Wardrobe department appreciation for ep 5

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  2. Other fantasy shows, their costumes look like costumes/cosplay, but GOT/house of the dragon, the costumes look like real clothes that real people would literally wear.

  3. Worn, but vibrant and detailed. It actually looks like the characters have a wardrobe and not a costume.

  4. Yeah I'm really enjoying rings of power but the characters often look like they're wearing their outfits for the first time, even the "dirty" peasants

  5. tbh GOT fell off even in this department. sansa's season 7/8 clothes looked weird and emo and not fitting the universe at all (at least the universe established in the earlier seasons)

  6. Plus the characters tend have a certain style. Tyrion has his vests with the pointed shoulders, Varys has his flowing robes, Daenerys has her simple dresses, etc

  7. The Velaryon troop's costumes had such a festive South Asian edge to them, they wouldn't feel out of place in an Indian wedding. Especially, Laenor and Joffrey who felt like they were wearing a traditional sherwani.

  8. I'm not sure what to call them (feels insulting to call them shirts), but the two tops Laenor and Joffrey wore at the wedding were both absolute masterpieces.

  9. I also really liked the contrast between the lounge-wear-like quality of the Velaryons' clothing at home in drift mark - practical, piratey, sensible - vs. what they choose to wear at King's landing, very much dressed to impress and in their best regalia.

  10. I have the big costume overview book for GOT and it’s by far one of the best books I own, the amount of small details that get put into the costume (but not always noticed onscreen) are insane! I hope they do another costume book for HOTD.

  11. His family black and red combo was fantastic. Wore the same design in episode 1 when Viserys summoned him for the ‘heir for the day’ quip. Think Daenerys wore the same when she went apeshit in the s8 finale and when she returned to dragonstone for the first time in years. Black and red really emphasise the Targaryen might

  12. Alicent's dress absolutely won the episode. Reminded me a bit of Cersei crowning herself queen in that all black ensemble.

  13. It’s written as a history, there’s no point showing a character to us until they do something relevant or are included in something relevant. You could argue of the many places in the world we never see or saw once for 2 mins.

  14. this show makes me so mad cuz binge/hbo max won't let me take screenshots and all I wanna do is study these outfits until my eyes fall out

  15. I’m just a country bumpkin cowboy - but I really appreciate the amount of amazing talent that the wardrobe dept has! I enjoy seeing all the beautiful dresses and suits. Really fun 😃

  16. We never get to see Rhea walking, off her horse. We have been denied a scene that was filmed! I had to pause and just appreciate her armor. She looks rich, but uses her wealth to improve her kickass ways. Very very well done.

  17. No, it's Jany Temime this time. She is most notable for creating the costumes for most of the Harry Potter films.

  18. It's beautiful. Sometimes the wardrobe is almost too clean though, needs to look slightly more worn to look a bit more realistic. Then it'll look even more beautiful.

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