Do you think gen z will know about house md in 10 years?

  1. I think if House was to come back, they should make a movie out of it that is put up on streaming services. Tests the waters to see if it's relevant enough to come back.

  2. As a certified Gen Z, and a proud lover of this show. I'm sure it won't be too remembered my generation barely even knows about it, they're missing out

  3. i agree. i commented saying im genZ and i’ll remember it but i only have 1 other friend who is as obsessed with it as i am. other than that, you’re right

  4. I’m a young millennial/old Gen Z-er, I started watching in college after seeing it referenced in a lot of skits on early YouTube. Hoping the show stays in the canon of good early 2000s shows because it’s brilliant.

  5. That's an interesting question, I find that House is never really highly ranked on "best TV show" lists so I imagine it's popularity will dwindle which is surprising because when it came out, it was insanely successful.

  6. I think that it presents a character that will not be valued by gen z. House is acerbic and toxic besides his genius. Gen Z being oblivious will not be able to see past his toxicity and understand that his pain is "causing" it and in my opinion he is not even that. He always does his best and hides besides a facade

  7. my millennial brother watched it as it came out then he made me (genZ) watch it when i was a little older now i have the house md disease forever and he doesn’t even care about it anymore

  8. Absolutely! House being on YouTube is the best way it's staying relevant. The people who run House's YouTube channel are very good because they know how to make compelling thumbnails and video names that Gen Z is into.

  9. I remember being young and seeing him on MBC4 and i was fascinated even i didn’t speak English back then, now i watched it and it lived up to the expectations

  10. after thinking a bit, i think gen z’s like this show a lot but the next generation (idk i lost track after z) might not get onto it anymore

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