This is a random question, but how heavy do you think Aloy's hair is?

  1. And, not to put too fine a point on it, given the amount of time she spends crawling around in high grasses, I’d think lice would become an issue.

  2. Came here to say that. I had to get an undercut to help with migraines when it got so bad I couldn’t handle it anymore. Maybe her braids help somehow?

  3. So fucking heavy. I've done a lot of intricate braid styles on other people for ren faires and it takes a lot of thick hair (or adding in fake hair) to get braids that tight and thick.

  4. I used to have really thick hair about as long as that. I didn’t notice how heavy it was until I cut it short. It was a huge weight off me.

  5. My head actually fell forward when I got my ponytail cut off for a wig for cancer kids because my neck wasn't expecting that weight to just be taken away. It's shocking how heavy hair is.

  6. That’s part of what has helped make her strong. My hair is crazy thick and until recently, was down to my hips. But I’ve always had long, thick hair, so I don’t notice the weight.

  7. My second question would be how bad do you think her hair smells? All the wilderness living and sweating, has she ever properly washed it?

  8. lowkey feels weird when u think about this, I just imagine she's keeping it well maintained because of how they aren't messy even after rolling around in grass for infinite times

  9. Hair has natural oils and can stay pretty well clean. I have super think hair and when I’m not welding much I won’t was much hair for a few days. Shampoos and conditioners actually do damage to your hair. Your also swiming a lot in some of the cleanest waters in this game. Still though she’s def gotta get stinky

  10. Once your braided up it’ll stay like that for a few days. Sucks though she def has to redo it every 3-4 days so it doesn’t dread on her

  11. I've had this thought! I can't comprehend how she does all her shit without putting it up at all. I can't wear my hair down at work because it bothers my neck let alone save the world lol

  12. It’d be cool if the game allowed you to change aloy’s hairstyle cos she has so much of it there could be so many different styles, I think she would look cool if she didn’t braid it or tie it up, just let it hang free

  13. As someone with very thick hair, very. Her hair seems to be alot thicker than mine, especially considering all of her braids. It would be very hot and heavy, and I imagine very uncomfortable in hot weather.

  14. As a fellow redhead I can tell you that her hair is heavy. Redheads naturally have very thick hair. With her hair being long as well it’s gonna be heavy.

  15. My hair is longer than Aloys, but lacking the beadwork and stuff I’d say it weighs slightly less but I can tell you that much hair weighs exactly a fuck ton. It’s awful.

  16. See I don’t think it’s heavy at all. Her hair practically flies off her head at the slightest movement. It’s like she’s got live snakes up there bouncing around.

  17. Is beautiful as her hair is I always think it’s matted lol because we never see her take all the braids and twists and etc down and she’s constantly getting it wet and stuff so yeah lol- pretty heavy

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