up against level 30 characters as a low level character and win. He is so overpowered

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