It's been 1 year since Season 15 aired. Do you think this season aged well? What was your favorite part of Season 15?

  1. The story line where Dee starts an acting class and quickly goes mad with power is amazing. Since I was a theater kid growing up I got a big kick out of her lessons.

  2. Sunny is weird because i’ll think it’s just okay for a while then i watch again and it’s funnier and this happens every season. It was a solid season and i still believe when they take a break for a year, typically the next season is amazing so we’ll see

  3. I think it’s because on rewatches you know what’s coming so you can pay attention to people’s reactions. Also, when they yell over each other you might catch something that you didn’t the first time through.

  4. Im honestly probably the minority but I absolutely loved the new season. I thought it was fucking hilarious and just... brilliant.

  5. “Guys we have to listen to what the young people are saying or else we are doomed to have sex with only old people the rest of our lives and I won’t do that.”

  6. I wasn’t a huge fan of the connected Ireland episodes as a concept, but there were some fucking hilarious parts. Dennis trying not to cough is so funny

  7. Yeah Dennis straight up having COVID and not admitting to it was one of the best ways to make the pandemic funny on television. It’s such an in-character thing for him to do.

  8. I lost it when Dennis smelled the bartenders hair and freaked out on her because "she doesn't smell like a natural redhead".

  9. Between the noises he makes and the facial expressions from Dee this is my favorite comedic moment from the past few seasons. He sounds like a drowning ferret and Dee is 1000% amused and satisfied.

  10. I thought the episode with the monkey felt like a classic episode, like it could have been from 10 years ago

  11. That scene was really great, but it made it even better when it reverted back to them being awful and they just toss him off the cliff

  12. Some people didn't like Sunny having serious moments, but I thought it was perfect, because although I was damn near holding back tears watching Charlie break down, it still lead up to the gang showing up and helping Charlie throw the body off the cliff and it not being far enough to hit the water, which had me crying laughing 🤣🤣🤣. I've spent the last almost 20 years with Sunny, so with all the laughs the show has given me, I can take the more serious moments that give depth to the characters.

  13. I really liked that and previously I really liked Macs dance routine. Unexpectedly excellent, powerful scenes. But I disliked how they made me feel things, you remember feelings right?

  14. I was extremely stoned watching that episode and when Mac kicked his dads body and it went sliding back down the mountain I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die.

  15. I actually liked the Ireland episodes. Everyone messing with Mac. Charlie being fluent in Gaelic and thinking it was a fake language. Dennis still conversing with the house after recovering from Covid. Charlie dropping Frank as soon as he met Shelly reminded me of when he got bored of the waitress because she was too dumb in flowers for Charlie. Also enjoyed the theme music for the Ireland episodes

  16. Charlie's Irish was surprisingly solid; he got a lot of praise from some Irish outlets for sounding unexpectedly good. Most actors just memorize words in a foreign language and though most of us don't really notice it's painful for native speakers (see: almost everyone in Breaking Bad speaking Spanish), so when someone like Charlie Day clearly makes a legitimate effort to sound "fluent" they deserve some credit.

  17. I feel like cricket should have appeared in Ireland. Or even have the actor play like a priest to show what the Irish version of Cricket was like

  18. Not sure if the recent stuff has made the whole Kanye is our guy and lost the election stuff better or worse

  19. Honestly my favorite season since 11 or 12. I thought 15 was particularly strong and a definite improvement from 13 and 14.

  20. The jokes feel more forced, I think they’re running out of natural comedic elements without repeating themselves.

  21. Agreed. Just started rewatching the series and the newer episodes just dont connect like the old ones did.

  22. I agree, I had a hard time liking many of the episodes of the last couple seasons. It’s not the same as the old stuff, you can tell how they’ve changed so much physically while Charlie and Frank have stayed the same.

  23. It's funny this is one of the top comments because I actually thought that was the weak link in the season. Maybe the CG effects for the monkey threw me off too much, it didn't look very convincing

  24. I thought season 15 was better than seasons 13 or 14. But it's still overall one of the weaker ones. I think the show's been on a bit of a downward slide since season 12 or so, which is totally understandable given how long they've been running. If they keep making it I'll keep watching it, but if they wanted to end things in the next couple years I'd understand.

  25. They even said themselves in the podcast that they used to rewrite and rewrite until almost everything made them laugh every time, but now they are too busy with other things.

  26. “Faaaaather….HIM, in the seminary, the rectory? Those are very triggering words.” That fucking kills me every time.

  27. I didn't enjoy the first two episodes as much, but I liked the season more as it went on. Episode 1 and 2 felt like reactions to current events instead of stories created with current events as inspiration. But I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about the show being "political" because some of my favorite episodes are inspired by current events and politics. And there's a wide range too. Episodes like Gun Fever cover topics like gun violence and weapons manufacturers profiting from that violence. There's a ton of other examples using current events as inspiration, where I feel like the story created is more insightful or entertaining.

  28. I consider Season 12 the last of the main group of seasons. That was the season when Glen was "going to leave" and then he was gone and then he came back and all that instability happened. From 13 to 15, I consider it "new Sunny". Season 15 is definitely my favorite from the new Sunny years, Seasons 13-15.

  29. Yeah the last one really answered a lot of unanswered questions and did a good job of kinda completing each character’s story arc. I’m glad it isn’t the last one though.

  30. Gonna get hate but this is the worst season yet and really the show hasn’t been the same at all since season 12 but I will always love it and continue to watch just a shame it’s kinda ruined now

  31. i know covid played a huge role, but a super short season with half of the episodes being connected was pretty underwhelming for me personally. some of the ireland episodes had real great bits but it just seemed over saturated in the grand scheme of the season

  32. I found the Ireland arc to be classic. Loved the Roller Rink episode. I feel though that in the long run, the 2020 year review to be a little topical and might not age well, but was still enjoyable.

  33. Season 15 was so so for me. I actually really like the Ireland episodes. I was really disappointed that they killed Charlie's father right after finally meeting him. I could feel how sad frank was to realize charlie isn't his son. Tbh though the 90's episode would have been funnier if you had age appropriate characters playing younger versions of you. And the way dee became a bitch was I'm sorry just not good, it really lacked effort I think. I also would have genuinely liked to see dee get her big break. It's classic that the guys ruined it for her but it was almost overkill. I would have liked it more if she somehow ruined it for herself instead I think. Next season I hope to see Charlie and Frank's swedish (I think they were swedish) counters come back!!

  34. The ending being another cathartic moment for a gang member stuck with me. Dennis Mac/frank. And now Charlie. Charlie made me fucking cry.

  35. That episode with Charlie meeting his dad was probably the second most emotional moment of the show, beside Mac's coming out.

  36. Loved Colm Meaney as Charlie's father... But really loved that they continued the O'Brien Must Suffer trope by killing him and throwing his body off the cliff. Perfect.

  37. I see a connected line between these episodes. Like the joke is that it's serious but it doesn't have to be a joke. Both shits were sad and beautiful.

  38. I agree, and season 12 had Dennis's emotional episode with his kid. I wonder if we'll get an episode like that for Dee?

  39. I like every episode. I love the 4 Ireland episodes and I can’t watch the monkey episode without finishing the rest of the season. If that would have been the series finale I would have been happy with it. But I hope they go on for many more years

  40. I loved the scene of Charlie crying about his absent dad. Also, the gag of sending Mac to a McDonalds and then convincing him he wasn’t Irish was hilarious.

  41. Thought the first half was pretty meh (for Sunny standards they were still better than 90% of other television) but liked the Ireland episodes until the lads episode. I hate when the show wants you to relate with these characters because the whole point is how terrible they are as people so episodes like that or Mac Finds His Pride are just awkward to me

  42. I think the content is good and always has been. I just think theres something to do with the cameras making the show seem too polished almost in the past few seasons, and it changes the tone and feel of the show quite severely. I've found that the newer seasons age quite well because on first view I hardly liked any, and on my 2nd or 3rd view I was laughing a lot more and enjoying the topical comedy now it's a bit more retrospective. Some of the best acting and stunts have been in these last few seasons for sure though, but I struggle to differentiate S13-15. My golden era for the show was seasons 4-11, but outside that theres still at least two or three episodes per season I absolutely adore

  43. I'll agree with that, for sure. The video is so good now, that when the square episodes come on I cringe a little (even though they were some of the best).

  44. “The sickness and anger inside you is diabolical. Way to go, son.” Honestly made me wish Frank was my dad😂

  45. I thought the four part Ireland thing was amazing. I just watched it for the first time. I almost cried during Charlie’s scene with the body of his father.

  46. I found the 2020 episode mediocre. Lethal Weapon 7 was decent and had some good gags. The 90s episode is one of my least favorites in the whole series (seriously, I fucking hate the lazy flashback jokes like "Oh, the internet? That'll never take off!" I get it, you're writing this from the current year and the internet is a daily part of life!). The Gang Replaces Dee With a Monkey has a great b-plot (Dee hustling acting students) with a middling A-plot.

  47. Not a fan of last season. Was really weak and I dont remember too many laughs from it. Hoping next season will be better

  48. That's the real problem. The jokes aren't great. There were a handful of things I laughed at but most of it just kind of ran together and was only saved by the novelty of the 4 part Ireland saga.

  49. I thought the season was a below average sunny season but an above average television season. For what it’s worth. I loved dennis’ Covid rage and Mac becoming Dutch.

  50. Fantastic season! So many moments come to mind but the funniest in my opinion is Denis coughing fit and Charlie walking on his tip toes to do a drug deal

  51. I didn’t care for the season overall. It feels like they’ve been trying to add emotional weight to the characters, maybe since Mac’s Dance Scene episode in S13 (which I thought was one of the most beautiful pieces of TV ever). Perhaps trying to capture the magic of that story arc for each character.

  52. I honestly thought, considering the standards these guys have set as top tier comedy writers, it was comfortably the worst season yet and way below their best.

  53. I had a hard time getting through it. I didn't really like O'Brien being Charlies dad. Or that Charlie is actually literate, just in Gaelic. None of the joke really landed for me. I wasn't like mad at the show, I was just indifferent and kinda bored by it.

  54. Overall good season. I love the scenes in the castle (Frank eating turd-soup, Dennis hiding in painting) and the ep of how the gang bought Paddy's are my favorites.

  55. Some episodes are more clever than outright funny (2020, Roller Rink, Lethal Weapon 7) and it definitely lacks a little of the energy of the shows greatest years, but it's still funnier and sharper than most comedies out now.

  56. The episode where they detail all the stuff they've been doing during the election cycle only for it to transpire they were supporting Kanye was fucking hilarious. I was rolling my eyes all the way through it thinking it was low hanging fruit but they really pulled it back.

  57. I love sunny but s15 was the weakest season of all, Still watched an enjoyed but it wasnt as good which is to be expected since it was shot during covid restrictions

  58. Definitely had its moments that were funny, but it just doesn’t feel the same as the older episodes. The dynamic and storylines started to feel off to me starting in season 13.

  59. I haven't really enjoyed the last few seasons. S15 was better than S13 and S14 but I feel like a lot of the jokes are very forced, and the political topics are now more "in-your-face" and less subtle. Don't get me wrong, I think they've done some great political episodes but it used to be metaphors and less obvious. I don't know how to explain it exactly but it feels like they got lazy with the writing and are trying to just make a quick gag about current events without much nuance or subtlety. Of course there's also the flanderization of all the characters that's more eye-rolling than funny sometimes (which, let's face it, is gonna happen to any show after 15+ years).

  60. Nah, honestly it was better than 14 which is imo easily the worst season of the show but 15 is second worst. The storylines feel extremely forced in a lot of ways. And that roller rink episode was just…. So bad

  61. One of the weakest seasons. 90s episode was awful and aside from a bit or two i hate the whole set of ireland episodes. Cant even remember the rest. Really hoping next season picks it back up.

  62. I agree fully. Dee especially was super annoying. My wife and I are huge fans and it just didn't do it for us unfortunately

  63. Hot take: this season was kinda garbage and felt very off. I felt like they rounded up a season into a cohesive plot very well, but a lot of the jokes just felt sorta empty.

  64. I think i laughed only one time during the entire season (when mac was threatening to kill himself, but i cant recall what he said). im not sure if i even watched the last episode, i was that un-entertained. and you're right, this season felt like a different show all together. kind of like a fever dream sunny season

  65. I hated this season. Forced jokes, bad storylines, cringe. It was the first time I felt like things were off for them. Which I guess isn’t that big of a deal, considering it’s their 15th season.

  66. When the gang goes to Ireland is when it got good for me. Before that I thought it was kind of weak. I wouldn’t mind them doing longer themed episodes like the Ireland thing, kind of like what curb does, each season has a theme or overall story line.

  67. I think they did amazing, consider the shit show of a time 2020-2021 was. It's hard to be funny in regular times. When your government and society seems to be falling to pieces around you and every day is a new scandal, it's that much harder.

  68. Absolutely hated season 15. No idea why really. Too unbelievable perhaps? Like every character was insane. To me the show work best when they are juxtaposed with normal people.

  69. I really didn't like the finale, tried way too hard to be like Mac's dance but Charlie Day is just not that good dramatically as much as it hurts to say that.

  70. Didn’t love this season; I think I missed the side characters, no,Pondy, cricket, waiter, artemis, mcpoyles or lawyer. i think there’s some really good bits this season, but I think this is the weakest season for me in terms of enjoyment and rewatch value personally, which is a real shame cause last season was an absolute banger, hit after hit after hit. After the next season comes out i’ll probably enjoy it more cause itll just fall in the rotation instead of being the end.

  71. I thought they got Artemis to direct the lethal weapon reboot for a time? We also got return of Pepper jack and another side of Tiger Woods/Donovan McNabb/Don Cheadle.

  72. It's as good as any season they've ever done. Colm Meaney was amazing as Shelly, and Charlie crying on the hill gets me just as teary as Mac Finds His Pride.

  73. I was glad they pulled off a new season, and internationally during (at the time they were recording) stiff COVID restrictions. Some episodes weren't the best, but being able to binge the season with my dad at Xmas made it so worth while.

  74. Haven’t rewatched it yet but I remember liking it more than the season or two before it. Felt like they were getting their mojo back.

  75. It had a strong moment with Charlie, outside that it just didn’t do much for me sadly. Last couple seasons have been good, just not what I loved about Sunny. I’ll always have the first 5 seasons on repeat.

  76. Being from Ireland, I couldn't wait for the Ireland episodes and then was bitterly disappointed! Nothing was Irish about the fake Irish set they created. After a few months of leaving that fact sink in I watched some back without the same expectations and they were funny enough. I just wish they bailed on the whole Ireland concept when they couldn't actually go. Monkey episode definitely my favourite of the season

  77. My favorite moment may be Frank supplying the hair dye to Guliani in the back of an adult bookstore. Other great moments were Dennis talking to the castle and murder hole, and Frank’s shred and spread around Ireland

  78. I think I’m the only one who’s sad that they threw away the “Frank might be Charlie’s father” through-line

  79. I like it, however, I kinda miss dumb and crazy charlie. He started out so nuts, but he's become more tame as the seasons have progressed. Still love all the characters, just missing a bit of that old Charlie craziness.

  80. Short but solid season. My favorite episode of the season is probably lethal weapon but the thing in the season that made me laugh the most was hands down Dennis trying (and failing) to not cough. Just fucking destroyed me. Think I rewound that scene and watched it 3/4 times before I could move on with the ep

  81. I hated how in the nose with vaccines they were. If you go back to the final episodes, much of the set ups for the vaccine jokes are just plain wrong. Saying that you can only get or spread COVID because you were unvaccinated should be pushed back on as we were approaching 2023.

  82. The one thing I can’t figure out is Rob is always talking about “unbelievable” of “unrealistic” elements of the early seasons, in the podcast, and had the audacity to have Dee hit multiple times by a car, and live, this season…

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