He saved a man he caught stealing... (all credit goes to Andy Jiang on YouTube)

  1. A bar owner that reviewed the tapes to catch the perp. This is the most ubelievable fact of all. The man is a saint for rescuing a lost kid but also for giving a shit about his patrons. Amazing

  2. A surprising amount of bar owners/managers care about stuff like this, if not for the sake of their patrons then because they don't want to be known as a bar where people get robbed or drugged. I've gone into the back to look at footage with a buddy who is a GM at a bar after we suspected a friend may have been drugged (luckily they weren't from what we could tell), they tend to care about their customers.

  3. I was homess for 3 years. I used to have to eat out of dumpsters just to survive. It took 3 years for someone to finally take a chance on me.

  4. Right?! What bar is this so I can at least give them a 5 star review.. and obviously if I can make it there be a customer

  5. This guy is obviously the exception. But bar owners do indeed go through footage like this, but because they want to make sure they aren't getting ripped off or left out of profits from dealing on their turf.

  6. Maybe she'd gained some weight and the ring was too tight at the moment. It's been my experience that if a woman is interested in cheating, a wedding ring isn't much of a deterrent for many guys.

  7. Do you wear rings? Usually if you're washing your hands, you take your ring(s) off and put them somewhere safe so you don't accidentally leave them on a bathroom counter. Washing your hands with rings on = water stuck between your finger and the ring and it's annoying.

  8. Only good reason is it's loose and needs to be resized and when you have a few drinks it's easier to misplace something like that but the obvious is usually the correct reason

  9. Man, y’all would hate me. I take mine off all the damn time. Things on my hands drive me crazy. I have 3 (2 family heirlooms, and one my husband bought me), and I always put one one bc they are pretty and I love them, but halfway through the day it ends up in my wallet bc my hands swell from the arthritis or my meds or I’m banging it on something and I’m over it. Haven’t learned my lesson yet. Luckily my husband doesn’t care at all. I often find his on the window sill in the bathroom.

  10. Bartender was definitely in on her extra marital barflying. And then had to kidnap the homeless kid to make sure he didn't talk to anybody.

  11. My coworker would tell you its' because when she drinks she feels bloated so she always takes her ring off. Her husband is also my coworker and laughed and said "i like when she take her ring off, it means a fun night is coming"..

  12. Besides the obvious, she could be a married swinger that doesnt want to have unnecessary drama for a one night stand

  13. I know that I don't like to leave rings on when washing hands (it's unhygienic), so if I'm in a situation where I'm going to be drunk I don't particularly want to play lost and found with sentimental items.

  14. Personally, I find rings uncomfortable. I keep mine on my person, but not on my finger. Thankfully my partner's a well-adjusted woman who doesn't see the need for me to have some sort of symbol of ownership forever on me in public :P

  15. I’m just surprised this comment is removed after the mods removed every other comment asking the same question. Moderators must know this woman

  16. I get so frustrated when people say things like ‘shoot them' for things like petty crime. You wanna prevent petty crime? Convince your lawmakers to set up more homeless shelters, support domestic abuse victims and provide free BC, raise minimum wage, stop predatory landlord practices, and Feed. Kids. For. Free. So many crimes are so easily preventable if that person didnt NEED to steal to survive.

  17. Damn everyone in the comments not considering the possibility that she still has the wedding ring but isn't married. My close friend keeps her ring with her all the time, even after her husband passed away. She doesn't wear it when she goes out but puts it in her purse. Not saying the woman from this post is doing that but yenno, let's not drag a woman for MAYBE doing something wrong.

  18. It's the same reason Hollywood movies make people speak slow or repeat what they say when they speak any language.

  19. I mean yeah of course this isn't his way of speaking casually, which is understandable, because it's an informing, heart-warming and storytelling YouTube video

  20. This video reminded me of that story about a woman who wanted to help a homeless man, so she decided to invite him to her home to take a shower. He stabbed her to death.

  21. Fuck the wedding ring debacle; what a legend for taking in a young kid and looking after him. All anyone needs in life is people that care.

  22. So I'm seeing a lot of comments which point out the fact that she had allegedly taken her wedding ring off and put it in her wallet, which is pretty suspicious, since she was at a bar. But let's just put that to the side, and appreciate the wholesome selfless story of Jimmy! 😁

  23. Woman needs to apologize to her husband for hiding her wedding ring at the bar. Hopefully hubby figured out wife is a cheater before he came down with something more than penicillin can cure.

  24. I love how the story here is about a thief turning his life around by the act of kindness from a stranger, but every comment is bashing on the woman.

  25. Classic Reddit... Amazing, heartwarming story about how to treat people, and all the comments are about the assumption that a woman is cheating.

  26. What's super impressive is how Jimmy wanted to help Rivers who stole that woman's purse. Most other people would turn Rivers into the police and see him get punished and imprisoned. Instead, he saved that boy's life and gave him a good future. We need more people like Jimmy.

  27. Just to play devils advocate, she COULD be just trying to protect the ring from scratches, thinks she might lose it maybe it’s loose or she’s lost weight. Or she could be mad cheating lmao.

  28. Pretty much everywhere. I know of kids in my local school system that are homeless. They go to school and then they go back to their families car or to the homeless shelter. In college I knew students who were homeless. They audited some classes and then I’d see them later sleeping outside.

  29. Andy Jiang just hijacked an old story and re-narrated it. No credit needed. CBS Evening news even covered it.

  30. Part of that video is incorrect. Rivers IS a criminal. He just needs help also. Just because life's been hard on you does not mean you can do crimes and not be a criminal.

  31. Why do thieves feel the need to not onyl take what is not theirs but to destroy everything they don't need ?

  32. Maybe they are under the stupid impression the wallet has their fingertips and could serve as an incriminating evidence as if any cop would even care about trying to find out who pickpocket her cash.

  33. Why would the kid throw it in the water when he could just drop it on the ground somewhere where someone could find it and actually return it to the woman based on the IDs inside?

  34. Holy absolute damn, y'all jaded. I work with my hands and keep my wedding ring in my pocket or purse while at work. If I go out dancing at a country bar, I also take it off because it gets caught a lot while doing spins and dips. Maybe she just got off work and hadn't put it back on yet. Maybe it was a dance bar and she didn't wanna get it caught. Maybe it was a sus bar and she didn't want anyone eyeing it and following her outside.

  35. The real question for her husband is why was her wedding ring off her finger and in the wallet.......at a bar.......hmmmmm.......

  36. Everyone asking why she took her ring off. She obviously had to take a massive dump at the bar and really had to get in there to clean herself up therefore she put the ring in her wallet and went back to the random guy she was hitting on at the bar. Duh.

  37. Great human being, saved the boy without an ulterior motive like boning the handsome young man. Easy to be jaded in this world. This was a really great story and so happy for everyone in it, except the ladies husband that learned his wife was hiding her wedding ring in her wallet while knocking back drinks at the bar.

  38. However, Jimmy felt his job wasn’t done. So he went on to tell the young woman’s husband, that his wife keeps her ring in her wallet at his bar….

  39. To the uninitiated it’s actually pretty common for good looking chicks to take rings off in hopes getting suckers to buy drinks and pick up on them. Makes easier for ladies to get free drinks. Not saying I agree with it but it happens. Wether they fully cheat or not well … here’s to Jimmy tho.

  40. I have watched to many crime documentaries cause I thought he was going to murder him after helping him.

  41. Bar owner is a super nice guy, but that's a lot of effort to find a wedding ring someone took off when they went into the bar 😂.

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