This man was forced to give his dog to Humane Society due to lengthy hospital stay. This nurse went to the shelter and adopted his dog. She brings him to visit daily & will return him as soon as the man is released.

  1. My dog died a week ago. I still have another dog but none were like my gorgeous boy. He was my reason for getting up in a morning. Before he came along suicide was a seriously thought out solution to my problems and those awful thoughts only went away when my little man made it clear he loved and needed me..after just one night. I didn't realise that all I needed in my life was unconditional love and now he's gone I feel so empty. I know my good girl adores me and she's been amazing at comforting me for the last week but she is still not my little old boy! No one will ever love me like Xeb did! My life will never be the same again and I hate it!

  2. I've been through some real rough patches over the last several years, and if it wasn't for my cat, I'd be long gone by now. I adopted her from a shelter and am more terrified of the thought of her returning to one than I am surviving. I'm actually kinda scared of what life is gonna look like if I outlive her.

  3. My mum does „therapy“ for dementia with our dog. She isnt licensed or anything, but the patients ineracting with a dog does so much for them, especially when they used to have pets.

  4. I'm suicidal to the point where it scares even me. I swore to myself that I wouldn't even attempt anything as long as my cat was still alive because she needs me. As soon as she's gone though, it's open season on myself. But for the time being my cat is literally saving my life.

  5. I feel you. I'm a cat dad and my boy is the best thing in my life. We live alone and he is always by my side. I get a huge welcome home if I have been out for the day as he comes running to me with lots of meows, purrs and rubs. I would not be able to give him up. I truly hope you are able to find a solution which allows you keep your kitty. So sorry you have go through something like this. Sending you strength and love.

  6. It’s 100% true, I had a six month hospital stay several years back and my nurses were angels, their kindness and warmth made all the difference, they even let my dog come visit in the ICU :)

  7. That’s so beautiful. For any folks considering going into rehab for substance-abuse, there are programs that exist to care for your pets until you are released!

  8. No kidding? Of course that exists! Definitely going to check for this in my area. Seems more rewarding than fostering.

  9. My grandmother had to give up both of her dogs when she had to go to hospice (she ended up living there for about 4 years before passing). One of the nurses there adopted both of her dogs to keep them together. It meant so much to my grandmother who was already losing most of her belongings, her home, and her leg. These people are amazing.

  10. I love that the dog's tail is all blurred in the photo because he is obviously just as happy to be with his dad!

  11. If you are in the UK, check out the ‘Cinnamon Trust’. They have a network of volunteer home fosterers who will take in pets if someone has to go into hospital.

  12. We have a non profit here that is a temporary shelter for people in crisis that want to take care of their pets, but can’t. I believe they will keep them for up to 90 days and allow any level of visits you need. Really cool place and a lot of the local animal stores sponsor them and they just got donated a super nice building.

  13. Empathy. I read in a psychology magazine it’s an evolutionary step. Not everyone has the capability but they believe that number has been increasing. How they’ve come to these conclusions I don’t remember.

  14. Is there a gofundme for helping with cost of keeping the dog at this lovely nurses home. I would be beside myself if my dog was in this situation as well

  15. Have only had my first dog for less that a year but can totally understand how much this means. What a legend of a nurse.

  16. Pets came up at work one time and my buddy just casually dropped some shit that really shook my whole world view a bit. He said getting a dog is just going out and looking for a 10 year contract to get really really sad.

  17. Ahhh, but it is the time spent with them while they are here, and the memories after they are gone that enrich our hearts for a lifetime. Yes, it hurts like hell when they leave us, but I say the world is a better place with a fury companion, even with the heartache.

  18. I shouldn't browse this sub when I'm at work. People probably think I'm some weirdo for crying at my work post.

  19. What a wonderful gesture by the nurse. I spent 7 months in the hospital in the 80’s as a teen. The best moments were when my sister snuck her puppy into my room in a duffle bag. Back then pets were strictly prohibited.

  20. That's some next level nursing right there. True passion and love for people. There are things called daisy awards for nurses who go above and beyond for patients so I hope she recieved one.

  21. If i was a millionaire or something, id just walk around and give people like her a tip of a couple million.

  22. I dont understand why hospitals can't have special sections/rooms that allow patients to have their animals stay with them during lengthy visits. It's been proven the better mood the patient is in the better/faster recovery time they have.

  23. Awes okay, that got me. She’s a really awesome nurse to go above and beyond for her patient, the fact that she did that will help her patient to improve fast 🥹♥️

  24. how many times is this story going to be posted it's great and all but I'm certain this is the 4-5 time I've seen it on reddit in 2 months

  25. she could afford this on a nurse salary because biden is doing a great job fighting inflation, increasing wages, reducing taxes and overall awesome economy stuff.

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