who is your least liked character of the show??

  1. I know you're looking for an answer from the main cast, but I really dislike the doctor who's been working in Africa and comes back and refuses to take the malaria medicine. Then he meets Cameron and he's all "we should fly away together, wait maybe not lol".

  2. Oh, my god. Season 3 is so gruelling. I hate seeing them talk to the police instead of telling him to fuck off and call their attorneys.

  3. Cameron is so annoying, 2 seasons she still couldn’t deliver bad news and she consistently romanticized patients as well as house. She is also never right, easily the least talented of the first team.

  4. I like Park's character, but her line delivery is so bad sometimes. It seemed like they just used the first take of everything, whether it is mumbly, breathy, or tonally incorrect.

  5. This, and not even close. Her line delivery is kind of awful; I thought initially that it was a directorial thing but then I saw her outside the show and it’s just more of the same. She’s just not a good actress.

  6. Park. (in fact, I kind of dislike ALL the super-young, super-brilliant genius female doctors. I know why they feature them, but come on!) I find Park annoying and wish she would stop subtly hitting on Chase . (but wouldn't it be hilarious if those two hooked up?)

  7. I’m gonna be completely honest. The only character to annoy me was House. It wasn’t all the time only very briefly but sometimes when he just got set in his stubborn ass ways he could really piss me off. The episode where Foreman quits i believe House was being the biggest asshole and i just couldn’t believe Cuddy and Wilson agreed with him.

  8. As I watched the show in its entirety more and more, I started feeling the same way. House presents himself as this bastion of logic and reason, but there are times where it’s clear that he’s using it as a mask to justify his addictive behavior

  9. From my memory, when Foreman quits, his reaction is essentially "you'll be back." which is exactly what happens.

  10. I am on my 5th rewatch and this time around I am focusing on Foreman heavily and it has made me much more appreciative of his character. He has my favorite arc now, I feel like he changed more than any of the rest of the main cast.

  11. Cuddy tbh. Every time I watch, I get less and less into her. Edelstein’s acting is on point, but Cuddy is a hot mess without it being fun like House.

  12. Ohh, I did not like her acting at all, I always thought her mouth is always weird and never understood her emotions or acting , may be it’s just me

  13. Probably dr. Adams. She was just there to fill a space and basically be the new Cameron, except Cameron actually had a personality and character arcs. I know a lot of people say they hated Park but I liked her, she was supposed to be weird and awkward. I found her funny and at least she had a personality, which is more than can be said of Adams.

  14. To be fair Adams is only there for one season that too in finale season, I think they did not have enough time to establish the characters of the extra doctors compared to the initial bunch , I felt like the focused more on closing the show

  15. Most of the team members are written pretty poorly but Thirteen always stands out to me as particularly bad. They kept trying to make her interesting but it’s all surface level and never worked for me.

  16. House. He's a genius doctor and all but god I hate how everyone needs to revolve their life around him. Would not want to be friends with him XD

  17. Adams is by far the most dull of the main cast. Other characters might have annoying traits, but at least they're still interesting.

  18. house. he’s an overpompous self righteous dick, who’s too full of himself to just amputate his leg to get rid of the constant pain he lives in, and because of it he takes it out on everyone around him. his one redeeming quality is his amazing intelligence, which he uses to act recklessly and childlike

  19. Okay okay okay...how have ZERO PEOPLE said Chase?? I'm only on season 2, but I can't stand this guy at all. Season 1, he's a rat who tattles to Vogler, who is the worst person alive but not main cast. Out of the three of House's employees, was going to fire Chase, so that has to count for something. He so far has faced zero repercussions from pretty much working for the enemy (Vogler). He's whiney, superficial and image focused. He kissed a child, gross. And took advantage of a drugged up Cameron when she had blood spat on her by an HIV positive patient.

  20. Chase is probably the character with the biggest evolution in the series. And have many sweet / lovely / interesting moments. Also is funny sometimes with his spontaneity.

  21. Not a Masters fan but I did appreciate that she presented an interesting foil to House's character. Both are geniuses but one has a strict moral code and the other will do anything to get his answer.

  22. Park. Her character is overly aggressive to her co-workers and the fact that she pursues Chase over multiple episodes when he's clearly not interested. "Why does no one like me" it's because you're weird, whiny, and punch people.

  23. Cameron as a regular, Lucas as a guest. Actually now I think about it, I find Foreman REALLY boring most of the time, though he has his moments. On the whole I preferred the second team (Taub, Kutner, 13), to the original though I always liked Chase the whole way through.

  24. Cuddy. Everyone always l claims she is one of the few people who can “control” House, and yet, 99% of the time she just breaks whenever he limps in, makes a zinger, compliments her breasts, and then zooms out on a segway. Plus, something I noticed, is that, in many situations when a team member (anyone not House) asks her for advice or otherwise needs to speak with her, she is often unnecessarily curt and kind of rude, for no apparent reason. Being a busy Dean of Medicine doesn’t mean you should automatically be a snob, and she comes across as a snob with everyone except House and maybe Wilson. Finally, she’s so hypocritical, and much of her ethics and morality comes off as posturing, instead of being genuine. She will scold House for doing one thing in one moment, but then be okay with something similar in the next moment, with no good distinguishing reason.

  25. You should remove the l in between "always" and "claims". It makes it look like you are saying that she is one of the few people that can control House, when what you are saying is that the show is framed as if she is one of the few that can control House.

  26. Out of the man cast definitely Cameron followed by Foreman (sometimes). Out of the not as regular group definitely Amber, really can’t stand anything about her. Also, Park doesn’t do it for me at all but I don’t hate her just strongly dislike the character for this show

  27. I don't hate Taub, but episodes surrounding him feel like Family Guy Meg episodes, if you understand what I'm saying.

  28. At first it was chase he seemed stuck up and arrogant but then I ended up liking him and now it’s tritter because he’s just annoying as hell

  29. If we're talking about main cast, the answer is Cameron without question. She annoyed me witless at the time as I watched the show and she still annoys me when I go back and watch it now. It doesn't help that I find Jennifer Morrison to be a very wooden actor.

  30. Foreman. But not because of the character, I think he is mostly very good. However, he seems to be written so inconsistently: it's as though they just mold him into whatever role they need him to be to enable the script.

  31. Adams. I loathe Cameron but hating something is still more interesting than being bored to death. She was good in the prison episode but that's more because it's the most underrated diamond in the entire series than any credit to her.

  32. Only on season 3 atm but so far id say it's easily Tritter. The guy's a power tripping asshole who breaks like a hundred laws just to go after House because he had his feelings hurt

  33. Foreman but only about 75% time but in fairness he’s written a bit unlikable. Great character though and well played

  34. I will be throwing my two cents in about the series cast in general. House best actor hands down for the show, though his character does teeter way closer to just unlovable asshole in some instances, it is made to be like that.

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