how do hackers plant their payloads on target devices ?

  1. So basically any other way than just port service exploitation or through mail ? I created my first payload now I noticed that I have no idea how people put them on other devices.

  2. You've kinda touched on the whole field of red teaming and pen testing. A lot of offensive hacking focuses on getting to the target as opposed to making interesting payloads (though, if you're interested in that then look into malware analysis)

  3. Anyway possible. Physical access, trojan in the email, SQL injection, MiTM a connection and tamper with it, redirect it, or if you're lucky login access information may be transferred in plain text and you can just grab that for access, phish people for access information. Numerous ways. Hackersploit* and others like him on YT can help give you ideas

  4. I find that socal engineering with a small amount of alcohol opens the door very quickly at that point I plant the seeds

  5. That's a very broad question. There are many ways. If you have physical access it should be obvious, if you don't have physical access then it gets a lot more tricky. You could exploit some vulnerability in a target, however the weakest link in the chain is always the human element which is why social engineering (phishing) is the most successful way.

  6. You can send a payload by disguising it like a .jpg or .txt file and phishing the target. Even a .txt file could be a potential payload.

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