The full Tiananmen Square Tank Man picture is so much more powerful than the cropped one

  1. Mandela effect goes in full effect when it comes to tianenman square. Most people remember this guy getting ran over, but there’s a video of him climbing onto the tank and trying to steal it.

  2. At the end of the day, it was a tragedy that China brutally suppressed the uprising, although that's just what governments do when they're internally unified but feel threatened, and they clearly felt that the uprising posed an existential threat to them. I think it's telling that the tank actually stopped though. The tank driver clearly didn't want to just drive over him. That students were absolutely mowed down and killed later on shows that the sentiment wasn't uniform or didn't last, but it didn't start out when them looking for blood; they definitely had orders to make the students to back down though.

  3. Not so sure but there is video of him being pulled away. All though, he did start climbing all over the tank and tried to get in it, so then some other people cam and pulled him out of the way. Some say he was telling them to go back and get more protestors, some say he was telling them to stop, idrk for sure.

  4. No. The complete video shows how the army treated him gently in trying to make him move. Believe it or not (the video is on the internet anyway).

  5. No, he climbed on top of the tank and opened the hatch, he exchanged a few words with the crew and then left.

  6. Ik I’m late but the guy wasn’t killed he was never identified but there’s a real video showing that he wasn’t crushed and actually got onto the tank but then after he was back down, a couple men pushed him from the tanks way

  7. When you walk the square, you can feel it, even though no one says anything. I asked my tour guide if she had ever seen this famous picture and she said she had never heard of it. I tried searching and could not find it online. I got a little creeped out and acted like a proper tourist the rest of the trip.

  8. I mean… why do they think so many foreign tourists come from around the world to see it to the point they offer tours? If nothing happened, it would just be any other town square. Why even offer tours? Has that not crossed their mind? “Hmm… I wonder why so many foreigners choose our square for tours and not the many many many others”.

  9. When I walked Tiananmen Square I had an unmistakable, overwhelming feeling that I was at the beginning of a mild DMT trip. Just looked up at Mao, the straight lines, the surprisingly tall Chinese soldiers that walked in unison in large groups. "zhe me shuai!" you could hear young women say. It was fear, & awe, & I won't ever go back. My friend and I got caught helping a journalist over a fence to get him in to see whatever he could of the square. The night of his 79th birthday. But all we ever talked about were the tanks.

  10. That’s interesting, I went about 2 years ago and my tour guide actually lowkey fed us facts and told us this was the spot where the tanks where, etc. She was an absolute G, even showed us how to get bootleg sim cards so we could use Facebook

  11. People think this can only happen on the other side of the world. This is what an unstable government looks like and it can happen in just a lifetime.

  12. I think it’s important not to say things like “Fuck China”. The CCP is the one who is committing atrocities, but they’ve only been around for so long, when China as a culture, people, land, have been around for ages. There is so much to look at China with admiration for, which is why people should say “Fuck the CCP” or “Fuck Fascism”.

  13. Not "Fuck China". Say "Fuck CCP". Stop mixing ideas. Chinese communist party acts are hateful But chinese people and culture don't deserve your racism

  14. You can hate the Chinese government. But the Chinese people who do cheap labor aren’t the problem. Most likely the hardworking Chinese civilians hate them more than we do. Those aliexpress workers probably would work just as hard under a better government.

  15. Our Chinese tour guide was aware of this and when we were in the Square told us in hushed tones about where the hotel that the photo was shot was.

  16. The envoy wrote: "Students understood they were given one hour to leave square but after five minutes APCs attacked.

  17. The whole story gets crazier when you dive deeper into the protestors and their desires.. some surely wanted “western-style freedoms and human rights” but the majority wanted to return to the Maoist form of communism that led to tens of millions of deaths.. it’s a complicated situation, but it is definitely not as simple as it has been portrayed…

  18. Yeah, the workers got involved because Deng cut a huge number of state policies that provided an "iron rice bowl". By doing this he threw workers to the capitalists, allowing them to be exploited. Deng, and the CCP betrayed it's citizens, no wonder people were pissed, and no wonder the CCP was scared.

  19. Hmmm I wonder why they wanted to return to communism? What do you mean they had better life then? Can’t be, all lies pee poo poo

  20. Brrrrrrrrttt is all the comes to mind.. But seriously what a bad ass never seen the full picture.. Man had nerves of steel and balls of tungsten

  21. The aftermath photos are really powerful. People smashed like pumpkins, legs severed, other people just shot down in masse and that is putting it nicely.

  22. Honestly I don't think the guy driving the tank gets enough credit either. This person could have just kept driving. There were times when they could have snuck around (sort of). But he mostly just said "f-it, I don't really want to do this anyway." I know there were arguments yelled at the guy on the ground. But overall, this illustrated the humanity on both sides quite well. A standoff between two forces acting through two people that ultimately would probably rather share tea together than fight.

  23. I prefer cropped. Yeah, there's more stuff in this version, but it's not as focused and impactful. A guy standing in front of one tank is going to last as long as a guy in front of two hundred tanks anyways.

  24. -50 social credit for all of you! Also we will be punishing generations of your family when our brand of Socialism with Chinese characteristics is introduced... It shouldn't be long now, we are gaining ground against "freedom" loving imperialists.

  25. This was after the massacre, which is part of why his actions are so brave. There's other pictures of the tank man (I think five total), and one is from the ground which shows other people running away, because they know what the army is willing to do at this point.

  26. There were a half-dozen photographers taking pictures from a nearby hotel that day. This particular photo was taken by

  27. Notice the disciplined drivers maintaining a straight line in a permissive environment. Nothing has changed, nothing to see here.

  28. The “tank man” wasn’t killed. His friend pulled him aside to let the tank pass. Also, those tanks were leaving.

  29. I wonder if redditors will lose their sympathy for protesters after learning that most of protesters were maoists against deng's reforms?

  30. Nope. It doesn’t really matter what they were there for, what matters is the government slaughtered them after they’d been there peacefully for weeks.

  31. There is so much misinformation on this thread. You want proof? 3 videos… before, during and after the massacre. Less we Forget.

  32. I would expect it to be based on the scale alone. A few dozen National Guardsmen killed 4 people, and today we all agree that was a bad thing, that's WAY different than the Chinese government killing thousands and then censoring all mention of it from their society.

  33. Come on man, shooting protesting students is completely different from shooting protesting students. America is just a cute little dude who is totally redeemable, every single one of the two billion Chinese people are evil brainwashed commies.

  34. This post is about humans doing impressive things. The murder of millions under an oppressive, dictatorship government is NOT impressive!

  35. Lol. Millions? Murder? What you are talking about is the US waging wars overseas and displacing millions, killing hundreds of thousands in the process. What China did was a policy mistake, which they corrected afterward by loosening their grip on their market.

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