Fuck zodiac signs. What’s your favorite cup material?

  1. One time when I was a kid, I rode my bike to my friends house and they weren't there, and gone for the week or something, so I stated riding home, it was like a ten mile trip, furthest I'd even ridden in my life at the time...

  2. I did scoop cold, clear stream water into my mouth via my hands before. It was divine and running fast so no giardia LOL.

  3. I think nostalgia makes me like the small paper cones for some reason… apart from that ima say my thermos bottle cause its alwaysssss crisp

  4. I associate drinking water out of those little cone cups with feeling sickly or being devastatingly bored like in a waiting room or after church or something, when you just have to loiter interminably so you go get a little cup with some water just to have something to do.

  5. I prefer glass but often gravitate towards a metal tumbler, mostly for carrying around, but I swear the best water I’ve ever had has always come out of a paper cone.

  6. Used to be copper but now I’ve moved to clay because my dad got sick and the doctors said to cut the coppers.

  7. I’ve been told to take copper supplements for a disease I got diagnosed with and I can’t find it fucking anywhere.

  8. I mean my daily driver is my beloved glow-in-the-dark 32oz Nalgene which is plastic but I prefer real glass to drink out of. I hate it when I ask for water at a restaurant and I get some ugly, sad, dingy plastic cup. 😭

  9. glass is a good second, but metal (good quality) always stays up top. mainly because out of these it keeps the water cold the longest which is like, the most important part

  10. Glass all the way for the majority of the time. Cardboard/paper maybe when doing a running race or something, I like it better than that thin plastic that is still pretty common. Metal when camping because glass breaks too easy outside. Ceramic if I want it warm cause I'm sick. Plastic waterbottle for sports because when I'm physically tired I don't want to worry about hitting my teeth on the metal ones. Hands if it's natural spring water or after brushing teeth. Wood cups seem pretty neat but I'd worry about mold if it didn't get a chance to dry properly. Ice seems fun but I live in Australia and they wouldn't last very long.

  11. Metal if there’s a rubber handle, although 10 times out of 10 the paper cone water is always used at your thirstiest and therefore the best.

  12. Paper cones are the best. You know, when you’ve been waiting for an appointment for hours, mouth’s dry and then you see one of these water dispensers. So satisfying

  13. I use metal insulated thermos, like the yeti coffee things. I have like 4 that I use only for water, keeps it ice cold all day!

  14. I use a Nalgene bottle with the top cut off, nearly indestructible and holds a liter. I have 4. My favorite one is 12 years old.

  15. I do love a crisp, sweaty glass of H2O, but there was something different about those paper cones. Maybe it was the necessity that made it so damn refreshing, or tasty.

  16. Depends ENTIRELY on The drink. For iced drinks, I like metal, stoneware, and glass equally. For hot drinks, ceramic.

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