Do you think the change in characters will alter the dynamics and relationships of the show in a good way or bad way?

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  2. Which is part of why I didn’t understand that interview Alcock gave where she said it was “ironic” that fans pitted her character against Alicent. The source material already pitted them against one another. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. GoT and HotD have this great habit of picking the right actors for the roles. I'm pretty confident that the change in cast will work out.

  4. They will be fine. Rhaenyra being aged up is necessary. Emma plays Rhaenyra after ten years of being heir. She is older now, more jaded. Serious, mature and queenly.

  5. I think that if they HAD stuck with the younger actors (for Laena and Laenor, the teen actors), then it would have been...problematic to say the least

  6. I’m confuse confused, if the king dies, shouldn’t the heir take the throne?? That’s what happened when Robert died and Joffrey took the throne after him… 🧐

  7. Do you mean actors? Cause yes, going from "the Realms Delight" who Milly plays perfectly to a Rhaenyra older and more serious is necessary for the story.

  8. I don’t know anything about the story other than what we’ve seen so far but I just love the dynamics and hope Emma plays it just as well. I didn’t know there was gonna be a switch like that so it brings me hope!

  9. I didn’t really get any “Realm’s Delight” vibe from the show and Milly. Young Rhaenyra in the show is portrayed as sassy and sometimes rude (e.g. to Lady Redwine, Lord Dondarrion, Jason ) I didn't really get any vibe that a lot of people apart from her parents, uncle and young Alicent liker her that much.

  10. Likewise, she is from my home town so its actually remarkable seeing someone from this old cotton milltown make it to the big leagues

  11. I’m really stoked to see what her interactions with Daemon could be, since they’d be on more ‘equal footing’. I also hope that due to her life experience, she’s a lot more direct in calling out Daemon’s bullshit. Like, a lot more direct. Less dancing around sexual tension, more actual demands for him to explain himself or to stop playing around.

  12. I was really enjoying the dancing around the tension though, I wish it could have lasted a few more episodes. What can I say, I love drama and mess. At least on tv.

  13. I was living for the inappropriate tension🙃 but the show must go on and you are so right that life experience will probably change things for the best

  14. I thought Rhaenyra spoke to Daemon in the most authoritative and demeaning way imaginable. She told him he’s not man enough to have her. I have to respectfully disagree, a lot.

  15. One of the writers for the show was on the official podcast this week and described Emma’s audition as her ‘oh THAT’S Rhaenyra!’ moment. If anything I’m even more excited for the characters to get into their adult/parenthood storylines.

  16. The fact that they worked backwards with the character and what we’ve gotten so far from Milly was spectacular, I can’t wait for Sunday omg

  17. Same here. I've enjoyed the prologue so much, but I'm mostly watching the show for the adult versions. That's when the action starts. I can't wait to see Rhaenyra and Alicient's kids, especially Aemond.

  18. I think I will like Emma better as an actor personally. Her presence seems more imposing and confident. I’m certain she will have a more regal and adult air about her. Milky did great giving backstory, but Emma will give us the whole story from now on really.

  19. I think the response will be a bit mixed after episode 6, and by episode 8 most will have embraced it. These are two very good actresses coming in and the show and dialogue is so well-written, so I can't see it not working after that initial shock to the system of actor changes. People aren't kidding when they say everything you've seen so far is basically the prologue. The two young actresses were amazing though and they'll get plenty of work after this I'd imagine. Hopefully we see them again some day in flashbacks... as long as the flashbacks serve the story and aren't forced in.

  20. I hope your right! Milly killed it and gave me hopes that Emma will do just as good but I don’t want to be disappointed

  21. I mean I adored Milly and Emily but they were chosen AFTER Emma and Olivia, so they are the big guns and always were meant to be. I still wish all the best to the young ladies and can’t wait to watch their future works, but Olivia and Emma will surely nail their roles.

  22. I don’t know but I’m excited for the new actors, I’ve liked this first part with the younger cast but I’m ready for the story to move fwd and get to the good stuff. I’ve heard good things about Emma.

  23. yeah they're amazing but they've paced the story well where it feels like we're ready for the next phase, I can't wait to see the older actors come in

  24. Well dynamics will change in the span of 10 years anyway. So in a way it might be a blessing to see an older actress as we can clearly separate the child dynamic to an adult one.

  25. I think the change in characters will only enhance how much the characters have changed. Alicent is a player and Hightower now with no allegiance to House Targaryen. Rhaenyra is not a little girl anymore but a powerful woman who knows what she wants and will lie to get it.

  26. Yeah, I like their actors, but can't help but think they should have cast either one more set of them or ones in their 40s so they can credibly be (grand)mothers

  27. The issue is that the viewers were introduced to the younger actors first. Many have pointed out that Emma and Olivia were cast first for the roles before Milly and Emily and the characters were written with them in mind. The ‘problem’ is that Milly and Emily were so so well received that the casual viewer is going to be unhappy with the change. When watching the preview for ep 6 my wife was already asking ‘who that new girl was’ and then ‘what?? Why would they replace the person who plays the princess she was so good, this sucks I hate it’.

  28. It's not like they hid it. HBO has been relentless in showing and saying that there will be an actor switch at this point if people are surprised, where were they?

  29. I’d say for the better. The younger versions were cast later. They thoroughly vetted the “main” ones first. The fact that the younger ones knocked it out of the park makes me even more excited for the older ones. Just keep in mind, the older ones will be more seasoned and mature. They will probably carry themselves differently.

  30. I think the actor change won’t change the dynamic. It’s more in the fact that the story progresses in the time skip. Looks-wise, they did a great job picking actors for the time skip, and I’m sure that the actors will do a great job convincing us that they’re the same character

  31. I think it’ll be like The Crown where majority of that audience was a bit weary of the new cast members and reluctant to embrace them but they end up killing it. I guess the big thing I’m nervous for is that Emma and Matt will have that same crazy chemistry that Milly and Matt had that made me root for an uncle and niece to hook up 😂

  32. This is probably the first time I have wanted the actor swap. I love the younglings, but the story is about to get a lot Having more seasoned actors that is a plus. I'm sure we will all get used to the changes by the end of the episode.

  33. 10 years is a huge time skip, are we supposed to assume that nothing important happened during that time besides some kids and dragons being born?

  34. We're meant to assume that the divide between characters has grown since. And yeah, that some kids and dragons have been born. This was only a prologue to the main events.

  35. I love daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship and love how well Alicent plays her character and I hope nothing changes with the time jump

  36. Show viewers are unlikely to miss anything that matters in the setup to The Dance. Ages have been changed and that messes with the timeline, but everything important has been covered so far. From where we have stopped at the end of episode 5 to the events that are covered in episode 6, not a lot of happens other than people having kids and some children growing enough to become relevant.

  37. Basically, the way the book works is that everything is being told by a third-party narrator (it’s an in-world character writing about these events as part of a history book). So there are time jumps everywhere, because there aren’t really any “scenes”, just third person accounts of things that happened. For example (and this is technically a spoiler for the first 3 episodes, but those have been out a while now) the king marrying Alicent was summed up as, and I am paraphrasing: “the king decided to marry Alicent Hightower, and there were a bunch of parties, and then she gave him a kid.” And then the book moves onto something else.

  38. To be honest. When Rhaenyra flirts with Daemon it’s going to be a lot easier for me to sit through rather than watching a grown man flirting with and creeping on a literal child.

  39. I think a change in characters would be a disaster. However, what we have is a change of actors playing the same character, so I think it’ll work out incredibly well and will serve the story much better than aging up the other actors would.

  40. From the brief preview they released with her and the aged up Laenor actor has convinced me that there’s nothing to worry about. They’re gonna nail this!

  41. I saw a lot of comments online saying they could have used the same actors, but use makeup to make them older. I’m sitting here like young Rhaenyra already looks too young when she kisses Daemon to where I’m uncomfortable watching it (I know the actress is older, but looks very young). How would they make that actress look mid thirties believably? It’s just easier to switch to a new actress who looks very much like the younger one.

  42. It'll be for the best. We've grown to love young Rhaenyra but we're going to have to hate old Rhaenyra. Best to establish this with a brand face so we feel less guilty about it. If the show fails to establish that then we're going to have another Daenerys ending situation on our hands because the showrunners convinced to love her and attempted to rush in her change over a few episode rather than progressively over the series.

  43. Why would we grow to hate her? All characters will be absolutely compromised morally and with that, it’s an even playing ground

  44. I think it will make the adjustment to the development of the characters easier since both sides have declare bitterness twords each other kind of publicly

  45. I think it depends on older rhaenyra getting strong scenes. If she gets one or 2 scenes early on where she can really shine. People will forget about younger rhaenyra.

  46. I think of it the opposite way: the fact that they included the early backstory is going to make their new dynamic even more poignant and intense. I think we'll understand exactly why the new dynamic is what it is.

  47. I think it will alter the relationships within the show in a good way. As the characters are older and wiser (hopefully), there's bound to be a difference as to how they interact and respond to the rest of the world moving forward. That being said, I can't wait to see a more mature Rhaenyra, especially one who has endured childbirth and probably a lot of other crap in those 10 years, and from the short clip that we've seen of Emma D’Arcy in character, we don't have to worry about it too much.

  48. Well, I watched Spartacus with different actors and they were both brilliant. Great actors will always make you forget that the transition….

  49. No offense to the young Laenor actor but the older actor fits much better. His hair is better and he seems like he has more impressive range/presence based on the clips revealed

  50. The chemistry where they all sit about doing nothing but moaning about the succession. And then you think there'll be some incest but they chicken out?

  51. Imo it will just be weird that a couple of actors are getting replaced. I'm worried that Daemon and Viserys won't look like they've aged 10 years and it will break the immersion a bit for me.

  52. They did a good job casting actors that are convincing in appearance… as long as they are well acted, it shouldn’t matter if they’ve “changed”… can you honestly say you were the same person you were 10 years ago

  53. I’m nervous about it as the casting of the younger actors has been so good and I’m enjoying the show so much, the bar has been set very high for the new cast. However, the fact that the cast has been so good should give confidence that they’ve got it right again. Fingers crossed

  54. The finishing touch to their characters in the last episode (Ep5) was enough imo to define their realtionships at least with each other. Both of them kinda embodied the characteristics of the people that groomed them. For Alicent it was Otto, for Rhaenyra it was Daemon.

  55. That's a good point. Matt knows the relationship between Daemon and Rhaenyra - with how well he's been doing I can't imagine he would let that falter. And good point about Otto - I didn't realize until the preview that he would return to the story, so I think he will also help carry the dynamic over.

  56. I think because Emma and Olivia were cast first we have good reason to believe the change will be a positive one, even if it’s a significant shift from what came before. But I do wonder if the sudden transition is going to be at all clunky for some viewers, especially those less familiar with the books.

  57. Having finished the season, how do you feel about this now in retrospect? Were you pleased with how things developed?

  58. I was very pleased! The actors did a fantastic job. The show just kept getting better and better and now we have a long wait til we get to continue:(

  59. It's a bit too early to tell, let's wait to watch a few episodes with the adult characters, but I'm a bit worried about Rhaenyra. Young Rhaenyra stole the show in every scene she was in. Adult Rhaenyra doesn't seem to have the same charisma. She doesn't seem to have much charisma at all (but hard to tell from a few pics and a few shots from previews, I admit)

  60. I thought the same (old Rhaenyra only had a worried face) but I saw that clip with her and she can pull off more stuff. So I am hopeful

  61. I wish they wouldn't time jump so fast and keep the girl who play young Rhaenyra around until season 2 and then bring in the Adult one . That's just me

  62. I think the change will be really weird for this first episode. No show that I’ve ever seen has done the 10 years later with a new actor.

  63. I think Milly being a pretty, easy to love actress has kinda made people look past her being a pretty out of touch and selfish princess.

  64. Everybody that’s concerned, try not to anticipate what you won’t like before you see what happens. Shit’s about to ramp up! It’s literally a whole new ball game next Sunday, no football pun intended. 🐉 🔥 🏰

  65. I liked how free spirited young Rhaenyra was. The promos don’t necessarily have older Rhaenyra that way but I’m assuming that’s how older Rhaenyra must be?

  66. Tbh im kinda dreading it. Ive fallen in love with the actors as is. Changing it all is going to be super weird and is gonna be a bit upsetting. I know theyll stick the landing, but i expect a lot of outrage over it

  67. Why the downvotes? I didn't insult either actor (and honestly if I had, why are any of you upset). Milly Alcock and Emily Carey are awesome in the roles. You guys are so protective over these two older actors I don't freaking get it.

  68. I think that it would be better if they slowly escalated their personalities and the story line until they were both so bitter and hateful that we get what happens to start the war.

  69. Good way. Why are we even arguing about this. People critiquing what they haven’t even seen yet lmfao. Trust the show. It’s done great thus far. Y’all too triggered from GOT hahahah

  70. Want to really consider something crazy? There’s a possibility these two pairs of actresses may be nominated for the 2023 Emmy. Boggles the mind. Think about that. 😱

  71. Everyone is on the bandwagon of accepting the actresses are changing and any sort of discourse that even implies they won’t be as good is met with downvotes and think pieces EVEN THO no episodes have aired. I think it’s natural for people to wonder about the dynamics since ya know we haven’t had a chance to actually see it on screen lol and GoT did not have time jumps like this in-universe for us to reference

  72. Important to note that it isn’t a change of characters, just the actors playing them. (Might be stating the obvious to most but it’s a real problem for some people it seems)

  73. This is like off-season sports speculation but lazier. No fuck characters relationships will change after a decade, what kind of lazy karma farming bs is this?

  74. I think it will be in a bad way. It’s hard to change characters mid show even if we know its happening. Over the first 5 episodes you start to learn/enjoy the characters and pick who you favor now they all change. It kinda sucks

  75. Agreed. It feels like it will make the show lose a lot of steam. Not a book reader, but from my perspective it feels like a very bizarre choice. And I feel like I was just starting to know the characters and now they are going to change all the actors? I get the two main ladies, but what about everyone else? I feel like it will really shatter my investment in the characters to have them all recast.

  76. The has already shot several of the later episodes, ep 7 being the first, before they even decided to include the prologue portion, ep 1-5. There’s an interview out there somewhere with Graham McTavish describing how weird it was to their dynamic when Milly and Emily suddenly showed up. So…now we’re on the original cast dynamic, it’ll be fine.

  77. I loved Emma as older Rhaenyra ever since the first trailer, and the new clip that’s going around just heightens my excitement. I’m honestly excited for the timeskip lol

  78. Bad. I think they should have kept the same actors. The new actors don’t even look that much older they easily could have used the same actors and just made them look a bit older. I’m expecting to be disappointed

  79. I'm so upset they can't use the Rhaenyra across any more, she was absolutely perfect. I don't think Alicent will suffer as much cause her character was generally tame.

  80. I can't get past the fact that Millie's and Emma's noses are very different, kills it a bit for me as do not look like the same person from the side.

  81. I have no idea. How could any of us? It will be different. Good bad…who knows. It’s all subjective anyway. Personally, I will miss seeing the actress playing young Rhaenyra. I’m sure it’s just an adjustment. Casting has been great so far, I have no reason to worry.

  82. I never understand when they switch. I’m got the actors were allowed to grow and here they don’t get the chance. And it feels like we have to get to know a whole new person so I lose all the emotional attachment to the characters. It’s a big shame for me.

  83. In a necessary way. I think the time skips degrade the show overall, as it restricts the development of characters, but if we have to suffer through them, better that they show development any way they can. Changing a characters physical appearance as well as their demeanor is an effective way to “fake” development of a character. The change is progress, given what we have to work with in the first place.

  84. The production team is excellent at what they do. I’m sure they’ll capture the best position to entertain us.

  85. Personally I think that in general people will not have a problem with the change, in fact, I think they will like it even more.

  86. After these 5episodes I have more faith that they can do this big time jump and change of few actors well enough. There will be always crying about it but I won't judge it before I can see

  87. This time jump is going to dramatically change the story we've been watching for 5 episodes. A lot happens in the jump, there's new characters introduced as well. I think it's going to change for the better. There was a lot of focus on 4 or 5 characters thus far where now it'll be more reminiscent of GOT focusing on more characters. I'm excited

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