Painting smoker's house

  1. This^ You need to use shellac. Please where a mask. And you need to use it everywhere. Including the subfloor. There is a shortage of shellac so it’s really expensive and hard to find. Going to run you $500 a pail almost.

  2. I used to do apartment make readies when smoking was allowed indoors and we used krud kutter (and a lot of it) to clean walls before painting.

  3. Lots of controversy around these working but I would suggest an ozone machine. I ran one at a customers house and really did notice a difference. That being said, that house was not smoked in for decades.

  4. You need to hire a service where they come and set up this machine for like 24 hours. It's the only way. I had to do it for a property I bought years ago and it will pull it all out and THEN, you use all the correct primer and latex, etc. Just google smoke odor removal service. That smoke is deep in all the drywall, wood, cabinets, carpet, underlayment, everything. Do yourself a favor, do it right one time and you'll be done.

  5. After Shellac primer, try Dunn Edwards Arista shield on doors base and case, I use it in baths and kitchens also, you will need to rip the flooring up and bleach spray the subfloor, let it dry out real good then put in new flooring , change out all air ducking vent and filters if you have any, change out all our ceiling light fans ect, remove and change out all plugs and light switches, basically need to change out as much as you can afford

  6. A good tsp cleaning/ scrubbing then kill Kilz We have done a few houses with nicotine damage and it’s down the truck

  7. If you still have the old carpet replace that it could be a source of the smoke. My landlord had to do that after a old person who smoked in her apartment left.

  8. zinsser b-I-n primer. It’s better than kilz.. it’s what fire restoration companies use. Source- I had a house fire earlier this year.

  9. About 4 coats of Kilz and 2-3 of paint then paint it every couple years. Place we just moved from old dude must have chain smoked on the shitter and what I didn’t rip out when I gutted and redid the bathroom would still seep smoke/nicotine when it got to steamy. Dinking room was the same way. Fuckn nasty and I’m a smoker too just not in the house.

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