Will there be white walkers in House Of The Dragon?

  1. Nah. Maybe as a series ending easter egg sorta thing at most, but i hope not even that will happen. Those icy fucks are by far the weakest link in the entire series, book or show.

  2. Nahh. They are one of the most intriguing. Just don't have enough info about them in the books yet. They represent a horror element that really elevates the story if done well.

  3. im sure they exist and are in the lands of always winter. but no they have nothing to do with this story. this story is around....200-250 years before the main series

  4. No and it's quite possible that they weren't even awakened yet firstly my theory is that they only awakened because the prince that was promised Jon was born. As he is the product of the two most magical bloodlines in the world and was prophesied to destroy them.

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