Do you think House would ever take an iq test?

  1. No, he would know how unreliable they are. As someone with a science background, he would have learnt how to scrutinise research methods and understand that intelligence can be displayed in different ways. Also, he is far more concerned about common sense than the ‚intelligence’ IQ tests measure (e.g. the woman using jelly as a contraceptive - she could do well in an IQ test but House would still think she is dumb as hell).

  2. Agree with everything you said but I’d like to add he likely him essentially being named the smartest at the hospital so he would see taking it rest kinda pointless as he’s already proven his intelligence

  3. As part of a bet perhaps, or to compare dicks with Wilson. If someone forced him to, he'd flunk it on purpose. For the free parking. Or something.

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