What horror games are your favorites?.

  1. Silent hill takes my vote, but I love resident evil. Especially the newer first person ones. They aren't very comparable though. One is very action based while another is more psychological. Psychological horror is superior, but the action in RE is fun. Decisions decisions.

  2. I agree completely with this. Silent hill, specially 1 and 2, are an unparalleled horror experience. Resident evil 1 and 2 were something else when they released (totally showing my age here) and even though they got a bit lost after that, 7 and 8 have been a real return to their powerful form. If I could vote for both I would, but had to do silent hill for this poll.

  3. I know RE is technically horror, but it’s always felt more on the action/adventure side to me. Not that that’s bad, I still enjoy them. I’m also glad they made the change to first person. Third just never feels as good to me

  4. Fuck yeah, I was wholly unprepared for what Soma was going to be all about and it was one of my first real console horror games.

  5. Silent Hill is my first love and the 1st to 4th game are my favorites of all time but Cry of Fear comes close second. They're both amazing games.

  6. How come Amnesia/Outlast/Evil Within is a category? I mean I can love Evil Within and fucking hate Outlast. They are not even the same type of game. Survey options should be exhaustive and discrete. That category does not make any sense at all.

  7. I honestly would split resident evil in 2 cathegories as it has recently shifted to a more action oriented gameplay and vibe as well. I d say 1 to 3 retain the horror vibe but from 4 onward they re mainly action shooting games with a horror(ish) vibe to it.

  8. 7 is kind of the exception here though. It's survival horror in the ways the original games were. 8 on the other hand kind of pushed itself into the action genre again. I think the split should be 1-3, CV, and 7. Then the rest are the action RE's.

  9. Lost in Vivo might be one of my all time favorite horror games other than the Silent Hill series and most of the RE franchise

  10. Heh, here Amnesia is even grouped with Outlast. What if Amnesia is my favorite (along with Soma), and Outlast I consider the worst of all (which is true for many Amnesia fans, and can be exactly opposite for Outlast fans…). They're kinda opposite. Story centered atmospheric "almost walking sim" and a repititive almost no story or atmosphere hide 'n seek with trial and error mechanics mostly…

  11. Literally both amnesia and outlast are the exact same gameplay mechanic wise, while games like resident evil is a whole other type of game.

  12. Silent hill is horror, resident Evil is lowkey horror but only the old ones, If u want to be scared go play SH if u want a action Game go for RE, but for me RE is not scary

  13. I thought silent hill 1 and 2 were great for there time, but I wasn't able to enjoy any game they made after that. Atleast with the 8 resident evil main line games I loved or really enjoyed 7 out of 8 of them. Resident evil gets my upvote. The other games on the list are ok.

  14. Whats Afraid of Monsters? Is it like a sequel to Cry of Fear? I used to like Cry of Fear but recently I downloaded it again and it was bugged up to all hell, couldnt get the game to start and even the main menu did some weird shit like not fitting my screen, so I'd be interested in a game like it that wont bug out (incidentally if anyone knows of a mod or something that'll get Cry of Fear to work again I'd also be into that)

  15. My vote goes to Resident Evil series, even tho i also really like Silent Hill its horror had a lot less impact on me after that first playthrough, and some Silent Hill games I didnt even finish cause I started feeling bored or annoyed, like SH4 with the whole "repeating every level you've done so far but with a bad Escort that you cant permanently heal". I'm also not the biggest fan of cult plotlines so I wasnt as captivated by the latter half of plots in SH games that lean into that (SH1 and SH3), even tho I liked the atmosphere and horror in them

  16. I like silent hill, but it was a tough choice because cry of fear is really good too, it has some similarities to silent hill and I wouldn't be surprised if it was inspired by it.

  17. SOMA, by a sight. Its existential horror can stick with you for years. From your list, though, I'd go with #1 solely because of Silent Hill 2.

  18. Purely as a horror game, Outlast takes it for me. Resident Evil 2 takes the spot as one of my favourite games of my youth, and although Silent Hill is great, it never really grabbed me in ways other games did.

  19. I accidentally voted for Silent Hill since I didn’t see the rest of the options. Amnesia gets my vote. That game is the only one I will refuse to play through ever again, solely because of how scary it was. It took a good 3 years off of my life span.

  20. How are you gonna lump Evil Within with thise other games like that?? I love EW but think outlast and amnesia are lame.

  21. How did The Evil Within get lumped together with Amnesia and Outlast? Very different type of game from those two.

  22. You can't just not include Homecoming and Downpour then group the masterpiece that is The Evil Within with fucking walking sims like Amnesia and Outlast

  23. It's a little light on horror since it's not super immersive, but I have been playing A LOT State of Decay 2. But definitely the RE series out of this list.

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