How would he react while faced with someone smarter than him?

  1. I think House would appreciate real genius and smartness. He liked when Kutner found out his trick or when he was outsmarted. He definitely wouldn't stand anyone being conceited

  2. Wasn't the parcel delivery genius guy considered to be "smarter" than House? House reads people and thinks of solutions to things in unique ways but I think the patient was portrayed as strictly more intelligent. House respected him.

  3. Yes. He was as smart, possibly smarter, than House and House enjoyed talking to him when he was clear headed. The patient knew he could die going back to dumbing himself down, but he said he'd rather be happy than smart. House would rather be smart than happy. It's a direct comparison, showing that House chooses smart over happy.

  4. I don’t think House would mind someone smarter. He’d probably even respect them, when they’re right. House only has problems with people who THINK they’re the smartest in the room, when they’re clearly not.

  5. I'm rewatching Bones and I was wondering if he would respect Dr Brennan (Bones) at all. I don't think he'd like her, but he might respect her logic and intelligence.

  6. He’d test them to prove they are (some type of game) for his curiosity and then appreciate they bested him.

  7. Depends on profession? He did meet someone smarter than him but didn't care about him either, so there's also that. If it was a smarter doctor that may be tough since house will try and fail to one up them until he gets his way.

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