SO SATISFYING TO WATCH (not sure who the guy is unfortunately)

  1. Why is it that under every video of a person doing any combination of punches or kicks, people in the comments feel the need to evaluate its efficacy in combat? His moves are clearly performative and they are absolutely amazing.

  2. Like goddamn, you can see him throw normal kicks and sweeps in there, he is obviously a skilled martial artist doing a performance. Obviously no one is gonna walk up to a mf and start spinning on their damn head. Anybody who says "oH tHiS wOuLdN't WoRk IrL!!!" should be able to hear the point flying over their head.

  3. It's like watching Usain Bolt set a world record and then being like, "Sure running that fast looks impressive but it's not very practical if you're traveling to another country."

  4. Definitely for performance. Also incredibly talented. It still takes a lot of coordination and strength to do this even if it’s just for show. Guaranteed he knows how to actually fight and would absolutely kick my ass.

  5. The guy's obviously extremely fit. If he knows even basic "real" fighting he'd be able to kick a lot of peoples' asses. And then people say "oh well they could have a gun" well bitch he could have a tank

  6. Reminds me of football freestylers posting their skills and people in the comments feeling the need to point out that the moves are useless and can't be applied in a real match with good defenders. Like OBVIOUSLY. They're called freestyles for a reason

  7. Two reasons for me. Yes, he is incredibly skilled but capoeira is considered a martial arts. However, while you are obviously going to learn some great skills, it's not for combat or self defense. It's like having a PHD in history or poetry. You can tell everyone you have a PHD but your only good for teaching others on how to get a PHD in that field. Hes obviously skilled and in shape but if I was going to dedicate myself to a martial arts, it would be one for combat or self defense and not showmanship. Not taking anything away from him because its fantastic for the niche market he wants and hes incredible at what he does.

  8. He’s the dude that the protagonist in an American action movie has to fight after beating all the henchmen simultaneously and before fighting the antagonist. Head henchman maybe? Mini boss?

  9. In theory, capoeira has the most powerful strikes due to the entire body of the striker backing each hit. It’s like landing a slow haymaker in a fight, not likely to happen but if it Does connect the opponent is hurt badly.

  10. Definitely is a bit Mcdojo like when it comes to actual fighting but Capoeira shows it’s value in a training. It is the only martial art that I am aware of that focuses on deception in such detail. Many professionals incorporate it in their camps. Anderson Silva is probably the most well known practitioner.

  11. For extra context, I don’t think he would claim to be a fighter. He’s more into stunts, tricking, and choreography I believe. Also he isn’t exclusively just into capoeira.

  12. how is capoeira bullshit lol? even mcgregor incorporated some moves and is doing it. also capoeira has some of the most powerful kicks

  13. No idea if it’s true, but another post had a comment that this is Fred Warner from the 49ers. 🤷🏽‍♀️. Comparing google pics, looks like it’s possible at least.

  14. Are these kind of people just like fulltime gym people. it blows my mind how unbelievably fit you can be but like with a real job seems impossible.

  15. I wonder if it is just for show or does it work? I’d like to see him in a real fight, not against me however, this man would destroy me.

  16. A competent grappler or disciplined striking would probably fuck him up. I know I've commented on this alot but I love mixed martial arts and I just want to spread the information that often times you don't need to be extremely athletic or inhumane to be a martial artist. A decent grappler would take him down and choke him out with those kicks and a striker would just systematically pick him apart. Great to look st though.

  17. Very well choreographed and requires a ton of skill. I can still laugh at imagining being hit by those strikes and hardly reacting.

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